Human Beings: Too much Variations

Today, I was so relaxed and most of my time I was laid to my bed. Did not read so much as there’s no any urgency to finish any chap. Appeared to my recent exam yesterday, so now I’m free from any deadline burden. I opened my whatsapp for most of my friends who has not been contacted by me for a while. Then, went back to my bitlanders family, I wasn’t so active there for some of these days. And it resulted me much as I stopped the falling buzz score at constant. And tomorrow it will be my class day and I’m thinking about to go back to my family this weekend too. I never thought that every weekend would be with my family or my friends, I had never made any promises to visit on each weekend to my town. But as there is no study pressure at all and it’s just a beginning, so I’ve taken my permissions and now decided to go back after attending the class.

Human Kinds

johnhain / Pixabay

At the evening, I was having snacks at my hostel room which is located at the side of the gallery from where most of other students pass anytime when they go outside. My room partner was also preparing to join them, they were going to play in the park. Asked for me, but I was not interested to waste my time with any strange. But at that time a person got the entrance to my room without a knock. And before I make any excuse my room partner said him that he’s ready to go. My room partner feels some shy with me but that third person was very frank as he could talk to anybody, even whom he didn’t know. And his style was so new to me as how can anybody get such casualty with anyone he don’t know. Now I was underpowered by that man. He was talking to me without asking my name. Well I stopped him by saying that you’ll gonna late by the way. Fortunately, it worked that time. He took my partner and went back on his way.

After him, I was thinking about the varieties of human beings, in which this was my fresh experience. As I saw many who love to be shy every time for any stranger or some of them keep their same potential even after knowing that strange, like my room partner. And most of them are much like to me as they get familiar after knowing somebody, but really today it was another addition on my catalog. Haha…! Now share, what kind of human being you are…?