There are times when stress and silly little things make me lose my cool. Such as trying to drag the kids out of bed and to school on time, or the time of the month I dread the most, time to pay bills.

During these times, I need a little reminder, which I keep on the desktop of my computer as a file I labels in big bold letters, THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR.

It reminds me to open the word file/journal and contemplate the things in my life that makes it so very wonderful.

The first on my list is always my beautiful children. Nothing makes me happier than picking them up from school, listening to their daily gossips about their friends, and then snuggles on the couch together to watch a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.

On the weeks they’re with their dad, I’m doubly blessed to have a best friend I spend my time with. We have coffee together, talk about our kids, his being much older than mine, and then get to work doing our own things. While we sit in companionable silence, the peace of being with my BFF lets my mind go one a happy little adventure through my make believe world of characters that have been begging me to write their stories.

Last but not least, I am grateful to have my happy place, or as I prefer to call it, my ivory tower. Which is my third floor balcony where I sit in my favorite wing chair and write till my fingers beg for a break and my brain screams NO MORE!


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