Hello friends,

Wishing you all a Happy First Monday of the May 2016. Well… it has been a normal start of the month, not so exciting and I couldn’t say it boring as I’ve got this as a weekend by where I joined my family to spend some time apart from my boring hostel life. Some family matters are still alive, I’ve tried to bury them and this time I’m sure I would be succeeded into that. At least I’m hoping so… 🙂

As I said I’m in my home and scheduled my hostel journey tomorrow at early morning. When I will join my classes directly then I will go to my room. This time I missed much of that response what I got in my previous weekend. I had posted a blog about that too. This time everything was much normal as many of my friends had been gone to celebrate their vacations somewhere and remained of them were busy in their chores. While they greet me for again visiting and I’ve made my promise that I will come there until I meet my study pressure which is neutral at this early time. Even there have been only few classes organized and they will increase the momentum slowly slowly.

In these days, I was spending my time with my wonderful family, especially with my supermom. I love her too much and because she doesn’t like my so much attention towards computers and tablets, so I put these far from myself, at least when she is there. Because of this I didn’t use the social networks and couldn’t appear to BlogJob. Today is a day when I will be fine with only 50 points which will come from this blog.

In the morning, today I had created my another site which would be about serving my technology knowledge. I love to keep more and more of digital awareness, that’s why I have stored a huge collection of those cuttings and screen shots. Now I have decided to bring them back to help somebody through my blogs. So whenever I will feel to share those, I will sure bring some tips to make your devices super. You may catch every tips at —>