Social Media with Masks

“Wow! Your profile pictures are very cute, especially that small red dress. Does your family allow you to wear those kind of clothes…?” – Nisha asked Yamini on chat.

“Oh thanks! Actually I’m alone. I have nobody in my house. I’m here as a secretary to a multinational company. By the way, you are so beautiful too. And in those party photographs, you were looking phenomenal. Please put on a single photo of you here…” – Yamini requested to her.

Began with usual Hi-hellos, Nisha and Yamini they both developed a close connection between them. They have become true friends to each other. Both share their own point of views to each other, and even sometimes they talk about their personal things too. Then on a day, Nisha told that his father had been no more and she got to be alone forever. At the time, she wanted the shoulders of Yamini where she could bury her face to share the sorrowfulness with her best friend.

annca / Pixabay

On the other hand, Yamini was also excited to meet Nisha, she was eager to watch her friend in real. Now both friends were restless to actuate their self identities, not anymore to the virtual world.. So they fixed their appointments at an specific day. To make this meeting special, they putted it at a beautiful park and there below a specific tree located at that park. The day has come when they both will get their friends out from any virtual network, both were relaxed from any threat to happen. Even they know each other by their photographs, so they went to meet each other.

At the fixed time, both have reached to that identified place. But neither Nisha got Yamini, nor Yamini got Nisha. While two boys were wandering there for a long time. Some dispersed masks were pulling off there…