Short Bio

When asked how she ended up in the US, Mickey will go into a detailed account of alien ninja mobsters chasing her across Niagara Falls with Taser guns and taxidermied were-beavers. Once she made it across the border, she forged a new identity as an extreme teddy bear biologist and paper folder.

Alas, she discovered you’re only as good as your last folded paper. So, she turned her talents to raising a couple of minions of evil in the hopes that one day, they would become criminally insane geniuses with goals of global domination.

Oh, and she writes too.


Other useless information:

I’m 41, divorced, a Sagittarius, and 5’7” on good days.

My son tells everyone I’m the funniest person he knows, and he knows funny!

I’m a reluctant catholic, and a lazy Buddhist.

My kids and I have a serious ‘2 Broke Girls’ addiction that we have no intention of curing.


What I’d like to write about:

Hmm let’s see, I love writing about snarky unicorns, wand-wielding witches and sorcerers that favor an alternative lifestyle.

If that’s not your thing, I also enjoy writing about home décor, DIY projects, traveling and relationships of the platonic and romantic variety.

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