Now I can see the clouds…

While I have appeared only in two classes but I can feel how it matters to me when I’d avert to my studies. Well I’m gonna appear to one of the toughest exams in the world, so I have to be prepared for that before a month at least. Last year when I wrote the same exam, it was not scoring so well for me. But in another similar exam I did better but missed my chance of being selected by only 5 marks, I know what that means for me. This year I have to be focused all the time.

Pixarc | Pixabay

I could not suppose myself to get weaken, neither physically nor mentally. It had been just two classes for this year preparations but I can smell what is coming further. As I know the syllabus this time, which one is my plus point, but we all know that it is CAT which changes its pattern year by year. Last year it was organized by IIM-A which is a best management college year and it leads as the representative of India to the World’s Top 100 management colleges. Last year this college settled the exam pattern according to engineering students as it was included high level data interpretation questions and very high level and time taking quantitative section. I hope this time exam would be hosted by any other college who will care for non-engineering students.

CAT is the exam which needs a focused and determined study for it. You couldn’t lose he rope. If you wanna succeed into this, you have to work hard. You will have to forget about the any other things happen to your surroundings. This was the statement made by the Managing Director of my coaching classes. That’s why I shifted to a hostel where I’d get myself alone. I use blogjob and bitlanders in my free time to distract from my studies for the some time. Because I love my friends too and it will nothing much loss in one or two hours distraction.

Love you guys…!

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