Increasing Creativity

As writers we are always looking for inspiration for the next blog, or story idea. Here are a few that help me when the creative juices are running on fumes.

Go for a walk – Sometimes getting away from the routine environment helps me clear my head. My favorite place to walk is a park nearby that has paths for runners and bikers that make me feel like I’m in a forest. After a while I forget what was stressing me out and I can focus on the sound of rushing water, wind dancing though branches and leaves, even the crazy turkeys that loudly proclaim their presence.

Ambient noise – That white noise in the background, like a fan, traffic, or murmur of people talking at a coffee shop can be soothing and have a meditative effect to get you in the mood to let the ideas flow. I personally enjoy sitting on my balcony, facing the oak tree outside so I can watch the birds and squirrels play, while the sound of traffic in the distance relaxes me.

Music – I added music to this list mostly for others who say this works for them. Personally I have a hard time focusing. However a few songs beforehand can get me in the mood for whatever project I’m working on.

Attitude – Keeping positive about what your doing is important and to remember that even if you have a deadline and need to get it done so you can move on to the next one, that the mere act of writing a new blog or story is filling you with some powerful creative endorphins.

Balance – We all have deadlines and goals to achieve, but take the time to enjoy the creative process. Work on a project that is just for you, not money.

Inspiration – Last but most important, what are we writers without our muses? I find inspiration from reading articles online, talking with friends, and making silly jokes with my kids.

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