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How I refresh

I #refreshwithresource all day long. Since I got a free sample of the water I have been drinking it all the time. I think I have found me a new water to use. At first I thought I was not going to like it and it would be like a ton of other waters but to my surprise it was actually good and better than many other waters. Resource water keeps me hydrated all day long around the clock when I am thirsty. I decided to let my whole family try it and they also love using it. They prefer me to but resource water than any other brand now. Resource water is natural spring water. Who does not love that natural spring water taste. I use it for everything. I cook with it, drink it and also add flavors to it. It is very mindful of the environment and actually has many electrolytes in it.  I first started using this a few weeks ago. I do not think I will ever change waters now that I found one I really like. I will be stocking up on this because I know it is good and healthy for me. I also need to drink more water anyways cause other things are not good for me. There are many brands and flavors of water out there in the world. I would suggest you try a few yourself and see what you like. Resource will even deliver the water to your front door. That is pretty amazing if you ask me. I would rather have it come to my door than go buy it and have to carry it far to a car and in my home when it can get delivered right to my door. It has a great crisp taste to it. You will have to try it yourself. Here is the website for you to check it out at

My Moda Voxbox

I got this free box from Influenster. It was really great seeing everything I got inside the box. It was all free and writing this blog was not influenced. I got free samples of many things in the Voxbox.I really loved everything. There was nothing in the box that I did not like or not use. I used everything that came in the box and will be buying more of each product. First I really liked the tissues I got. They were puffs tissues now who does not love that brand of tissues cause I really do. They were really soft and the whole family loved them. The Jergens lotion for extra dry skin really took me on a challenge that was interesting and fun. I learned a lot about the product and highly recommend it.  My whole family is using it now since I went and bought a bigger bottle of it. The Rimmel makeup I got was really great. I think it will last me awhile. I got a lip liner, mascara and some nice lip stick. They are all great products and I will be buying more when I run out. I love wearing makeup when I go out places. The hair food did the best job on my hair. My hair feels so much better now that I have tried it. My daughter’s hair was really hard to manage before I tried it on her hair. This is a very good creation and clairol did a great job when making the product. Swiss miss has a great new hot chocolate. I really enjoyed it in this cold weather we are having. Resource water has a great taste to it. I like it better than other brands of water. Even though I got these products free they did not influence my thoughts or opinions of any of the products. Everything was very lovely.



Fast Acting Advil

Have you ever been in pain or had a headache that would not go away? I have experienced this too many times in my life. I was selected to get some free products and to try then to see how I liked them or what I thought about them. I was really surprised when I tried them for the first time because they actually worked for me. I also was able to share them with friends and family who used them and also said they helped them. I agree that nothing works faster than Advil fast acting. The tablets were easy to take and use. I have used them several times and got me some coupons to get some money off the bottle that I bought. The first time I tried them I had a really bad headache and after taking them my headache was gone in like 10 minutes. I also noticed that it helped with my back and leg pain. I have tried other products and nothing has come close to this product. If you are in pain I would recommend you read the product and warnings to make sure you can take it. Then I would take it and see if it will work for you. The tablets have a unique fast absorbing iron core. They are personally built for speed to fight headache pains. They are also good for fevers if you had one. Do you get a flu shot every year. These help you fight your fever and pain from getting shots. I will be using these when I need to in the future. I think it is a great product and highly recommend it to others.








This is a sponsored post and I got a free sample to try to share with others in return for my own thoughts and opinion of the products. The free sample had no influence on what I think about using the products. This is my own thoughts and opinions.

My Skintimate party

Hosting a Skintimates party was so much fun. I got some free products to host my party. Some items that I got were:

  • 10 Trial-Sized Samples of Skintimate® Raspberry Rain®
  • 3 Schick® Quattro for Women® Sparkle 4 ct.
  • 1 Exfoliating Scrub
  • 1 Post Shave Lotion
  • 1 Nail Polish

We also had some great drinks and food at the party that I provided to my family and friends. It is really fun and you should try to host your own party if you can in the future.

The smell of the products were so good. Me and some good friends and family had a great time shaving our legs and using Skintimates products. this is a great product if you are looking to shave your legs.

At my hosted party I set up everything and we first started th party by looking at everything I got and giving everyone some razors and Skintimate products. We then used the scrub to scrub our legs which made our legs feel good. Next we put our Raspberry rain shaving gel on and started shaving our legs. When we were done we used the lotions that was provided and painted our tone nails with the free polish. We laughed and had a great time doing each others nails. We all still have products that we got to take home and use again later.

Getting to host my own party was really amazing. This now was my second hosted party I have had in less than two weeks. I really enjoy hosting party’s and look forward to hosting more in the future. All of the products that I have tested and used have been awesome.

You can host your own party by going to

Check out Skintimate at



I was sponsored by Skintimates and they sent me some free samples to host a party. All information in my blog is my own opinion of the product and Skintimates did not influence me in any way.

Nacho chili with Ragu recipe

Have you ever had nacho chili using Ragu if you have not ever used I have a great home-made chili recipe using Ragu that you will love. The taste is so good and you will really enjoy it.  It is always best to make it for a big family and it does not cost too much to make. You do have to take some needed time to make it but it is so worth it.


To begin you will need to gather many ingredients.

Your list to begin:

1 lb of hamburger or meat you may prefer

1 bag of red kidney beans

2 cans of chili already made I used Armour brand

1 jar of Ragu chunky mama’s special garden sauce

1 onion

1 green pepper

Hot sauce Texas Pete

1 package of McCormick chili seasoning

1 bag of Tostinos nacho chips

1 bag of shredded cheese nacho blend

After you have everything you will need some pans and a crock pot to finish everything.

To cook:

Start by cooking your kidney beans in the bag by reading the instructions on how to cook them. Take and open the 2 Armor chili cans and add them in the crock pot and put them on high. As they are cooking you will need to chop your onion and green pepper up and add them to your meat while cooking it all. You will need to have three cups of water left in your beans when they are done. If you do not add some more water and dump the Ragu sauce in the pot. You will need to use the whole jar. Next add your meat, onion and green peppers to the pot. Then add your pack of chili seasoning and stir until blended and add 4 teaspoons of Texas Pete hot sauce. Let all this cook to a boil turn off and pour in crock pot with Armor chili and mix all together. Add Tostino chips in a bowl and top with cheese. then add some chili and top with more cheese. You can then eat the best meal with your family.

This is my own homemade recipe. Me and my family enjoyed it and it makes enough for 6 or more people. It was pretty easy to make and everyone loved it. I will be making this in the future and hope you and your family love it. Here are some pictures of us enjoying it and what it looks like.







Try out new brands you may love at

Get some more recipe ideas at

I was sent a free coupon from Ragu and am doing this review of my own recipe thanks to the help of Ragu’s free coupon for a free bottle of Ragu sauce.  All thoughts opinions and product I used are of my own free will.

Sweet’N Low Party that I hosted

I had my first ever Sweet’N Low party last night. Sweet’N Low provided many things at my party and it was such an honor to be able to have the party thanks to them. I invited many people but many did not come. It turned out very well. I would be honored to have another party in the future where I can have more people over.

The night started out by me setting up the table with Sweet’N Low things that were sent to me. All of these things included:

  • Sweet’N Low® Product
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Pitcher
  • Measuring Cup
  • Gift Card
  • Recipe Cards

I got to use the free gift card Sweet’N Low sent me in my kit at Food Lion where I bought some cakes and drink items as well as some food items to have at my party. We played a game called guess how many Sweet’N Low packs were in the jar.

We also took many pictures of us having some great conversation and enjoying our Sweet’N Low Party. It was so much fun. I learned so much from having this party. It was a great experience in my opinion. Everyone at the party had a great time. Everyone there now wants to host their own party. I am thrilled to help people by showing them some great products that they can use on a daily basis in things they already love like drinks and food.

We took many pictures and I want to add them but am having trouble. I did add them on my Facebook and other Social media sites though.  I was a great host everyone at the party said.

If you ever want to host your own party you can sign up at and join Sweet’N Low Hosted Party and also score you some nice things to host your party with thanks to Sweet’N Low.

Sweet’N Low

You are the best. 🙂




ForKids is a non profit organization that helps children and families who are homeless. They provide so many different things to help families in need or who are about to be homeless or are currently homeless. They offer shelter and transitional housing to help these families. They have a after school program and tutoring for children. They offer budgeting and other classes for parents so they will be able to manage their money and their households when they leave the program. If you are looking to give back to the community or help them you can always donate to help others in need. The have a thrift stare and an art auction to help support their programs and families. One of their programs provides job searching and childcare to help parents find a job and housing. They have case management and counseling to help parents and families through the tough times they may be facing. Everyone goes through things in life and so need help while others do not. It is great to know that there is people in the world who care for those in need like ForKids does. It is a very great program. So if you are able to help why not. Always try to give back to the community when you can. I have provided different links at the bottom so you can check them out. You can volunteer they are always looking for people to help out. You can do internships with them as well. They are also an equal opportunity employer. I also have provided their phone number and address. You can also find their website for more information below.

If you would like to contact them you can at: 4200 Colley Ave, Norfolk, VA 23508
(757) 622-6400
Their website is at:

Visit and like them on Facebook at:
Visit and follow them on Twitter at:

I am not sponsored by ForKids. I have done this review of them on my own free time as a previous client.



There is always great deals going on at HyVee. This store is one of your popular grocery stores. You can gain so much by shopping there. They have reasonable prices and offer many discounts. You can save on buying gift cards for family and friends along with getting cash back rewards for shopping there. You can check them out at Not every store has many of the savings that HyVee has going on. Are you someone who drives? You can really save on gas by shopping here. Gas rebates are always good when you travel a lot. I have always been looking for great savings when it comes to shopping. HyVee has been in business since the 1930’s. They have great customer service and are ranked as a top store around the world. They have over 8 billion in sales and are located in 8 states. They have over 235 stores in all 8 states. They serve many customers and are great at what they do. On their website you can find so much useful information. You can apply for jobs with them and also go to school while working for them. They like making peoples lives easier and happier. In my opinion I think this chain of stores is something the future needs. They have a pharmacy and gas pumps. If you need any help on their website they have live chat and also a way to contact them via phone and email. You may leave store and website feed back as well. So why not check them out if you live where they have stores at. We all could use some great prices and discounts on many items we need for getting by everyday in this world. I am so very excited I had the chance to let you know about this great store and hope you have a great day.





Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are of my own free will. Payment has not changed my opinion or thoughts about this company in any way, shape or form. I am allowed to accept payment for posts on my blogs if I so choose to.



Kids Academy


Kids Academy is a great company. They provide many learning tools for kids through applications. They have apps for all different types of devices. These apps are for children of different ages. More younger than older but children need more help learning while they are younger anyways. You can also get the apps free right now. Using you devices your children can learn from these apps. I have done three reviews on different apps I have tried for my children so far. They are all great reviews because they were all very good apps. I highly recommend these apps to anyone who has children. They can learn so much from using these apps. It will teach them about many different things. Some of these things include, counting,drawing, abc’s and so much more. Kids Academy has created some of the very best educational apps around they are also highly recommended by Children’s Technology and Parent Reviews. There are many great reviews from others and have not seen any bad reviews of them. I think that they are very good at making apps and hope to see more to come in the future. You can find some of their apps in iTunes or on Amazon. They are also available on the Android market and App store. As a parent I have played these great games myself and for being 29 was amazed of how fun they were for my children. It keeps children entertained on the go and will keep them occupied if you need to do something so you can get some things done. As a parent I am always looking for things to keep my children entertained and thanks to these apps now I have some things. Keep up the great work Kids Academy I think you will make many parents happy. Please feel free to check out any of the links to the apps I use.

My reviews are listed below:

The best app of all for kids:

This math app is so wonderful. It has helped my children learn math better. They really love the app and learning from the app. I am so grateful for this app because math can be so hard. My children struggle with math and I have seen a difference in the few days they have been using it. The app actually makes math more fun to them. I had fun using it with them as well. My children will be using this app very often so they can learn so much more. I never liked math growing up and wish there was an app like this when I was growing up. I highly recommend this app.

One of the best learning games:

I have been looking for apps for my children to learn with. I really liked this app. It was easy to use and install. My children loved it so much they ask me all the time to play it. I have allowed them to play a few times and will also let them whenever they want in the future. They learn so much from these apps. I hope there are more apps to come like this one. I have used two apps now from Kids Academy. Both apps were very awesome. Thanks so much for making some very great apps.

A very good app:

This game was so very awesome. It was easy to install and I had no problems loading it or playing it. I played it for many hours with my children. They both played and love the game so much. There is so much my kids can learn from the app. I will be giving them many hours to play in the future. I am so happy there are free apps like this one. It really helps me help my kids learn better. Thanks so much for helping me help my kids. I will be using more apps you all make in the future.

You can sign up for their newsletter at:


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are of my own free will. Payment has not changed my opinion or thoughts about this company in any way, shape or form. I am allowed to accept payment for posts on my blogs if I so choose to.