Comic book birthday party


With the beginning of school year comes the nonstop party invites. Each year seems like parents try to outdo each themselves from the previous party…there’s and the other parents. So I decided to write out several blogs on different party themes.

The birthday party for the comic book nut

Whether it’s Sheldon on The Big Bang theory, or my nine year old son, any comic book aficionado will get a kick out of it. I know because I choose this theme last year for my son and it was a big hit.


Step one: Plan where to have party.

Since Kenny’s birthday is in January, when it’s cold and zero chance of playing in the pool or in a bouncy house, I tend to find new places in the area to book. For his ninth I chose Whirlygig, a laser tag place around the corner. There the kids could play in the arcade as well as pretend to be there favorite superhero.


Step Two: Cake

This is always my favorite part, researching the perfect cake and bakeries in the area. I went with cupcakes that had different comic book characters on them so the boys could choose which they preferred. With that said, here are a few other ideas.



Step Three: Party Favors

Not only did I get small bags full of pencils, stickers and erasers, but I also had t-shirts made up with “Kenny’s 9th bday 2014” printed on the back.

Step four: Invites

I’m way to scatterbrained for paper invites, I always forget something. One year I forgot to add my rsvp number. Another year I forgot to put the date. So now I sent out emails via eventbrite.

Step Five: The piñata

With my kids, the piñata almost trumps the cake. There’s something about taking a baseball bat to a Spiderman piñata that is both horrifying and funny. Seeing the kids get rewarded with candy to be violent obviously being the horrifying part!

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