Hello friends,

Wishing you all a Happy First Monday of the May 2016. Well… it has been a normal start of the month, not so exciting and I couldn’t say it boring as I’ve got this as a weekend by where I joined my family to spend some time apart from my boring hostel life. Some family matters are still alive, I’ve tried to bury them and this time I’m sure I would be succeeded into that. At least I’m hoping so… 🙂

As I said I’m in my home and scheduled my hostel journey tomorrow at early morning. When I will join my classes directly then I will go to my room. This time I missed much of that response what I got in my previous weekend. I had posted a blog about that too. This time everything was much normal as many of my friends had been gone to celebrate their vacations somewhere and remained of them were busy in their chores. While they greet me for again visiting and I’ve made my promise that I will come there until I meet my study pressure which is neutral at this early time. Even there have been only few classes organized and they will increase the momentum slowly slowly.

In these days, I was spending my time with my wonderful family, especially with my supermom. I love her too much and because she doesn’t like my so much attention towards computers and tablets, so I put these far from myself, at least when she is there. Because of this I didn’t use the social networks and couldn’t appear to BlogJob. Today is a day when I will be fine with only 50 points which will come from this blog.

In the morning, today I had created my another site which would be about serving my technology knowledge. I love to keep more and more of digital awareness, that’s why I have stored a huge collection of those cuttings and screen shots. Now I have decided to bring them back to help somebody through my blogs. So whenever I will feel to share those, I will sure bring some tips to make your devices super. You may catch every tips at —>



Finally, updated my latest blog @ bitlanders

Hello BlogJobers,

I’m a blog-freak who use to live in the blogging world all the time. I think so much, which cause me to write on everything. Now I’m here to stay relax because I have finally completed all the editing to my Bitlanders’ blog about Survey Chat. I’d given much of my time to that. I have made my two videos and posted to my new creation of YouTube which is my new channel there. Because Bitlanders was showing some glitches to add videos from the system but was OK to insert the YouTube links. So I had uploaded both of my videos to the youtube first, therefore added to my blog. This was little crazy as because of the glitch.

But the positive face is, finally I’ve created my new Youtube channel to upload my crafts & creations. I have uploaded my blog some days ago and well submitted it for the review at a cost of 10 gems. But still I was not satisfied with the presentation, so I was regularly updating it by adding some sentences or sections. This process was also tiring because it becomes hard when you find the missing part and try to repair that without any other mistake. Even this was my last day when I edited that and now I’m relaxed and now keeping calm to watch out when Hillary Summers will again come to my tab-screen to congratulate me for my latest blog. I have no greed for 5 stars on my post but it would be much better than my expectations and will be much effective on my future earnings there on Bitlanders.

Everybody knows that Bitlanders has completely finished its calculation for the buzzes on microblogs, so it has been difficult to earn there with a consistent buzz score. Then the only option to stay there is just to write blogs again and again to survive there. I’m wishing myself for that too. So it would be a nice journey on both blogging sites- Bitlanders and BlogJob. Thanks!

Record three blogs in a day….

It is for the first time when I’m using my writing skill to write three blogs back to back in a day. I’ve written one here at the blogjob in the morning and then I finished my pending work at Bitlanders’ blog and again my hunger about blog is letting me to write one more. I’m writing this as my final appearance for today. Then tomorrow I will be back on my writing. After this, I’m going to enjoy the party with my friends today in the evening.

I’ve written my first blog for today about my experience about coming back to my home. Therefore I’ve completed my half-filled blog at bitlanders which was my only resolution these days. I was trying everyday to write more and more to there but every time I feel that it has been done but suddenly it gives me a pinch that I’m missing something. It has been not so enough… That kind of feeling was very scaring to me because it was not giving me access to write anything there. I was at the middle of do or don’t.

But today I had decided to finish that forcefully and wait for what comes next. I’ve added two YouTube videos created by myself.Which enhance the quality of my blog. Now I’m feeling much relaxed after finishing that blog. It seems that a weight has been pulled off from my shoulders. Now I can think about any other things. Yesterday I didn’t hit to my daily blogjob limit, it was left by 30-35 points but today it’s my aim to finish at 100. Now going back to post some exciting stuffs to my group named “Let’s Do Itt”. I use that to post all the funny and crazy contents. You may join me there and feed some unique stuffs too…

Blog Break

Hello friends,

I am back after making a gap of one day for without leaving any blog. That’s why I didn’t touch my daily limit yesterday. It was so much tiring day in which I was just traveling all the time. Yesterday I had to shifted to my hostel room, which took almost of my day, I couldn’t watch out at my fellow bloggers. Even I couldn’t make at least a visit to my twitter account which is my daily feed. I use twitter for more than 5-6 times a day, but yesterday it could not be possible.

Yesterday, at the morning I was preparing my bags and it was very stressful to not to miss any thing before leaving the home. Unfortunately I missed some of those things but I’ve covered lot of needy things which is great. Then at early in the evening I had to exit. Because the destination was very far from my home and nobody was in my house to drop me to there and go back, it would be so tiring for him too. So, I decided to make my journey alone and because I love to make my travel by trains so I did the same. I traveled through an express train and it was a two hours journey approximately.

But it was not enough because the main hurdle fell at me when I reached to my hostel. I was at reception and asked for my room, she told me that I have to share my room with a buddy. I said, that’s fine. But the problem was that man was not in the room and locked the room from outside. He never reported for that to reception, it was his mistake which suffered me to wait for him for one hour at hostel’s couch. Then he came and made a sorry with an explanation that he was out for his evening classes.

So, these was the reasons why I wasn’t here to write a blog or explore much things. I think it was also fine to take my blog break. It makes too exhaustive to write blogs daily. But at the other point of view, it suffered me by not receiving my 50 points for a blog making. But now I will try to not to repeat that again… Now going to check my blogjob account and join my friends there…

Thanks !

My Comfort Zone

Hello there…

I’m again here to write something which is not about any specific topic. It is just another introduction from my side. I have been worked in almost each of the blogging site, I had Blogger, Bubblews, WordPress and Bitlanders. Blogger gave me a fundamental experience which was need at that time when I didn’t know anything about blog. One day in a newspaper I saw an ad to earn from home by just writing blogs on Blogger. That was just a beginning of my journey. Then I joined Bubblews which was a memorable part of my life. There I made many friends with my short blogging. Bubblews taught me to write blogs on everything, we could write even about our daily routine there. But accidentally that social site closed after entertaining for many years.

After that, I made my account on WordPress, I loved the style of blogging there but after sometime I realized that they were not paying me anything for my blogs. I had to pay some fee to them to place advertises on my blogs, which dislocated me from there. Then the time was moving swiftly and I was looking back to my studies. One day I returned to my passion, and searched for any other social blogging site, and found the one as Bitlanders. It was quite nice experience; we could post anything there including blogs, galleries, movies and micro blogs too. They pay us for every interaction on our posts. But it has a glitch, not a mechanical but I’m talking about the style of the site. I’m talking about the thought behind making that site.

There was everything ok, but something was missing…And that was my Comfort Zone. I am a freelance writer, I love to write fictions, non-fictions, scientific blogs while bitlanders gives rewards for only specific blogs like to write about a topic, if we write there a story they won’t rate that. This hurt me a lot, so I didn’t post much blogs there except the one which I written seriously and got reward as it rated by 4 stars… Check it here [ ]

Now I’m at BlogJob which I think will bring my passion back on ride. It gives us access to write over anything which I love the most in a blogging site. Here I got my old Bubblews friends back and here I made my connections strong with my present online friends who came from bitlanders. So this is a perfect place for which I was waiting for.

Thank You BlogJob for introducing me with my comfort zone again which had been lost in back!