How I refresh

I #refreshwithresource all day long. Since I got a free sample of the water I have been drinking it all the time. I think I have found me a new water to use. At first I thought I was not going to like it and it would be like a ton of other waters but to my surprise it was actually good and better than many other waters. Resource water keeps me hydrated all day long around the clock when I am thirsty. I decided to let my whole family try it and they also love using it. They prefer me to but resource water than any other brand now. Resource water is natural spring water. Who does not love that natural spring water taste. I use it for everything. I cook with it, drink it and also add flavors to it. It is very mindful of the environment and actually has many electrolytes in it.  I first started using this a few weeks ago. I do not think I will ever change waters now that I found one I really like. I will be stocking up on this because I know it is good and healthy for me. I also need to drink more water anyways cause other things are not good for me. There are many brands and flavors of water out there in the world. I would suggest you try a few yourself and see what you like. Resource will even deliver the water to your front door. That is pretty amazing if you ask me. I would rather have it come to my door than go buy it and have to carry it far to a car and in my home when it can get delivered right to my door. It has a great crisp taste to it. You will have to try it yourself. Here is the website for you to check it out at

My Moda Voxbox

I got this free box from Influenster. It was really great seeing everything I got inside the box. It was all free and writing this blog was not influenced. I got free samples of many things in the Voxbox.I really loved everything. There was nothing in the box that I did not like or not use. I used everything that came in the box and will be buying more of each product. First I really liked the tissues I got. They were puffs tissues now who does not love that brand of tissues cause I really do. They were really soft and the whole family loved them. The Jergens lotion for extra dry skin really took me on a challenge that was interesting and fun. I learned a lot about the product and highly recommend it.  My whole family is using it now since I went and bought a bigger bottle of it. The Rimmel makeup I got was really great. I think it will last me awhile. I got a lip liner, mascara and some nice lip stick. They are all great products and I will be buying more when I run out. I love wearing makeup when I go out places. The hair food did the best job on my hair. My hair feels so much better now that I have tried it. My daughter’s hair was really hard to manage before I tried it on her hair. This is a very good creation and clairol did a great job when making the product. Swiss miss has a great new hot chocolate. I really enjoyed it in this cold weather we are having. Resource water has a great taste to it. I like it better than other brands of water. Even though I got these products free they did not influence my thoughts or opinions of any of the products. Everything was very lovely.