Forgive me if I am off-fashion (Baduy)

I feel humiliated last week here in our school because one of the staff here insulted me the way I dressed up.  I know she is pretty with a nice skin and fair complexion and sometimes I adore her the way she carry herself especially when she is wearing a nice dress.  She told me that why I always wear something weird.  I said “do I look weird for you”?  She said I must dress up like a professional like her.  So I asked her again, “do you think you look like a professional with a dress”?. She said yes, she said more often I wear an off-fashion clothes (old fashion) and I need to change my style in order to be look good.  I feel insulted because I know there is nothing wrong with my clothes, because if there is, the head of school will be the first to react and told me that I was wearing improper dress. So I told her “forgive me if I am off-fashion, because this is all I’ve got”

I am just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life and cannot afford to buy those fancy things like fashion bag, things, clothes, shoes, jewelry and new gadgets. My style is defend on my income and capability to buy a new one.  I have my own family and they are my priority.  I do not care what others say to me as long as I cannot harm anyone.  If they do not like me, then, I do not like them too.  I am not the type person who is wearing make-up and fancy things to make beautiful.  For me simplicity is the best.  I am proud to be an old fashion because these old fashion woman can feed a family properly, can pay rent and bills at the same time and has a quality time with my family.  Not just like others, with a beautiful face and clothes wasting their money and time with their vises and have no time for their family.

I am afraid to ride…

I remember when I was a kid, I always wanted to go ride on a motorcycle bike.  Acting like I am the driver, driving so fast while blowing the horn.  I feel so happy.  Every time I saw my uncle driving our motorcycle I run fast to hitch on him.  My father told me that it is not safe for me because I was only seven years old before to go with my uncle riding in motorcycle.  Until one day, my father, uncle and I while riding on the said motorcycle bike had an accident.  It was so terrible, my uncle broke his left arm, my father bumped his head somewhere and I got so many bruise in my arms and legs.  We brought to the hospital and stay there for two days.  The effect was not good on me.  I can’t able to speak for two days because of shock and I am afraid to ride even on passenger jeep because I though worse things going to happen.  I feel sick and absent for one week in school.  Good thing the out home is near to my school so I’ll just need to walk and no need to ride for transportation.

After that I am afraid to ride on a motorcycle bike since then.  Now that I am grow old, I still do not want to ride on a motorcycle bike even if my husband told me that he will going to take care of me.  I know he will, but I still do not want to.  He borrowed motorcycle bike from his cousin because he wanted to test ride on it and he wanted me to go with him.  He said he wanted to buy a second hand motorcycle for a service our son in his school.  First I said no, because I am afraid of the accident. He said he will going to be more careful especially when our son is with him.  I still not convince of buying a motorcycle for their transportation because I believe that is safer to take a ride on a passenger jeep.

I think I am just over reacting because of my bad experience..

Holy Week…

Next week is the Holy Week here our country and even in other country.  What is really mean or the essence of the Holy Week?  I remember in my school days, my teacher said that Holy Week is very sacred.  It is time to repent on your sins, realization of all Jesus sacrificed and all his good deeds for us and fasting by not eating flesh or any kind of meat.  Before I remember when I was a kid and we were lived in province, playing and doing something that makes u fun is prohibited.  Shouting or yelling is not allowed too.  We are not allowed to play under the light of moon at night because my grandmother said that when Jesus died all bad elements like different kind of mythical creatures is just waiting outside the house.  I was so scared that time so I obey my grandmother.

Now I think, and based on my observation, celebrating Holy Week is very different, families are spending their time in travelling into different places to hang-out to have some fun and unwind.  Fasting is not really implementing for nowadays because different fast food are offering different kind of food especially meats with a very reasonable prices.   You can eat whatever you like without any limitations.  Some are having their reunions because Holy Week is only time to have bonding with long lost friend and family.  Time to visit some friend and time to go to different places in different country.

Having fun is not really the issue here.  As long as you know the true meaning of the holy week, as long as we are not hurting anyone.  As long as we Jesus is always in our heart and no matter what our religion is, we know the there is only one God.   Do not forget to ask forgiveness of our sin not only to God but also to those person whom we made mistake.

Thank you for this day..

Most often I fell so irritated because of my work environment here.  People sometimes are so rude and they don’t care about the feelings of other.  But today is a different day and it is beautiful day here in office. The ambience is good, no hassle, employees looks good and not stressed, and the head of the school seems in the good mood.  Actually it’s the head of the school who always give us stress all the day.  So if she is in good mood today, then everybody is in good mood too.

Honestly I have plenty of work today and some errands coming from the teacher, but I never mind it, as long as no one is shouting at me.  Some teachers gave me a reward too (like snack and chocolate) because of the favor I have given to them.  This is not normal because most of the time they asked to do something, they always forgot to say ‘Thank you” as if that is a part of my job which is really not.  And it is not usual that the head of school say “Good Job” to me since I know I always do my job correctly and efficiently.

How I wish tomorrow is still a positive day and for the rest of the school days.  I do not want to feel and stress and nervous for something which I know I did my best.  I am very thankful for this day because for almost seven month working here, now I feel free to move and speak.  I can laughed without any hesitation and speak a little louder than before.  I noticed it even in my office mate especially those teacher who is always busy and stress. I saw them smiling and singing while doing their lesson plan in their place.



Healthy Shake

I am very conscious when it comes to health so I research some healthy foods and drinks every week and try it at home.  I and my son loves fruits and smoothies so last Saturday and Sunday I gave him two different kind of vegetables shake.

Actually I have been craving carrot shake since last February because one of my officemate told me that she and her family ordered a carrot shake in one of the famous restaurant in Harbor Point Ayala Mall.  She said that it was so delicious and very refreshing so since then I am craving for carrot shake.  So I decide to buy a carrot on market and I wanted to do it by myself since carrot is not expensive and very in demand in the market.  And I do not have much money to eat and drink on fancy restaurant. Good thing we have a blender in our home (I bought it last year) and I know the procedure is so easy.

First thing to do is to peel at least two to three carrots and slice it into cubes and put it inside the blender and set the “grate” to make the puree.  Then after that mixed the condensed milk and shake it again.  I used condensed instead of evaporated milk so that I do not need to add sugar and I want creamier. Then after that add two cup of crush ice and shake it again and then serve it.

It is truly yummy and healthy drinks, my son really love it.  Before, my hubby does not really like shake especially vegetables, but now he is requesting me to do it again this coming weekend.  Tomorrow I am going to the market and add carrot and condensed milk to my list.  It is very affordable and healthy drinks because carrot is rich in beta carotene that good for our hearth.

Same old line, same old story

Have you ever encountered a person telling a story over and over again and because you are respecting her being sentimental you need to agree with her to make her feel good.

I have one officemate who is really like this.  She is friendly, jolly but most of time she is always moody and feel bad. And every time she is not in good mood, she started to talk about her life, her frustrations, her failures and her ambition.  Most of us here know already her story.  I know how to feel bad because sometime I am in that situation too. When if I feel bad or not in the mood, I choose to be quite.  But when this woman feel bad she is likes to talk issue about her life over and over again.  Sometimes I fell so irritated because I already know the story of her life.  Most of people here thinks that sometimes she is out of her mind because of what she is telling.  I understand sometimes when we are down, we need to release our stress in life by telling stories of our failure in life.  But in my opinion, she is moving on and still holding on her past.  If I am not mistaken this is some kind of an ill or mental disorder.  She cannot overcome her deep depression that is why most of the time she felt so empty and lonely.

I bet she need to see a doctor so that she will know how to handle emotion.  She can’t even noticed that we are felt so bad and bored too on her.  She is very insensitive to the feelings of others and all she can see is her feelings.  Sometimes when she started talking same old line, I pretend that I am listening to her so that she won’t feel bad.  Sometime I go out in the room to avoid her.  I know I am silly too but I do not want to hear her story anymore.  No one dares to tell her that she need to see a doctor, even I.

I felt so bad

Yesterday, here in office I was assigned to duty in front office because the person who was in charge is sick.  I have no choice so I go in the front office and see what I can do for that day.  This is my first time so honestly, I do not know what to do except filling and answering phone call.

First I clean the area because I saw few of ants crawling under the table, seems the front office personnel is keeping food inside the drawer.  I pulled the drawer and I saw an open cracker with ants so I decided to put it in the trash can.  After fifteen minutes a father with her daughter came in and inquiring about the procedure on enrollment.  So I decided to call the registrar personnel because I know that she knows the procedures.  I called her and the father starting asking her about few things about the school and I think he is very cool and kind because he really satisfied on the answer of our registrar personnel.  Suddenly the head of the school come in and I introduced her to our new client.  The head of the school invited them to come in her office so that they can fully understand all matters in the school curriculum.  The head of the school ask me find a small form like customer inquiry form but I cannot find it.  Since this is my first time to go in front office obviously I did not know where to get or where to find some things there.  I keep on searching for it but I could not find it so I ask help to other personnel there and it took  five minutes before we find it.  Obviously the filing system was not organized.  After that and after the customer came out, the head of the school was so mad at me.  She said that I was anticipating what happen next.  I keep quite because in myself I really do not know where to find everything because that is not my place they are just asking me a favor to sit down there.  She shouted at me like I committed a crime and seems like I did the worst mistake ever.  Even though she is the head of the school, i think she do not have the right to shout at me that way.  And knowing that she is the head of the school she must know how handle her anger.  I think and in my own opinion she is not a good role model to the student.

I feel so bad yesterday and even today, I fell like I do not want to see her..





Helping with all your heart……

Some people acting like they are trying to help you but the truth is not.  Many people are like this.  At first you think they would help you but in the middle of problem they will put you down and leave alone.  This kind of person really sucks.  You really do not know if they are really wanted to help you or just want to see down and depress.  My point is helping is free will, if you think you are capable to help someone, do it with all your heart without asking in return.  Do not make people feel more miserable because of your promise and your sweet words.  If you will not going to help, tell it right away so that person who is asking for your help will not expect too much on you.

Maybe they just really wanted to help and the truth is they want to see you in desperate situation.  Maybe they are not true friend or truly cares about you.  Do not help if you are waiting for something in return, because the true essence of helping is doing it without asking anything.

Some people helping others because they wanted to help them too they are in need.  But please bear in your mind that helping is not mandatory or compulsory, it depends on how you are capable of doing it.  If you cannot, you cannot, if you can, you can.  So if someone help you in other ways and then suddenly he needs your help too like in money, if you have an extra, of course you can let him borrow.  But what if, if you are broke too? Do not ashamed to tell him that you cannot help him because that is true.  You can help him in any other way like helping him find another person who can help in financial.  That is helping, no more, no less.. I hope you get my point.

If you insist, How can I resist?!

What will you do if someone insist to pay you grocery because you forgot to bring your other wallet and cash that you bring is not enough to pay all item you get?

This happened to me last Saturday while I was in the grocery and getting all the items that I need in home.  I did not noticed that I did not bring my other wallet which I stored my other money.  I keep two wallets so that in case one has been lost, I still have one to use.  It is too late that I remembered that I forget to pick it up on the bed because my hubby ask me some money for their lunch while I am putting make-up on my face, so I just put it over the bed instead of putting it inside my bag. After office hours I decided to go to the grocery because I need to buy our stocks for one week.  When I was in the counter the cashier told me how much I need to pay so I started looking for my other wallet and I cannot find it.  I am so embarrassed that time so I said to the cashier that she will to cancel some of it because my money is not enough.  Suddenly I did not expected that this guy behind me offer me a money so that I can pay all my grocery. First, I reject him because I did not know him and who I am to lend him some money.  But he insisted, and he said to avoid so much problems in the line because that time there are so much people in the grocery.  So I get his money I am going to pay it later and I just need to send message to my hubby to bring my wallet.  He said I do not need to hurry because it is not a big money so far.  He said that I was looked familiar with him and ask me where I did study in high school.  I said I was in Sta. Cruz Academy in first and second year high school and in Columban College up to college.  He smiled and said, now I know why so looked so familiar with me, he said.  He gave his full name and ask me if I know a certain girl name with the same of his surname.  I said she was my classmate before in second year and he said that it was his sister.

I am thankful to him because he save me that day.  And when my hubby came I give the money to him and say “Thank you” again because he trust me and did not think twice to help me.

Have Faith…

We have dreams in our life and we wanted to work hard on it to achieve our goal.  Of course, we have faith in all we do and always positive every time and it serves as an inspiration to push ourselves to get what we want.  Like a man, courting a girl.  He needs to do everything to get the heart of his love one.  He is willing to do and sacrifice to prove that his love is pure and true.  He takes some risk and willing to change some of its bad attitude to show that he is truly care.  He can do all of this because he has faith in himself that someday or sooner he will get the sweet “yes” of the woman.

Just like a student who want to achieve higher grade in the class. Willing to study every time and understand everything in order to get the high score in the class because he/she has a target of being top of the class.  Willing to sacrifice some vices to prove to his/her parent and teacher that he/she is deserving and do not cheat in every examination.  He/she knows that he/she can make it because he/she have faith in his/her ability to get what he/she wants.

Just like a parents who are willing to do everything for their children.  Willing to work anything and overtime to support their family.  Willing to take some risk in order to get higher income to sustain the needs of the children. Willing to work overseas and sacrifice many years just to bring their children in good school.  Some are willing to stay in the family and willing to double job because they do not want to be far from their families.  Because they love them and willing to give anything in good way.  Because they have faith that one day they will going to see the fruit of their sacrifice.

They faith in everything they are doing because they have faith in God too.  Because all of these is possible if you believe in Him.