Final Post for My Shopping Channel at BlogJob

Final Post for My Shopping Channel at BlogJob

After giving it months and months of thought, I finally reached the conclusion that this home biz project must be discontinued because I simply do not have the time to devote to keeping them updated and loaded with fresh content. This blog post represents the final post for this blog. Refer to my final post at my primary blog, My Pain ~ Your Gain for additional details.


Sharing product suggestions and gift ideas has been fun. I have enjoyed creating a shopping wish list for you. If you are interested in purchasing anything mentioned here at this site, the affiliate referral links are active.  Feel free to click through to the vendor’s site and continue shopping.


If interested in where I will be continuing my online shopping/marketing efforts for 2018 and beyond, visit Go Shopping Bees.

* Announcing My Newest Home Biz Tumblr Blog
~ Go Shopping Bees

Go Shopping Bees

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