Come Back

Happy Sunday Morning friends,

I came to my home yesterday to celebrate my weekends with my relatives, my family and with my friends. I had promised to everyone to be back on alternate weekends, so I’ve come back. As it has been just some days to leave them but my friends were much excited to welcome me, they were waiting for me which was unexpected seriously. It was unexpected because I never realized that they’ll miss me in just four days. But I’m so glad for those warm greeting I had gotten from all of those.

So, today I’m blogging from my house, this is really a feeling like to get all of those moments back again. Late night gossips, late wake-ups and no readings, yeah I’ve not studied anything since yesterday class. I have much stress but not as much I couldn’t spend sometime with my family and relatives. I will have to go back tomorrow to restart my journey, I will have to go back for my studies. But it would be decided by the official mail from my coaching, they will send me the schedule of classes for next one week. So that will decide how to start.

In these back days when I was living at my hostel room, I was sharing my room with a Muslim friend. But we both have no problems with the different religions. I’m secularist and I hope he’d be the same. We have been friend so fast, now we’ve started to share the problems regarding our studies. He is preparing for Banking competition exams and I’m much above than his level of study. He’s so weak in English, so he need the only thing to learn some tips from me. And I didn’t deny to this request made by him. I feel happy to help somebody if I can…

Thanks for being here again and I wish you’re enjoying your weekends too… Share your experience with us, what the special thing you’re doing this weekend…

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