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Hello BlogJobers,

I’m a blog-freak who use to live in the blogging world all the time. I think so much, which cause me to write on everything. Now I’m here to stay relax because I have finally completed all the editing to my Bitlanders’ blog about Survey Chat. I’d given much of my time to that. I have made my two videos and posted to my new creation of YouTube which is my new channel there. Because Bitlanders was showing some glitches to add videos from the system but was OK to insert the YouTube links. So I had uploaded both of my videos to the youtube first, therefore added to my blog. This was little crazy as because of the glitch.

But the positive face is, finally I’ve created my new Youtube channel to upload my crafts & creations. I have uploaded my blog some days ago and well submitted it for the review at a cost of 10 gems. But still I was not satisfied with the presentation, so I was regularly updating it by adding some sentences or sections. This process was also tiring because it becomes hard when you find the missing part and try to repair that without any other mistake. Even this was my last day when I edited that and now I’m relaxed and now keeping calm to watch out when Hillary Summers will again come to my tab-screen to congratulate me for my latest blog. I have no greed for 5 stars on my post but it would be much better than my expectations and will be much effective on my future earnings there on Bitlanders.

Everybody knows that Bitlanders has completely finished its calculation for the buzzes on microblogs, so it has been difficult to earn there with a consistent buzz score. Then the only option to stay there is just to write blogs again and again to survive there. I’m wishing myself for that too. So it would be a nice journey on both blogging sites- Bitlanders and BlogJob. Thanks!

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