Ugly Xmas Sweaters OUT! Cute Comfy Xmas Dresses IN!

Ugly Xmas Sweaters OUT! Cute Comfy Xmas Dresses IN!

Who started the ugly Christmas sweater fashion trend anyway? Did a little research and it turns out that the City of Vancouver takes credit for holding the first ugly Christmas sweater party in the year 2002. Uh huh.  Indeed. My research didn’t indicate that any other city wanted to wrestle them and take away that claim. I wonder why!  (O.o)

Don’t really care who started the party.  Also, don’t care who started with the contests.  There are contests?  Oh yeah!  If you think you have thee ugliest Christmas sweater in the world … you might be surprised.

So I found out about the UCS parties and the contests.  But I really want to know who made the first ugly Christmas sweater that resulted in this garment becoming “a ubiquitous feature of the holiday season”.

Dug deeper to find out WHO and it seems there is no record of the person who made and/or wore the first ugly Christmas a sweater.  Of course, I know WHY.  Isn’t it obvious?  It’s because … it’s because … it’s because the first ugly Christmas sweater was knitted by somebody’s grandmother and the receiver did not dare refuse it or worse … not wear it! 

But who is going to raise their hands and tell the world: “It was my grandmother who made the first ugly Christmas sweater!  I remember it well!”

LOL.  Maybe the guys are stuck with wearing the sweaters but not the ladies! We’ve been rescued! No more ugly Christmas sweaters. Instead, it’s cute and comfy Christmas dresses.

These dresses are cute and comfortable, adorable gay apparel.  Wear them with leggings or opaque colored stockings.  FYI.  There are Christmas sweater dresses OR you could match and ugly sweater with an ugly skirt (if you want to compromise and not hurt grandma’s feelings).

LaSuiveur Women’s Christmas Santa Claus Print Pullover Flared Dress

GBSELL Women Ladies Christmas Print Long Sleeve Shirt Dress Casual Party Evening (I, M)


Blizzard Bay Junior’s Christmas Tunic Sweater Dress with Reindeer Pom Poms, Black, Small

Women Christmas Sweater, V28 Ugly Cowl Neck Cute Reindeer Xmas Sweater Dress (S, Bear Dress Pink)


Coolred Womens Floral Christmas Pleated Skirt Puff Skirt Casual Half Skirt As picture S

Coolred Women’s Casual Autumn Floral Design Christmas Puff Skirt Midi Skirt As picture XS



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