Local jobs

Your best bet for a job if you need fast cash is – of course, you guessed it correct, a local job.

Anywhere from you mowing the neighbour’s lawn, or fixing the roof, or doing stuff in the garden, you are making money.

Older people are most likely to accept your offer because the most of the jobs they can’t do it themselves.

So, your plan is : go around the neighbourhood, offering your skills to anyone. What ever you are good at!

You can go and fix somone’s broken computer, if you have the right skills.

Mow the lawn, plant seeds, dig holes, do anything they ask you for.

You will get money, fast, as soon as you finish the job. These people really need help, they wouldn’t ask you if they could do it themselves.

Of course, there are lazy people. These are toughest persons to work with. They probably don’t want to pay you, because even they don’t have money, and when you help them, they will give less and tell you you didn’t do a good job. Get over it, and don’t fall on those tricks anymore , if you see a man that doesn’t look ok, don’t ask them if they need your help.

Patience and good connections is the key for a good local job!

Ask anything you want about the subjest in the comments, i will gladly help!


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What are the possible techniques?

In this post I will show you the ways of money making online!

So, let’s just jump right into it:

Online surveys
For citizens in the US, this is the best bet. You fill out a short survey that does not have a need to be real, but preferably, let’s say it is.
So you get on the sites (Shown in our next post), register, and start earning some money right now! The possibilities are endless!
There are a lot of sites that are gonna pay you a dollar for each E-mail entry. That is 10 seconds of your time, and you are making a dollar.
If this goes on, and you get 10 surveys like this a day, you can make 10 dollar a day, which is 300 a month! That is some good money!


PTC sites
PTC sites are sites where you can earn a dollar a day from a site. Let’s just say you have 10 of these sites, and every one of them earns you a dollar
a day. You can make 10 dollars a day, which sums up to 300 dollars a month. That is some great pocket money that you can use for beer and things
like that. Some thing you enjoy, and you don’t have to tell your wife about it! Just kidding, your wife can get into the job as your refferal, and you can
make 10 percent of what she makes, and she can grab her friend and things just roll on. You can also get refferals!


Get-paid-to sites
These are sites where you can earn by doing small tasks for half a dollar a task. Recently, i made 0.5 dollars for just a minute of my time,
writing what i see on the cam recorder. That was great, and I got paid instantly!


Starting your own websites, Write and publish a book, affilate marketing, mobile phone recycling, gigs…

The list goes on, and in the next article we will talk about sites that are great for doing these jobs, and add a little more jobs,
So everyone can do what they like!

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Introduction to money earning

Have you ever thought about making money? It is a process that MUST be taken seriously and you must be tough and deal with your actions.

Just as when starting a business, you should start your money earning. When doing business, you need money to invest and start-up your project.

I am not saying that you need to act like the whole world depends on it, but if you start, probably, your world depends!

Since this is the introductory type of post, i will guide you in this site’s goals.

First, the goal is to make money. You need money to start your own business and have even more money, if that is what you are into.

The second goal is to learn something – every knowledge will be very valuable in some time.

So, let’s start with the basics. Let’s say that you don’t have no start up capital, no knowledge to put in some kind of internet work, but you just have faith in yourself and have some time on your hands. This is the real deal, because everyone started like this. In next posts i will write about sites that can earn you pennies, that are valuable and will grow and grow with time.

You can be lucky and get an online job real quick, make some quick buck and then it will just go away if you don’t invest it. Keep the money on the internet, because you will need it for further investing. A couple dollars won’t help, unless you have a pretty tough situation and you really need it, but would you be reading this now if you barely make a living? So, listen up, stay tight and you will see how much we can all achieve together.


Let’s all grow together here and be a great community. Tell me what you think in the comment section.

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