Farewell! ~ Relocated to a New Site Home ~ Hope You Come and See!

After giving it months and months of thought, I finally reached the conclusion that this home biz project must be consolidated with my other shopping site.  All content previously published here has been relocated.  If you are interested in purchasing anything mentioned here at this site, the affiliate referral links are still active.  Feel free to click through to the vendor’s site and continue shopping. Thank you so much for your continued support.


If interested in where I will be continuing my online shopping/affiliate marketing efforts, visit Go Shopping Bees.


* Announcing My Newest Home Biz Tumblr Blog
~ Go Shopping Bees
Go Shopping Bees

Finally, if it’s easier for you, just follow us on Twitter.

NOTE: Refer to my final post at my primary blog, My Pain ~ Your Gain for additional details.  

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