A snarky look at the other October holidays

I love Halloween! It has to be by far my favorite holiday. As a history buff, I love the old pagan stories, as a mom, I love visiting pumpkin patches with the kids, and my inner kiddie loves getting dressed up as a witch, which I have done every year since I was thirteen.

Even if I wasn’t a trick or treat aficionado, I’d know Halloween was lurking around the corner, because of all the stores bursting with autumn garlands, spooky makes and glittery make-up.

But this is not about Halloween, no, for the moment I decided to explore the other holidays coming up that have hidden under a pumpkin shaped shadow over the years.

October 1st – World Vegetarian day. That’s right, all you cray cray vegan get your partay on, don’t forget to bring the bean dip and gluten free nachos!

October 13th – Columbus day. Don’t be hatin on poor ole Columbus, the old boy didn’t have a Garmin or a smartphone to tell him he missed the exit.

October 22nd – National Nut day. I’ll be celebrating this crazy writer style, since I don’t care for peanuts.

October 24th – United Nations day. There will be Twinkies in the lobby till two, and everyone can join in the Macarena at 4.

October 26th – Summer is officially over in Europe. That means no celebrating, you naughty Americans you!

October 28th – St Simon and St Jude day. Halos off to you two good ole boys!

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