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I’m again here to write something which is not about any specific topic. It is just another introduction from my side. I have been worked in almost each of the blogging site, I had Blogger, Bubblews, WordPress and Bitlanders. Blogger gave me a fundamental experience which was need at that time when I didn’t know anything about blog. One day in a newspaper I saw an ad to earn from home by just writing blogs on Blogger. That was just a beginning of my journey. Then I joined Bubblews which was a memorable part of my life. There I made many friends with my short blogging. Bubblews taught me to write blogs on everything, we could write even about our daily routine there. But accidentally that social site closed after entertaining for many years.

After that, I made my account on WordPress, I loved the style of blogging there but after sometime I realized that they were not paying me anything for my blogs. I had to pay some fee to them to place advertises on my blogs, which dislocated me from there. Then the time was moving swiftly and I was looking back to my studies. One day I returned to my passion, and searched for any other social blogging site, and found the one as Bitlanders. It was quite nice experience; we could post anything there including blogs, galleries, movies and micro blogs too. They pay us for every interaction on our posts. But it has a glitch, not a mechanical but I’m talking about the style of the site. I’m talking about the thought behind making that site.

There was everything ok, but something was missing…And that was my Comfort Zone. I am a freelance writer, I love to write fictions, non-fictions, scientific blogs while bitlanders gives rewards for only specific blogs like to write about a topic, if we write there a story they won’t rate that. This hurt me a lot, so I didn’t post much blogs there except the one which I written seriously and got reward as it rated by 4 stars… Check it here [¬† ]

Now I’m at BlogJob which I think will bring my passion back on ride. It gives us access to write over anything which I love the most in a blogging site. Here I got my old Bubblews friends back and here I made my connections strong with my present online friends who came from bitlanders. So this is a perfect place for which I was waiting for.

Thank You BlogJob for introducing me with my comfort zone again which had been lost in back!

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