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Hello friends,

I am back after making a gap of one day for without leaving any blog. That’s why I didn’t touch my daily limit yesterday. It was so much tiring day in which I was just traveling all the time. Yesterday I had to shifted to my hostel room, which took almost of my day, I couldn’t watch out at my fellow bloggers. Even I couldn’t make at least a visit to my twitter account which is my daily feed. I use twitter for more than 5-6 times a day, but yesterday it could not be possible.

Yesterday, at the morning I was preparing my bags and it was very stressful to not to miss any thing before leaving the home. Unfortunately I missed some of those things but I’ve covered lot of needy things which is great. Then at early in the evening I had to exit. Because the destination was very far from my home and nobody was in my house to drop me to there and go back, it would be so tiring for him too. So, I decided to make my journey alone and because I love to make my travel by trains so I did the same. I traveled through an express train and it was a two hours journey approximately.

But it was not enough because the main hurdle fell at me when I reached to my hostel. I was at reception and asked for my room, she told me that I have to share my room with a buddy. I said, that’s fine. But the problem was that man was not in the room and locked the room from outside. He never reported for that to reception, it was his mistake which suffered me to wait for him for one hour at hostel’s couch. Then he came and made a sorry with an explanation that he was out for his evening classes.

So, these was the reasons why I wasn’t here to write a blog or explore much things. I think it was also fine to take my blog break. It makes too exhaustive to write blogs daily. But at the other point of view, it suffered me by not receiving my 50 points for a blog making. But now I will try to not to repeat that again… Now going to check my blogjob account and join my friends there…

Thanks !

How Internet has been our need…

I remember the 9 years ago, when I didn’t aware from the Internet, even I was not familiar to the Google. If anyone talks about it, I feel embarrassing to be there. But at the time I was just 12 years old, like a nonsense child. I keep myself busy with playing various games and doing a lot of homework at that time. It was a pleasant time for me when I had no stress, no deadlines and even no pressure. If anyone ask me about those, I’d say what’s it…

But things had been changed when for a school assignment, I had to use Internet. It was my first time when I typed on my mobile browser. Then I saw the colorful logo of Google on my screen followed by the search box. At that time I had no idea for how much things I could search on Google. Time has been moved but still I don’t know how much things it can search in one time… 😀

Source: Pixabay | Geralt

It was the addiction of Internet, that I didn’t leave to use that even after the assignment completion. I used that to watch YouTube, download the movie songs and for downloading various kinds of beautiful wallpapers to use on my mobile screen. It was just a beginning. Now I use the Internet for everything. We use it to get connected to our friends through Social medias, to know about the world, to get updated from every new happenings. Now at this time, I have no words for how many things we can explore over the Internet. I think you got my point.

But with all these advantages, it has many disadvantages too as a coin has its two faces- head and tail. Now we have forgot to live the life outside of the box, here I’m representing the box to the devices we use to surf the Internet. Now we forgot how the birds chirp at early morning, how the bees buzz, even we had not experienced the silence that had been served to our forefathers by the nature. Now in this running life, we hear only the noise of loudspeakers and the horns of vehicles, we smell only the pollution. Now everything has been connected to the Internet… You have to find the way in a new place, Internet will help you. You don’t know the language others speak, you have the Google translator.

I don’t blame to Internet for these things but I think it has a very big part for these damages… We have to control on our limits. I always think to use it as less as I can. I use my all efforts to reduce its usage. I use it mostly in the mornings and afternoons, but I always try to put that down…

Thank you for reading, and I must say you to please think for the once about it…

Monday Motivation -special


Image courtesy: Pixabay | Geralt

Once upon a time, there was two kids in a village named Jack (10 yrs) and Joey (15 yrs). Both were close friends and had a very strong bond between them, and the whole village was aware from their friendship. One day they reached out of the village accidentally. And at that time, elder one named Joey fallen suddenly to a well. Then Jack got afraid about what to do next. He was just ten years old, so he had no idea how to save his friend. But at the moment he got a rope and a bucket which had to be used for drawing water from the well. He used that and saved his friend. But story doesn’t end here.


Therefore, both came to the village and told all what happened with them to the villagers. But no one was sure about that story because nobody could suppose that Jack did so, who wasn’t able to pick a bucket with his hands. So everyone denied to accept their story. But there was a old man, who was very intelligent and all the villagers listen to them carefully. He said that both kids were telling the truth. All the villagers were shocked, how could it be possible. So, they asked to that old man. Then he explained, when Joey has fallen down to the well, nobody was there to help them. Jack saw for any help but he found nothing than to save his friend himself. He added to his point, there was nobody who could tell Jack that he couldn’t do that, even Jack himself

I think you got the message what I’m trying to send you friends… This story is my imagination only, but this motivates me a lot. It teaches me every time that you have to never give up on anything. At the moment when you feel confused about how you can do that, put your hands on your heart and say-

Yes, I Can…  Continue reading

Good Morning post…

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Hello readers, it is great to have you all back here. This is morning here, and because it is a Monday morning so it’d not so liked by many people. It’s not so excited as of the weekends but I think it brings us back to our jobs, it varies much for me. I love to use Green Tea at the morning because it is not only a healthy drink but also it provides a boost to my metabolism. Then I prepare myself for my classes, as you know I’m a student. Then after doing classes for two hours, I return to my room. Then open my lappy to visit you for once again. Read any new notifications, then go back and study for a while. I am not a bookworm, so I read till my mind allows. Then I take some rest, in that break I use to play mobile games. I love to play Green Farm 3, which is a building and farming game presented by Gameloft.

It’s my last day at my house, because tomorrow I’m shifting to my hostel room to get the environment of study. I’m much passionated about my further competitive exam of CAT, which is one of the hardest competitive exams in the world. It falls in the month of November. I’ve appeared last year but failed by 5 marks, now I’m preparing again for this to get selected for once. It is an entrance exam which takes selected candidates to their dream management colleges. Most of these colleges accept only bright students but I was not. I was an average student but I have no regret for that. Because I know my abilities, I know what I can do.

But with all of these, I am not over confident on myself. Because my Dad says, Confidence is a right thing but over-confidence will take me to the failures. I’m much opposite to my father but I follow some of his rules, after all he’s my dad and he saw the world more than me. I’m just a newbie while he’s veteran. So I don’t like him so much but respect him… That’s it. It was a Good morning post from me, in this I’ve included some of my daily life activities. Please put your comments down to guide me where I’m weak…

Thanks for the visit….

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About Me… [epi-1]

Hello to all who are regular to this site… Today I’m again here to present my third blog at blogjob and on my site. This site means a lot to me because here I can post my own blogs, they’d be mine. It is after a long time when I got such type of blogging style. Today I’m posting something about me. Who am I? What’s my identity? Anyone knows here… Yeah tell me, anybody. I guess some will say YES, WE KNOW but it is not the correct answer because nobody knows me. Some will say I am a stud boy, who always loves to flirt with girls and who always pranks on everything. Some will say that I am very promising, a well minded person. And I think some will also call me a think-tank because I’ve posted some micro blogs about my thinking quality. So, which one is correct definition for my personality?

If you will combine those all qualities, then you will get closure to me. I have all of those qualities, I think a lot about everything which happens to me. I make unbreakable promises with my friends, and each time I try to keep those promises alive. And lastly, I am a stud boy, I flirt with girls sometime but not all the time. But most of the time I love to leave pranks because it brings smiles to my friends’ faces. I love to keep my surroundings happy for my personal reason, it gives me a positive energy. I am an optimistic person and I never give up on anything. If I fail, then I will try again but nobody could draw me back from trying that.

With all these, you all don’t know another face. Which is I am a selfish person who never thinks about anyone. If I help anybody, then he must to think that I am depositing my premium to get that back. I love the saying, IF YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I WILL DO THE SAME TO YOU… If I am loyal to you, then you have to be loyal to me too. If I am dying for you, you have to feel the same for me. So that’s it, I think it has been enough for today… Next will come tomorrow…

Keep visiting here…

Thank You!

My Comfort Zone

Hello there…

I’m again here to write something which is not about any specific topic. It is just another introduction from my side. I have been worked in almost each of the blogging site, I had Blogger, Bubblews, WordPress and Bitlanders. Blogger gave me a fundamental experience which was need at that time when I didn’t know anything about blog. One day in a newspaper I saw an ad to earn from home by just writing blogs on Blogger. That was just a beginning of my journey. Then I joined Bubblews which was a memorable part of my life. There I made many friends with my short blogging. Bubblews taught me to write blogs on everything, we could write even about our daily routine there. But accidentally that social site closed after entertaining for many years.

After that, I made my account on WordPress, I loved the style of blogging there but after sometime I realized that they were not paying me anything for my blogs. I had to pay some fee to them to place advertises on my blogs, which dislocated me from there. Then the time was moving swiftly and I was looking back to my studies. One day I returned to my passion, and searched for any other social blogging site, and found the one as Bitlanders. It was quite nice experience; we could post anything there including blogs, galleries, movies and micro blogs too. They pay us for every interaction on our posts. But it has a glitch, not a mechanical but I’m talking about the style of the site. I’m talking about the thought behind making that site.

There was everything ok, but something was missing…And that was my Comfort Zone. I am a freelance writer, I love to write fictions, non-fictions, scientific blogs while bitlanders gives rewards for only specific blogs like to write about a topic, if we write there a story they won’t rate that. This hurt me a lot, so I didn’t post much blogs there except the one which I written seriously and got reward as it rated by 4 stars… Check it here [ ]

Now I’m at BlogJob which I think will bring my passion back on ride. It gives us access to write over anything which I love the most in a blogging site. Here I got my old Bubblews friends back and here I made my connections strong with my present online friends who came from bitlanders. So this is a perfect place for which I was waiting for.

Thank You BlogJob for introducing me with my comfort zone again which had been lost in back!



My Name is Shashaank Singh, but as it is very long to pronounce, so you may call me ‘shasha’. Here I want to thank first @shaiera who invited me to this community. This is my second day after registering to the site, so I am learning about this with my other friends…

When I had made my account here and went to the members option first, I have found some of my former #Bubblews friends like @andriaperry and @fifileigh . Both I have found on Bubblews for about three years ago. I guess they’d forget me, but I never forget my connections. Here I want to see other friends from bubblews who were very close to me. So, search is open…

Well, at the present time I was on Bitlanders which is also a social paying site. They were offering money on everything, on writing blogs, making own movies, capturing own pics and even they were giving us earnings for microblogs, which was the easiest way to earn there, but recently they announced for closing the doors of earning through microblogs. We are not so happy with the decision.

Now most of my Bit friends are here, now I’m trying to find everyone. Some have been found but search engine is still running. Hope we all will be here together and build the best community…

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