Rather Be by Clean Bandit


Image Credited to Google – Edited by Me ^_^

The first time I heard this song when I randomly played the cover songs by Kurt Hugo Schneider – my all-time favorite YouTube cover artist, on his YouTube Channel. He covered this song with The George Twins – another YouTube cover artist. I knew lots of new songs after listening to Kurt Hugo’s YouTube Channel.

This song start with the sounds of violins – this string instruments always able to bring the classical feeling, and there are several parts of the song that have violins sounds as the back sounds. “Rather Be” created by the British electronic band named Clean Bandit and sung by English singer and songwriter, Jess Glynne. Her voice really compatible with the arrangement of “Rather Be”.

As the type of electro music, you will find several sound effect on this songs, such as dew drop and echo effect on Jess’s voice and others instrument like piano and percussion. “Rather Be” successes become viral on YouTube with over 380 million views with the video clip featuring Japaness Actress, Haruka Abe. At the 2015 Grammy Awards, “Rather Be” won the Best Dance Recording Category.

Rather Be by Clean Bandit ft. Jess Gylnne Official Music Video

Talking about the lyrics, “Rather Be” picturing the thought of someone about his/her infatuation towards their significant others. S/he already satisfied with their significant others and don’t wish to be anywhere else. It’s not stated as the feeling of a woman to a man – in romance way, or vice versa, but it’s more universal. This song can express the feeling of someone towards his or her best friend, or a sister felt about her brother.

For me, this song perfectly describes how I feel about my best friends. I met her backed at University. We were from different major, even our campus were in different area, she was in Bandung, West Java while I’m in Sumedang, West Java. We met at one of campus program which is required all the students to visit and lived for one and a half months on several rural areas in West Java, then we will transfer useful knowledge to the citizen to help them improve their life. Since then, she and I become the best buddy. We faced together the thick and thin of the life of student who study aboard, we explored the West Java together, and traveling across Indonesia. We do all of crazy things together and both of us confident that we knew the other even better than we knew ourselves. We don’t need to tell each other that no matter how bad the decisions that we made or how stupid the actions that we took, none of us will leave the other.

And now, every time I’m hearing this song, I always remember Jean ( @junebride31 ). If you followed her in here or bitLanders, and had read her writing, you may understand what I mean. She travels a lot with his hubby, James, and they know each other for a long time – if I’m not mistaken, she will celebrate her 8th “together” anniversary with him – how sweet right? Reading all of her blog will make you know how she seeing his hubby as the important person of her. I even love their name, Jean and James <3. Maybe I’m not meet them personally, but I can feel that each of them like the other half of the others.

Do you have same story like this song? Feel free to share peeps 🙂


I Know What You Did Last Summer by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

One thing that I need when I’m writing a blog is the music as accompany, although usually I get distracted by it. Today, because I have no idea of what songs I should, I listened and I end up choose VEVO – Best New Songs Playlist | 2016 on YouTube as a playlist. And I just find a new “My Song of the Day”. It’s titled “I Know What You Did Last Summer” sung by Canadian singer Shawn Mendes and one of Fifth Harmony members, Camila Cabello.

When I first listen to this song, I thought Adam Levine was the singer – sorry Adam, and I’m kind of familiar with the female voice. And after watching the video clip for the first time, I realized the female singer look familiar and I used my all-time favorite search engine – “uncle google” to look up about her, and obviously I recognized her cause she is my favorite fifth harmony member, Camilia. I love her high tone voice and Latina face – thanks to her Mexican father and Cuban mothers.

This song itself is written spontaneously when both of Shawn Mendes and Camilia Cabello with her bandmate, Fifth Harmony appears as guest on Taylor Swift’s The 1989 World Tour. Both of them just jams together on backstage and 30 minutes later, the chorus and pre-chorus for “I Know What You Did Last Summer” was finished.

What I love the most of this song is this song picturing an intense conversation between a couples about their broken relationship. Both of them already realized that their relationship is already falling apart because the girl find another man and her boyfriend fully notice about it. However, both of them can’t let it go, what they already had together. The girls can ignore her guilty feeling that she hurt her boyfriend while the boyfriend realized that his girl already have somebody else in her heart and didn’t love him like she used to. Their “battle” of feeling perfectly picture in minutes 2.17 until 03.04. It tells how the man knows all she had done, but still can’t let her go because he knows she didn’t mean to hurt him. While the girl realized she made a mistake, but she didn’t want to hurt her boyfriend and still can’t let him go.

The video clip also able to interpret the story of this song. When both of them walking towards each other under a stormy sky, but never meet up together, picturing how they keep trying to hanging on their already broken relationship. And finally both of them hit by hard rain when the song come to their main problem which is they relationship already fall apart but both of them can break it off.

Here’s the video clip and lyrics of the songs.