Rich Kids Of Instagram

Everyone knows social media is a lie. You’re marriage isn’t as great as you make it out to be on facebook, you’re not that skinny on Instagram and you’re actually quite dull, but thanks to Twitter you sparkle and shine.

And thanks to this, we have become a population that likes to show what we have. For myself, I have very little which means there are no trendy shots of my shoes, purses or new jeans. I am totally fine with that. Then there are the middle class kids, and when I say middle class, I mean North America. Most North American’s middle class would be more borderline wealthy for the other side of the world.  Many, MANY like to show what they have. Coach? Tiffany’s? Eating out at mid-priced restaraunts? Shopping in vegas? It must all be recorded on the internet to make your friends jealous. Bonus if you’re doing it with a good looking partner.

Then there are the Rich Kids of Instagram. If you have’t heard of them before, check them out, they’re totally one of my obsessions. It’s crazy to see how the 1% live. What’s crazier is that they haven’t really had to work for it, they were just born into that family.

However, in between the stacks of cash, the luxury cars, and the towers of bottles of champagne, they’re not really that different than the rest of us. They feel insecure too which is probably why the y need to show off what they have to THEIR peers.

While most teens (and adults) are drooling over these accounts, I can’t really relate outside of the humorous aspect. It’s odd to see how people behave but  it’s also quite entertaining, and in the end, yet another account to stop following.

In your country, how do wealthy behave on social media?


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