Back On Track

It has been over…. All of my weekend fun has been stopped now. I have been back on my ride. I enjoyed this weekend with my house-buddies and my family but now everything has been buried again for some more days. I came back to my hostel and now setting my mind to work as I left it on Saturday. Tomorrow it would be my next class and one of my competitive exam will fall on this Thursday so I’m little nervous about that. I have the class from 8-10 in the morning and my exam is also set to 11 AM as there reporting time. Because the center is far from my classes and I have to choose one in that condition. Class or exam, obviously! I will go with my exam because class work can be overtake but if I leave my exam it’d be paid so hard to me.

It was really one of my best weekend in this year as I enjoyed it a lot with my friends and family. Friends wanted to draw my attention by their warm welcome, so I gave them all back with my hearty thanks. I appreciated their wait for me. And then it was nice to meet my family and relatives once again and I’ve tried to solve an issue regarding my sis. She’s not passionated about her dreams, while I’m younger than her but provided some advice to her. I hope she’d understand my point of view but still I’m confused because she doesn’t take her career seriously. Some says I motivate others so nicely so I’ve given some tips to my sis for her career that she’d need to explore her vision by being serious about what she wants. I wish it could effect at some parts. So it was a wonderful weekend for me but I’m again starting my routine as I’ve made last week.

  • – ShaArc