Record three blogs in a day….

It is for the first time when I’m using my writing skill to write three blogs back to back in a day. I’ve written one here at the blogjob in the morning and then I finished my pending work at Bitlanders’ blog and again my hunger about blog is letting me to write one more. I’m writing this as my final appearance for today. Then tomorrow I will be back on my writing. After this, I’m going to enjoy the party with my friends today in the evening.

I’ve written my first blog for today about my experience about coming back to my home. Therefore I’ve completed my half-filled blog at bitlanders which was my only resolution these days. I was trying everyday to write more and more to there but every time I feel that it has been done but suddenly it gives me a pinch that I’m missing something. It has been not so enough… That kind of feeling was very scaring to me because it was not giving me access to write anything there. I was at the middle of do or don’t.

But today I had decided to finish that forcefully and wait for what comes next. I’ve added two YouTube videos created by myself.Which enhance the quality of my blog. Now I’m feeling much relaxed after finishing that blog. It seems that a weight has been pulled off from my shoulders. Now I can think about any other things. Yesterday I didn’t hit to my daily blogjob limit, it was left by 30-35 points but today it’s my aim to finish at 100. Now going back to post some exciting stuffs to my group named “Let’s Do Itt”. I use that to post all the funny and crazy contents. You may join me there and feed some unique stuffs too…

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