My Moda Voxbox

I got this free box from Influenster. It was really great seeing everything I got inside the box. It was all free and writing this blog was not influenced. I got free samples of many things in the Voxbox.I really loved everything. There was nothing in the box that I did not like or not use. I used everything that came in the box and will be buying more of each product. First I really liked the tissues I got. They were puffs tissues now who does not love that brand of tissues cause I really do. They were really soft and the whole family loved them. The Jergens lotion for extra dry skin really took me on a challenge that was interesting and fun. I learned a lot about the product and highly recommend it.  My whole family is using it now since I went and bought a bigger bottle of it. The Rimmel makeup I got was really great. I think it will last me awhile. I got a lip liner, mascara and some nice lip stick. They are all great products and I will be buying more when I run out. I love wearing makeup when I go out places. The hair food did the best job on my hair. My hair feels so much better now that I have tried it. My daughter’s hair was really hard to manage before I tried it on her hair. This is a very good creation and clairol did a great job when making the product. Swiss miss has a great new hot chocolate. I really enjoyed it in this cold weather we are having. Resource water has a great taste to it. I like it better than other brands of water. Even though I got these products free they did not influence my thoughts or opinions of any of the products. Everything was very lovely.



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