The Treadmill Life

Our lives are so cliched. We run rhetoric around “in today’s busy lives” and then never slow down. We no longer have fun and our lives are meant from moving from bed to work and back to bed again.

I can’t imagine continuing this for the rest of my life as most others as well cringe when they think of the decades that span across the next part of their lives.

But is it really changeable? With prices continuing to rise and politicians not really being helpful, many of us don’t really have a choice.

If you work a minimum wage job in America for example, you’re not going to survive.

If you work a minimum wage job where I live ($10/hr) you’re not going to survive. So we must pick up two or even three jobs to keep up and the cycle continues.

Where I am from many people are heavily in debt. And when I mean heavily, they’re a few dollars away from being homeless. Combine that with the job market right now and it’s like lighting a candle that will never go out.

I have seen educated people apply for custodial positions and there’s not even any work.

And the race on the treadmill continues.

Can we fix this?

There have been many solutions of course. Buy less, save your money (which would have worked for the above mentioned people) and live simpler lives. But what about people from developing countries who live the simplest lives of all and still can’t get buy?

One of the biggest things we can do is talk about problems. With our friends, our family and our neighbours. The more talk, the closer we are to at least putting things out in the open where people can see them.

If we continue to live like this, it just continues to be a downward spiral where life is not enjoyed anymore.

End rant of the day. ¬†ūüôā

Back To Reality

I confess, I abandoned my life on the internet for a bit. This was a bad mistake as it set me back quite a bit. But…it had to be done, and now that I’ve returned I see a few new things.

Mainly my limit is at 100 instead of 150 points per day. To be honest I don’t feel so sad about this because generating 150 points when you have a full time job can be quite a bit of work. That and some days ideas are hard to come by when your brain is tired.

I realize though I should have at least logged in everyday.


You get 2 points for every log in.

I started here in September and now it’s almost May. Let’s do the math. 8 months at approximately 30 days in each is 240 days. 240 days times 2 points (2 cents) each equals 480 points or almost $5. Ok, it’s not that much, but more than I started my day with!

If you can make 5 points a day that’s around 150 points a month and over $15 a year. 10 points is 300 points and almost $36 dollars a year. Double that and you get almost $72 and so on.

I like it here as well because there’s a good community feel where everyone supports and talks to each other. I know this sounds stupid, but I like my internet friends.

I find groups like these are much gentler and kinder than some of the social medium forums. Especially as a woman. Some of the things you hear are just so horrific it makes you want to burn your keyboard.

So now I’m back. I’m almost at 6000 points which means I have another 4000 more points to get a payout, which means I need to put in some effort.

Am I up for it this time, or will it just be like another abondoned project?

We’ll see in another 6 months!

Pintrest Addiction

I have a confession to make. Pintrest is sucking up my spare time. I like to think it’s for work, but really it’s just for me most days!

Pintrest is an amazing tool. People are visual and to have that picture in front of you make things easier to plan. Not only that, but you can organize and rearrange to your hearts content.

But what can you use it for?

Here is a short list. Scheduling, trip planning, meal planning and wedding (planning). Yoga and hair and nails and all the DIY you could ever imagine. House rennos and hair cuts, gold fish, and chicken butts. Hand-lettering and prayer, post-its and ghosts. You can find everything on Pintrest.

The Atlantic¬†¬†states it to be a database of intentions, and they’re right. I mean, how many of us will actually do the things we pin? The cakes we see, the nails we covet? Will we ever get off the internet to enjoy real life?

2 years ago, the platform had over 30 billion pins, which is incredible. Some people alone have millions and millions of pins for people to see and use.

The downside? There doesn’t seem to be a way to make money off of it anymore which is a shame. An easy way to make money (ok not so easy) was to just include a few sponsored posts and you could make a few dollars. But last year they cut it back and it really sucked, and now it seems to be less popular again.

That and there are other similar type platforms.

But for now, I really enjoy all my boards and the projects that I’m pretending to do. There’s a whole new world to be discovered which is great and I intend to use it for my advances in life.

What do you use it for? Do you even find it useful?

When People Pretend To Be Rich

I’ve talked about this before, but when people pretend to be wealthy on social media it drives me crazy. There’s nothing wrong with being poor folks, and why bother trying to keep up a charade for people you really don’t care about anyways?

Last year I had someone bully me a bit when I tried to discuss money. In my world, there is very little talk about this which is why I’ve bought it up so many times. However, she decided to blurt out how “wealthy” she was. Let me point out, this woman is not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s her parents who are and they pay for everything. At the age of 30+ she’s still getting her parents to pay for her trips around the world, her downpayment, her kids education and so on.

Now I’m not against parents helping (but personally I think it should be very little help from parents) but don’t pretend that it comes from your pockets. It’s a lie. And once again, those who matter, don’t care what you have in your pockets.

And then there’s my favorite thing, the opposite. When rich people act poor. The wealthiest people I know drive cars that are 20+ years old and wear fashions from the early 90’s. They don’t care what other people think nor do they try to impress. If people want to judge them, they don’t care.

Life goal for myself? Is it fall into the middle of this whole scheme. I pretend to be a little poor, but at the same time, have a little money in my pocket.

Currently though, I’m reaching a little poor quite well in this economy!

How do you deal keeping up with the Jonses? Do you ignore or try and fit in.

How do you measure your life?

How To Business (Getting Creative)

There’s a reason why most people don’t open businesses. It’s also the same reason why people stay in the same jobs. Actually there’s more than one reason, but I think one of the major ones is lack of creativity.

Some may argue that creativity is something we are born with but I disagree. Creativity is something we can learn, but it has to start early and that’s an issue.

Parents who have more means and lots of time have a way of finding new things to stimulate their infants, and as they grow, children. When a parent is poor, they may have to work a few jobs, or might not be able to provide the things that would help their kids grow creative skills.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost.

In my personal opinion, one of the best ways to be creative is to be poor.


When you’re wealthy, you look at things from one way, and one way only. For example, a ketchup bottle. A ketchup bottle may just be for ketchup. But if you’re poor, it can take on a whole different thing. It can be a squeeze bottle for pancake batter, or a bathtub toy for kids, or a vase even! When you don’t have enough money to buy everything you need, you discover new ways of using something old.

Now, you can do this at home yourself as a creative excersice.  Find something you have lying around the house. Write down its use and then take a good look and see what else it can be turned into. Write it down, and then reuse it for that thing.

Can you come up with 5 different uses? 10? If you come up with 20…you must have an incredible mind!

But this is just a start. When you’re building a business, you must think creatively and even little activities such as these help your brain grow.

Brazil Olympics

It’s 2016 and this year it’s the summer olympics. Now if you think back, can you remember the last summer olympics? I sure can’t. I had to Google to see where it was last held.The only summer olympics I remember…tah-dah is China. And after all, how could you forget ¬†their incredible opening ceremony?

I think we will remember the olympics where things go wrong. In 2014, the olympics were held in Russia and the world laughed and pointed. Now, that wasn’t nice to do because this is a developing country trying to do something amazing. But the jokes ran far and wide and the country itself spent wayyyyy more than they should have.

And in the end, all those buildings are left empty.

Now for Brazil. I don’t think this is going to be a great olympics. If you’ve been watching the new latley, Brazil has been hit by a severe recession. And Zika. Both extremely bad, but it’s hard to say which is worse.

With the recession, what will Brazil do? There have been many protests and so much anger about spending money on something that doesn’t help people. The money that can be spent on important things like healthcare and education is being spent on stuff that’s probably never going to be used again.

Now, some may argue sports are important and the olympics bring the world together, but I disagree. The olympics are for the wealthy. Both for those competing and for those attending. The money may come back a little into the country, but there’s not going to be enough to cover what was built and done.

I’m guessing they’re still paying for the FIFA soccer tournament from a few years ago as well.

Now as much as I talk smack about this event, I will still be watching the event, because why not? It is an international celebration.



Something Is Better Than Nothing

I once had to teach. What I cannot say, but it was fun. But I had students who didn’t see the joys of learning or rather didn’t put in the time. After that I kinda saw life that way too in a sense. For some there is no effort to start something new, or to try something different, or to venture onto a different path.

But what’s the point of life then?

Although I felt a little negative sometimes, I soon realized that any effort was better than none. 5 minutes a day? Better than nothing. 15 minutes? Even better, but for some even this is too much.

So how do you find the time then. Take a look at your schedule. Where do you have any spare time in your life? Is it in the morning? Before you go to bed? Where can you fit something in?

And what can you fit in? Learning nuclear science won’t happen in 15 minute chunks, sorry to disappoint, but it won’t. What about drawing though? Could you learn something new everyday in 5 minutes? Yes! Could you learn one or two new words of a languages? Double yes! There’s so much we cab learn in 5-15 minutes a day and the more we do it, the better get at it!

So what is going to be your learning goal for this month? For me it’s back to the arts, paper and lettering. Something that I really love but don’t get to practice enough.

And on a different note…I think I have the stomach flu. How is this possible? I don’t want to know, but I feel queasy and suspect things won’t stay down for a bit. I guess it’s back to drinking expensive bottles of Kombucha and battling things out from my living room couch.

What do you do when something gross like this hits you? I can’t take any time of work so…

Canadian Healthcare

This morning I read a blog post from COTR. In case you don’t know who they are, don’t bother. They’re some of the most biased, right-wing people you’ll ever meet. Or rather read. And at many times it’s infuriating because the information is so wrong.

In this article they were discussing the Canadian healthcare system. A young woman had died waiting for a bed in a hospital. Now, I am sure there is more to this story, but at the end, they said socialized healthcare was terrible. Now, let’s say this. Socialized healthcare is NOT terrible. Not only is it not terrible, but it’s something that should be mandatory.

Let’s skip across the border now to the USA. Now if I need a hospital bed I can get one. In an instant. But here’s the catch I need to have money. In fact, I need to have a LOT of money. I need to wing the lottery because healthcare in the states is beyond expensive.

I always hear the horror stories. $10, 000 to have a baby. $100, 000 if you have a heart attack and if you need a new kidney or liver, well that’s a tricky one because you can pay but you still have to wait which means you still might wind up elsewhere, like India.

We need good healthcare in all our countries, we need healthy citizens. And while most stuff is preventable, not everything is and we need to be abel to help our people.

Private healthcare can be beneficial, but usually only for the rich. Things such as medication are unaffordable for many. I know one family who spends over $300 000 a year for one treatment, but in Canada we are lucky, it’s covered.

In the states, not so much.

What are your thoughts on this topic? And what is healthcare like in your country?

Hurricane Life

Do you ever feel like you never stop moving from the moment you wake up to the minute your head hits the pillow? I feel like that everyday. It takes so much to be a modern human being. And let’s not forget, I don’t have a car and have a million things to pick up.

This weekend was no exception.

I was very lucky though, I got to sleep in until 7:00 on Saturday and 8:30 (!) today. So much privilige I think. But after that it was hit the ground and running. I had to help my parents. One I usually visit and bring a treat to, and the other needed technical support. He needs a lot of help with his gadgets and gizmos, and since I can only come once a week, it’s a long session. Then grocery shopping, shopping for work, library, more grocery shopping as things were on sale and then cooking, cleaning and baking.

Lots of scone making this weekend as I have some extra buttermilk.

Then filling out paperwork and getting stuff ready for the week. And more cleaning.

I wonder if it’s like this for everyone else. I know many people who literally laze in bed all day, getting out at noon to go to brunch and then going back home to relax. It’s a nice thought, but that would never happen.

And before bed? Lot’s of internet stuff. Today I had Blogjob and Swagbucks and I also had to track down Uno cards. And Lego. I was lucky because I managed to get both for $7 with an Amazon gift card.

Tonight I’ll go to bed at 9:45 or 10:00. unlike last week, my bed is already made and waiting for me to snuggle in so no extra work needed.

And tomorrow is Monday again. And the week starts and another 5 days of running around trying to pull it together.



Business Life-Relationships

I’m not quite sure what to call this section yet. Business life? How to run a business? How to fail hard? That is the joy of figuring out how to be independent with no one behind you.

When it comes to relationships, starting a business can be ¬†major strain on your romantic life. Outside of the whole “I’m poor because I just invested a ton of money” issue, there’s the whole thing of time, and not being tired, which is impossible to escape. For many small business owners, a new venture creates a serious problem.

My partner has his own business and he works 12-16 hours a day. In fact, I rarely get to see him as we don’t live with each other. For me this is not an issue as I also need a lot of time for myself, but I can imagine for others it is. Our love life may be strong, but my social life on the other hand is not.

This is a major problem.

Running a business you need all the contacts you can possibly get. Not only that, people need to know who you are and while you can do some of that through social media, it’s so much better to go out in person.

At the end of the day though, after work a job, I am tired. So is my partner and we want to enjoy the time we have together alone, not with others.

I was told there is no such thing as balance, but I think that’s a lie. The goal in life should be to cut out things you don’t love and don’t need to do.

And to have strong relationships. Because often you depend on those and you might not realize it until you hit that point.

How do you find balance with your work/social life?