Remember HighSchool Days with our Adviser

By shiela33 April 23, 2016 Personal

own image

own image

I remember those days when we are too young to know the difference between life and death. 

We are not able to appreciate the small things taught to us in school. 

We are not able to return the sympathy and kind words given to us by our teachers.  They served as our second parents since we spent most of our time in school rather than in our house.

I can still recall those days when I was in high school (sophomore years) – how our Physics teacher would smile at us.  I can still remember the way he sung a beautiful song while playing his old guitar.  The hymn and melody would envelop each one of us, blended with the harmony of the beauty of the song’s message.  This is the song’s lyrics:

Aking Kaibigan

Aking kaibigan
Dingging ang awit
Paala-ala ang inihahatid
Ang Diyos ay na sayo patnubay mo tunay

Mahal ka sakin
Sa bawat araw aking dalangin
Na pag-palain ka ng Diyos sa tuwina
Dahil sa mahal ka nya

At kung Ika’y di na kapiling
Kasama ka sa aking dalangin
At kung ako’y di na naaalala p
Wag lang si Kristo ang limutin mo…

Aking kaibigan…

My teacher’s name is Rolito Fajardo Nieto.  He graduated from Centro Escolar University with a course of Medical Technology.   He is more passionate in teaching so he chose to be a science teacher instead of pursuing the medical field in which he could become a doctor.  Yes, he chose to be a teacher – one of the hard professions nowadays due to hard-headed and spoiled students.

1996 is the year when Mr. Nieto became our classroom adviser.  We are his first advisory class.  That is also the year when my father died because of asthma.  We will be having our educational field trip but I was not able to join my classmates because my father passed away.  I had lots of things on my mind during those days.  The day he die is the day when I saw his mistress.  I even went to the girl’s house and there I saw her two kids.  She told me that my father does not want to have another child for he loves me so much.  I can still feel the pain of losing someone.  Time is too short for both of us.  There are lots of regrets on my part but things happen for a reason.   My attention got diverted to our teacher because I saw my father’s image on him.

Most of us spent four years in high school.  We always saw him in school running errands and he is our science teacher.  He is the one who taught us how to know what blood type we have – mine is Type “A”.

The difficult part was in 4th year high school (Senior Year) when he became our adviser for the second time around.  Based on my understanding – some teachers does not want us to become their advisory class because we are too noisy and hard-headed too, some sections would call us – “The troublemakers”.  But Mr. Nieto chose us – for he saw the beauty in each one of us, and he would like to mold us to become better people someday.  It’s difficult to part ways after graduation day.  School has been our second family, our teachers are just like our parents and our classmates are just like our brothers and sisters.  He told us that he is not showy with his feelings but during our graduation day I could see his teary eyes and that he was sad because we will be living the school and start our journey in college.  For him – we are just like his kids.  It’s been 4 years of laughter and lessons are well-learned, friendships rekindled and talents are honed.

After seventeen years we were notified that our teacher passed away because of heart attack.  It’s an unexpected death.  Time flies so fast.  He became a big part of our lives.  Wherever we are right now and whatever we accomplished in life – he became a big part of it.

In Loving Memory of our Adviser, Teacher and Friend

Oct. 23, 1970 – April 6, 2016

A Bit Of Myself Challenge Accepted by Shiela

By shiela33 January 30, 2016 Personal

@thelme55 created a challenge here so here is mine. 

I created my own set of answers for the following questions: 

  1. What is your favorite TV show

We no longer have a basic cable where we could watch soap operas or television series.  Since we are in a rural area, we are just getting blurred pictures out of Antenna Over the Air so we prefer to watch movies and televsion series on the web.

On the Wings of Love is one of my favorite television series.  The protagonists are James Reed and Nadine Lustre.  I find their loveteam funny and they have a wonderful chemistry.

I love watching television shows about cooking, baking and traveling.  One of the shows I watched the most before is CupCake Wars.  I also like MasterChef.

  1. What is your preferred cuisine

I really love meat products.  I know it’s bad for my health but sometimes I can’t resist eating pork barbeque J I love to search for recipes online and cook it.

  1. What is your worst household chores

I am tired and fed up cleaning computer tables.  It’s my daily routine.  I prefer to wash clothes rather than doing it.

  1. What is your playlist

I love old and classical music like songs of Kenny Rogers, Carpenters, Air Supply, and Bread.

I also love pop music of Sarah Geronimo, Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.

I also love the songs of Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Jessie J.

  1. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be

The first place where I would like to go is HongKong Disneyland.  For me – going on that place is a dream come through.  It’s my wish when I was a kid and I would like to bring my kids there.  I would like to see their mascots, watch some shows over there because I’m a big fan of Disney characters like Cinderella, SnowWhite, the Little Mermaid and others.  My daughter and mother would love going there for sure.  I wish I could earn enough money to bring them over there.

Positivity and My Point of View

By shiela33 January 30, 2016 Personal

I am the master of my fate,
      I am the captain of my soul


I love this poem ever since it was introduced to us by our high school english teacher.  It’s a poem that tells us that we are the one responsible to our future.  That we have the power to change it.  That our future lies in our own hands – which depends in our efforts.

I would also like to share a good article I found online about positivity in life.  You could read it here.

So let me share you about my own story…

Growing up from a broken family lead me to become a person full of negative thoughts. 

When I was a kid – I had the following questions in my mind:

  • Why do I have a broken family?
  • Why is my mother like that?
  • Why is my father let it happen?
  • Why I am alone?

Such questions came up from a young mind.  Food is not enough to nurture a kid.  A child must be nurtured physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It should be the role of my parents but was not able to do their part because of certain reasons. 

My father died when I was fifteen years old.  Even though I’m with my grandparents, they kept on reminding me to eat my meals on time, do not take a bath during menstrual period, and not to think too much about problems in life for they are afraid that I might have the same mental illness like my mother.  Such negative upbringing brought me of being a person with low self-esteem.  I do not have enough confidence in building up a good relationship with friends or special someone.  I was always told by our preacher to have a positive attitude.  Having a positive attitude in life leads to a successful life which is what God wants us to have.

Have a positive attitude towards oneself is a must.  It brings good health to us.  It makes us believe that there is a good thing that will happen in the future.  Being a positive person would unleash good energy within you and attracting good elements around you.  It enables us to do our best each day. 

Some of the bad results of having negative thoughts:

  • Can’t sleep at night
  • Can’t eat well
  • Ruins a relationship

Wishing my reader to have a positive outlook in life 🙂

A Glimpse to Doña Aurora’s House

By shiela33 January 29, 2016 Baler

By Visiting Museo de Baler which is located in Quezon Street, Poblacion, Baler, Aurora – one could find this nipa hut.

Nipa Hut beside Museo de Baler

Nipa Hut is also called Bahay Kubo in the Philippines which is made from bamboo and nipa – a feather-leaved palm.

I could still find this type of house in small villages of Nueva Ecija like this one.

Typical Nipa Hut in Nueva Ecija province

I remember those days when my grandfather is still alive.  He prefer to live in a small nipa hut rather than in a house made of stone.

Aside from the nipa hut, I’m also amazed by Doña Aurora’s House.

Doña Aurora House - Entrance

It’s a wonderful experience to visit this place filled with different paintings and historical facts about the Philippines.

You’ll find different items inside the house – different things being used by our natives.

Inside the house of Doña Aurora

Sewing Machine

Inside the house of Doña Aurora

Flat Iron Charcoal

Inside the house of Doña Aurora

Clay Pots, Bottles and Plates on top of the dining table

Different Paintings mounted on the wall:

President Manuel L. Quezon and his wife Dona Aurora's painting

President Manuel L. Quezon and his wife Dona Aurora’s painting

Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon is the First Lady of the Philippines for she is the wife of Philippine President Manuel Luis Quezon.  She is born in Baler, Tayabas which is now Aurora Province.  They are the first couple to reside in Malacañang palace.  She contributed a major role in Girl Scout of the Philippines and orphanages giving sympathy to Filipino people who suffer.  She is also the first chairperson of the Philippine National Red Cross.  The late first lady of the country was not able to finish her course as a teacher  because of her poor health hence she is always remembered for her good deeds to her countrymen.  She died in an ambush in Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. Philippines.



Philippines is a country which is rich in culture and traditions.

I admire the people in the past and their simple way of living.

I remember the stories of my grandmother how people live during her time.   That the people are satisfied

with  their lifestyle.  Most of the people before are farmers.  I wish I have more time to explore the place.

Job Interview Experience and my Curriculum Vitae

By shiela33 January 29, 2016 Personal

I applied as a part time computer lecturer. I was asked by the Dean why I am applying for that job position. I told her that I would like to use it as a stepping stone for my future career. I mistakenly used improper words which lead me not to be accepted on the said institute. The Dean find me arrogant and using the word “stepping stone” has a bad meaning. I didn’t mean it. I just lack some words while being interviewed because of nervousness.

I tried to apply to the same position and luckily I was hired. My boss is no longer the female Dean my boss is a good man who sympathize with me for he knew my failure because of the wrong word used while being interviewed.

Even though I graduated with computer degree – I still find it difficult to teach my students about Information technology, latest trends and gadgets because even I do not own a personal computer. My students are upset about it because they are expecting someone professional who could teach them more for they knew everything about computers. I lack experience and I lack knowledge. I badly need a job during those days and I hope that they understood my situation.

Looking at my curriculum vitae right now reminds me of my past hardships and difficulties when looking for a stable job. I’ve been a clerk, a secretary, computer teacher, call center agent, and a customer service representative.
I have to look for a better-paying job before that’s why I switched from one job to another. It’s difficult when you are the bread winner in the family – it’s because I have to support the basic needs of my grandmother and mother during those days since both of them are widowed.

Those lessons I learned in the past make me stronger and a better person. I’m lucky to have a small business now. I’m lucky to have a simple life with my husband and two kids. Thank God for his continuous blessings.

Milka Krem in Nueva Ecija, Philippines

By shiela33 January 26, 2016 Personal

Milka Krem's Front View

We (my husband and I) have decided to visit his old school which is Central Luzon State University last year.

It’s a state university which is located in Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

Tall fruit-bearing trees and beautiful flowers can be seen inside the university.

There are areas where you could find different stalls for students where they could sell different products that help them earn to support their studies.

We left the place and was about to go home when  I saw Milka Krem’s Store along the road.

There is a processing plant located near Milka Krem.  It’s actual location is in AH26, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

Me standing beside Milka Krem's front view







Inside the store you could find the following:

  • Chocolate Milk Drink
  • Cheese
  • Espasol
  • Ice Cream
  • Pastillas de Leche
  • Coffee Latte’
  • Cake
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Biscuits
  • Milk Drink of different flavors
  • Yogurt Drinks
  • Sculpted Products out of Pure Wood (souvenir items)

Most of their products are made from fresh and natural ingredients and mostly made from Carabao’s milk.


Coffee Latte’ and Blueberry Cheesecake

This Blueberry Cheesecake tastes good but I prefer a sweeter version.

I believe Milka Krem focuses more on healthy products.  The coffee latte’ tastes great.  It’s good for someone who wants to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day from work.


This is indeed a huge place.  They do have a beautiful pond with some fish Koi’s on it.  Then on the other side of the pond, you’ll see the processing plant.

Small Pond near Milka Krem

I’m upset because I was not able to taste their ice cream because it’s already sold out for the day.  There are many faces on their product outlet:  some are using their laptops – creating Powerpoint presentations – some are students, and some are employees.

I would like to explore the place longer but we already run out of time, it’s already raining and we are just using a motorbike for transportation.  I’m wondering if it’s allowed to go inside the processing plant.

Milka Krem's Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Along the Highway (near Milka Krem)- Munoz, Nueva Ecija

Along the Highway

Blogjob – The First Writing Site that Paid Me

By shiela33 January 25, 2016 BlogJob

I’m a hopeless writer – that’s what they say 🙂

I’m happy for I received my reward from BlogJob in one day via Coinbase.  If we reached 2,000 points in BlogJob we have the option to request for coinbase payment.

I’ve been writing from different writing sites before such as:

  • HubPages
  • Writedge
  • PersonaPaper
  • CGPGallery
  • EliteVisitors or EliteWriters
  • MyKites
  • Bubblews

I was not able to receive a payment from Bubblews and now the site is no longer live on the web.  They paid and unpaid lots of members but not me. I’m still thankful for that site because it’s my first writing site in which I was able to learn the basics of blogging and writing online.  I made my own review on HubPages about Bubblews.  You could read it here.

I’ve been writing several posts on HubPages and other sites but was not able to request for a payment yet because I don’t have enough to focus on writing online.  Some of those sites are no longer live on the web  and some of those did not paid their members.  I learned a lot on HubPages about serious writing and how to benefit from it.

BlogJob is the first writing site that paid me.  This is the first payment I got from this site and I’m happy because I work hard for it.  I’m glad that there is a writing site that really pays.  I hope that the registration in BlogJob for new members would resume soon so that I could recommend it to my friends.

I believe in BlogJob’s vision.  I hope that more people would find this site and be able to write and share their own point of view and opinions online.  Expressing oneself through writing is good.  It also allows someone to develop his or her writing skills.  In my case – it allowed me to develop the command of the English language.  Since English is my second language – I still have lots of grammatical errors but I know that it could be corrected in time.

For BlogJob members – we are lucky because of this site.  I created a video tutorial on how to create a post, how to make a credit of the image you uploaded, how to insert image, how to insert video link, and how to share your post online.  I hope this would help.  We also have a group on Facebook where you could share your BlogJob posts.  Here is the link.

Thank you @sheridan


Screenshot of Blogjob Payment

Vitamilk and SkyFlakes – my dinner

By shiela33 January 25, 2016 Personal

vitamilk and skyflakes

I felt tired and restless this past few days.  I ask my husband to buy Vitamilk which is my favorite beverage.  What he bought is Vitamilk Double Choco Shake.  Based on the label- it contains soybeans with lots of vitamin content.

I gained a lot of weight lately and I’m having a hard time looking for good fitting clothes.  When I look at the mirror – I felt sad with my figure.  I easily get tired and not energetic as before.  I find it difficult to run and I walk slow. I find it hard to do multi-tasking which is really needed in the nature of my work.   I would like to have a good and healthy body.  I’ve been eating lots of fatty foods in the past.  I also love dairy products, chocolates and pastries which contribute a lot to my physical appearance.  I would like to be slim again.  I believe that health is wealth.  I do not like to have hypertension or diabetes but it’s difficult to control the calling of the sweet goods 🙂

I made a promise to myself not to eat rice for dinner.  I only eat one to two pieces of crackers.  I would like to wake up around five o’clock in the morning to join some friends for some jogging and aerobic exercise but I can’t get enough sleep because of my son.  I really need to discipline myself.  There are lots of healthy supplements out there but most of it are expensive.  I will opt in for affordable ones and this is just the beginning.  I will monitor my weight and the measurement of my tummy.

My husband is not as fat as me.  He refused eating fatty foods and fried ones.  He prefer vegetables and fruits.  I’ll think of healthy meals for me and my family.  I need to prepare a daily meal plan so that we could monitor the food we eat and at the same time made a good plan for our budget.

On Her Birthday

By shiela33 January 22, 2016 Personal

My mother

My mother and I had some problems in the past.  I’m glad that we overcome it.  I admire her because she’s always patient with me despite of her condition.

She is suffering from Schizophrenia which is a mental illness.  I’m her only child who needs to assist her by bringing her to her psychiatrist.  Sometimes I forgot to tell her to take her medicines.  We need to make sure that she’ll get her injection in one to two months because if not – her condition would worsen  which leads back to her old hobbies.

What she is doing in the past is that she would wear white clothes and talk to different people that she would see along the way.  She felt that she is like a preacher but the thing is she kept on saying the same words which is called “spaghetti style” a terminology which is known in the mental hospital.

I believe that her depressions in the past lead her to this condition.  I was told by the psychiatrist that she needs to take her medicines because her condition is for life.  What she needs is a home where she could be taken care of.  A family which is not given to her in the past.  Those days when there are issues between her and my father.  Those days when I’m not with her because I’m with my grandparents.  She is left alone in a small house.  She just talks alone to herself –  sometimes she would cry then suddenly she would laugh.  Most of the time she would forget to eat her meal, her thoughts are flowing in the air – leading to nowhere.  Such illusions takes everywhere where her imagination leads her.

I’m glad that I was given the chance to take care of her despite of all the hindrances.  Although I’m a mother now with two kids – I’m glad that my mother is with me – for she takes care of my kids when I’m away.  She never forget her role as a mother despite of her condition.

She celebrated her birthday last January 17th 2016 with this childish cake 🙂


My mother's cake

Museo de Baler unexpected entrance

By shiela33 December 2, 2015 Personal

Baler Aurora is indeed one of the most beautiful places that I have visited. Before reaching this place, one could breath good air coming from the mountains and green surroundings. There are lots of beautiful places one could visit over there like the following:

SATODA poster

SATODA poster

• Mother Falls
• Caunayan Falls
• Lukso-Lukso Islet
• Millenium Tree
• Ermita Hill (Tromba Marina)
• Diguisit
• Doña Aurora Quezon House
• Museo de Baler
• Ampere Beach and others

I haven’t visited all of those because we are only given two days .

Museo de Baler

Museo de Baler

I was told that there is no fee in entering Museo de Baler but things have changed because of the new administration. There is a thirty pesos fee for entering the Museum. It also allows you to visit Doña Aurora Quezon House.

Baler Movie Poster

Baler Movie Poster

Before entering the museum, you’ll see a poster of Baler Movie portrayed by Anne Curtis and Jerico Rosales – our local artists in the country.

About Baler Movie

About Baler Movie

Baler is a movie drama which is the official entry of VIVA films for the 34th Metro Manila Film Festiva but I haven’t watched it yet. Baler is about the forbidden love that took place during the Siege of Baler and the historic struggle of Spanish and Filipino revolutionary forces.
Museo de Baler is a local museum where you could find several historical artifacts. Most of those artifacts shows how Filipino live during Spanish regime. The outer appearance of the museum was done by Toym Imao – a sculptor and the son of National Artist for Visual Arts Abdulmari Imao. Senator Edgardo Angara and Baler Historical Committee paid his work.
The statue in the park’s center is our late President Manuel Quezon because he was born in Baler.
If you are a teacher of history or Araling Panlipunan – going to this place is a great advantage. One could aso find beautiful paintings in the ground floor and upper floor.

European Ship Scale Model

European Ship Scale Model

I also saw a european ship scale model purchased from Magellan’s Galleon Marine, Ins.

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