Celebrating Mourn Day

When others celebrating mother’s day, I’m celebrating mourn day because I have no option except this. In 2015 I have lost my beloved mom and today I only can miss her and I can’t exp... Read More

Eat, Sleep And Stay Lost

Finally I get the meaning of my life and its based on eating, sleeping and stay lost on the imaginary world. This is not the time to stay sank on the world of imagination. Who cares and who have the s... Read More

Feeling Poor

Unable to do almost all the things which is possible for others. It’s a sign of loser in me and my lazy attitude make me loser to be honest. I’m asking for favor but I should think of self help. I... Read More

Days Are Going

Every morning I wake up with a promise that from the day I’ll study well for my exams but I failed again and again. I can’t blame anyone for this though my circumancetences also responsible for my... Read More

Made Me Upset

Ups and downs part of life but sometimes its hard to accept the downiness of life. It would be a minor issue and when I’m getting upset for it my fellow writer will consider me as a child. I wish, e... Read More