Canadian TV Detective Series : Murdoch Mysteries

Canadian TV Detective Series : Murdoch Mysteries


Watched a television series that revolves around the crime-solving adventures of a Canadian Sherlock Holmes. Yannick Bisson stars as William Murdoch. The TV series is based on characters from the novel series by Maureen Jennings.

“Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto Constabulary”.

Love it when he says that! It’s how he introduces himself to others.

Murdoch Mysteries – Detective Murdoch Toronto constabulary (s1 to s7)

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The setting is the late 1800s / early 1900s. He often rides a bicycle to the crime scene. The main plus for this series, that most ladies will appreciate, is that William Murdoch is very easy on the eyes. But ladies. You can only ogle him. You can not touch. He has a love interest, Doctor Julia Ogden and he is hopelessly devoted to her. Though their relationship is strained by outside forces, when they work together and combine their intellects they create magic and solve the mystery!

Another plus are the references to or incorporation of historical figures into the plots. One episode had Sir Winston Churchill and another episode had Thomas Alva Edison.  Don’t know much about the history of Canada or the relations between the governments of England and the United States of America during the time period.  For me, this television program is very educational, as well as being an entertaining piece of historical fiction and romance.

Would recommend this series for binge watching.  If you’re not hooked after Season One, then don’t bother.  The first episode of the first season hooked me and reeled me in.  There is also a movie version which stars Keeley Hawes (Zoe from “MI-5”.)


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Murdoch Mysteries, Season 1

Murdoch Mysteries: The Movie

Amazon’s Choice for “Murdoch Mysteries

A Murdoch Mysteries Christmas

At a Christmas charity gala for sick children, the host, dressed as Santa Claus, is found with a broken neck and all the presents are stolen. When witnesses report hearing a wild animal near the scene, Crabtree suspects the legendary creature Krampus.

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Filey, Mike. “History of Toronto Police a Little Different than Entertaining Murdoch Mysteries Show.” Toronto Sun. Sun Publications, 4 Oct. 2014. Web. 28 Mar. 2017.

Below is a real photograph of the Toronto Police in the  19thCentury; William James Topley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.  The TV show did a good job of recreating the time period.



  1. Francine Labelle

    I am a big fan of “Murdoch Mysteries”. They represent the “constabulary” in a slightly different view. It is at the same time entertaining and educative what with all the historical persons mentioned and portrayed. Thank you for choosing this TV series to relate to and talk about.


    • cmoneyspinner

      To me, whenever a TV series can make it up to 10 seasons, they have some kind of attraction that keeps people coming back for more. Murdoch Mysteries hooked me from the very first show. Ii wasn’t just Detective Murdoch who drew me in. I liked all the characters. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you were here. I am always excited to receive visitors at my blogs. Hope you come back often.


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