Feeling not well…. :(

Hello my friends,

This is an update to my unwillingness from that I’m suffering since the past two days. It is not so definite, I have many problems at the same time. As I’m in a Hostel now, so I’m not feeling relaxed as I’ve much burden for my further studies and here I couldn’t share that personally. No one has become reliable to me yet. And by the way, I don’t like to get much familiar with other members of this building because I think it would be like killing my ambition myself. They will try to distract from their non-studying activities. They went every evening to play cricket in a ground very near to the building. Even I love to play the cricket but if I will go, it’d take my more time. Which I will never like too much.

My another problem is my nervousness for my upcoming competitive exam held tomorrow. I’m well prepared for Quantitative and Reasoning section but I feel vacant in the General Studies part, because I’ve aversion from reading general knowledge. I love to get updated with current affairs but have no love with history. I think if anything has been passed then why we should talk more about that. So it is my major weakness against my exam.

And the last but not the least, is about my stomach pain which is consistent for more than two days. I took some medicines but all of my attempts failed. I’m still facing the same. I am unable to point out the reason and I blame the most to the water served here in the hostel. The water cooler placed outside of my room which is nice to me but I’m not satisfied with the services provided by the owner as the water filter is also attached there but I think it has been expired and asking for the service. The taste of water is so bad and whenever I take this, it raises my pain.

So ‘m fighting with these problems now these days. Tomorrow one problem will be ended finally as tomorrow the exam will be over. I will appear for that and I wish I could give my all efforts to that. Thanks!