Hello friends,

Wishing you all a Happy First Monday of the May 2016. Well… it has been a normal start of the month, not so exciting and I couldn’t say it boring as I’ve got this as a weekend by where I joined my family to spend some time apart from my boring hostel life. Some family matters are still alive, I’ve tried to bury them and this time I’m sure I would be succeeded into that. At least I’m hoping so… 🙂

As I said I’m in my home and scheduled my hostel journey tomorrow at early morning. When I will join my classes directly then I will go to my room. This time I missed much of that response what I got in my previous weekend. I had posted a blog about that too. This time everything was much normal as many of my friends had been gone to celebrate their vacations somewhere and remained of them were busy in their chores. While they greet me for again visiting and I’ve made my promise that I will come there until I meet my study pressure which is neutral at this early time. Even there have been only few classes organized and they will increase the momentum slowly slowly.

In these days, I was spending my time with my wonderful family, especially with my supermom. I love her too much and because she doesn’t like my so much attention towards computers and tablets, so I put these far from myself, at least when she is there. Because of this I didn’t use the social networks and couldn’t appear to BlogJob. Today is a day when I will be fine with only 50 points which will come from this blog.

In the morning, today I had created my another site which would be about serving my technology knowledge. I love to keep more and more of digital awareness, that’s why I have stored a huge collection of those cuttings and screen shots. Now I have decided to bring them back to help somebody through my blogs. So whenever I will feel to share those, I will sure bring some tips to make your devices super. You may catch every tips at —>



Social Media with Masks

“Wow! Your profile pictures are very cute, especially that small red dress. Does your family allow you to wear those kind of clothes…?” – Nisha asked Yamini on chat.

“Oh thanks! Actually I’m alone. I have nobody in my house. I’m here as a secretary to a multinational company. By the way, you are so beautiful too. And in those party photographs, you were looking phenomenal. Please put on a single photo of you here…” – Yamini requested to her.

Began with usual Hi-hellos, Nisha and Yamini they both developed a close connection between them. They have become true friends to each other. Both share their own point of views to each other, and even sometimes they talk about their personal things too. Then on a day, Nisha told that his father had been no more and she got to be alone forever. At the time, she wanted the shoulders of Yamini where she could bury her face to share the sorrowfulness with her best friend.

annca / Pixabay

On the other hand, Yamini was also excited to meet Nisha, she was eager to watch her friend in real. Now both friends were restless to actuate their self identities, not anymore to the virtual world.. So they fixed their appointments at an specific day. To make this meeting special, they putted it at a beautiful park and there below a specific tree located at that park. The day has come when they both will get their friends out from any virtual network, both were relaxed from any threat to happen. Even they know each other by their photographs, so they went to meet each other.

At the fixed time, both have reached to that identified place. But neither Nisha got Yamini, nor Yamini got Nisha. While two boys were wandering there for a long time. Some dispersed masks were pulling off there…


Human Beings: Too much Variations

Today, I was so relaxed and most of my time I was laid to my bed. Did not read so much as there’s no any urgency to finish any chap. Appeared to my recent exam yesterday, so now I’m free from any deadline burden. I opened my whatsapp for most of my friends who has not been contacted by me for a while. Then, went back to my bitlanders family, I wasn’t so active there for some of these days. And it resulted me much as I stopped the falling buzz score at constant. And tomorrow it will be my class day and I’m thinking about to go back to my family this weekend too. I never thought that every weekend would be with my family or my friends, I had never made any promises to visit on each weekend to my town. But as there is no study pressure at all and it’s just a beginning, so I’ve taken my permissions and now decided to go back after attending the class.

Human Kinds

johnhain / Pixabay

At the evening, I was having snacks at my hostel room which is located at the side of the gallery from where most of other students pass anytime when they go outside. My room partner was also preparing to join them, they were going to play in the park. Asked for me, but I was not interested to waste my time with any strange. But at that time a person got the entrance to my room without a knock. And before I make any excuse my room partner said him that he’s ready to go. My room partner feels some shy with me but that third person was very frank as he could talk to anybody, even whom he didn’t know. And his style was so new to me as how can anybody get such casualty with anyone he don’t know. Now I was underpowered by that man. He was talking to me without asking my name. Well I stopped him by saying that you’ll gonna late by the way. Fortunately, it worked that time. He took my partner and went back on his way.

After him, I was thinking about the varieties of human beings, in which this was my fresh experience. As I saw many who love to be shy every time for any stranger or some of them keep their same potential even after knowing that strange, like my room partner. And most of them are much like to me as they get familiar after knowing somebody, but really today it was another addition on my catalog. Haha…! Now share, what kind of human being you are…?

Problems Buried, now Getting ready to face the new ones…


mengelnkemper / Pixabay

Finally, after a long wait to overcome on my some problems. Some have been resolved yesterday and now I’m relaxed for a bit. One was about my competitive exam held yesterday, I appeared to that and now dependent on my results. It was a nice and very new experience for me that it was my first time to write an exam for Indian Railway recruitment. Well, I’m not so overconfident on my job there at the examination hall. So I will not say anything about what would be the result. OK, this was not only problem which was irritating me for these days. Another one was my stomach pain, I went for my check-ups but doctors were not calculated about what happened to me. It was not gastritis, it happened to me after taking grams at night then at the mid of that night, the pain arose and since then I was crying from that. But day by day it was losing its potential, which was good for me. Now from yesterday evening, I’m feeling so well and recovered. I wish it was a natural thing, nothing serious.

Now the next resolutions are to think about my further interviews with ICICI bank that would be at the last of May. And it’s always in my mind to write a blog for my bitlanders account, so I use myself to think about the topic on which it would be. I was not excited about writing and submitting any blogs to bitlanders because they need to pay for those submits. But after receiving a positive response from my first reviewed blog about Indian Premier League, now I’m serious about that too. So I always think about to release some of my blogs here and there. If you’re a bitlanders user, find my account there by the name ShaArc. And if not, then join me there with this reward link…



Much has to come, so stay tuned with the site.


Finally, updated my latest blog @ bitlanders

Hello BlogJobers,

I’m a blog-freak who use to live in the blogging world all the time. I think so much, which cause me to write on everything. Now I’m here to stay relax because I have finally completed all the editing to my Bitlanders’ blog about Survey Chat. I’d given much of my time to that. I have made my two videos and posted to my new creation of YouTube which is my new channel there. Because Bitlanders was showing some glitches to add videos from the system but was OK to insert the YouTube links. So I had uploaded both of my videos to the youtube first, therefore added to my blog. This was little crazy as because of the glitch.

But the positive face is, finally I’ve created my new Youtube channel to upload my crafts & creations. I have uploaded my blog some days ago and well submitted it for the review at a cost of 10 gems. But still I was not satisfied with the presentation, so I was regularly updating it by adding some sentences or sections. This process was also tiring because it becomes hard when you find the missing part and try to repair that without any other mistake. Even this was my last day when I edited that and now I’m relaxed and now keeping calm to watch out when Hillary Summers will again come to my tab-screen to congratulate me for my latest blog. I have no greed for 5 stars on my post but it would be much better than my expectations and will be much effective on my future earnings there on Bitlanders.

Everybody knows that Bitlanders has completely finished its calculation for the buzzes on microblogs, so it has been difficult to earn there with a consistent buzz score. Then the only option to stay there is just to write blogs again and again to survive there. I’m wishing myself for that too. So it would be a nice journey on both blogging sites- Bitlanders and BlogJob. Thanks!

Feeling not well…. :(

Hello my friends,

This is an update to my unwillingness from that I’m suffering since the past two days. It is not so definite, I have many problems at the same time. As I’m in a Hostel now, so I’m not feeling relaxed as I’ve much burden for my further studies and here I couldn’t share that personally. No one has become reliable to me yet. And by the way, I don’t like to get much familiar with other members of this building because I think it would be like killing my ambition myself. They will try to distract from their non-studying activities. They went every evening to play cricket in a ground very near to the building. Even I love to play the cricket but if I will go, it’d take my more time. Which I will never like too much.

My another problem is my nervousness for my upcoming competitive exam held tomorrow. I’m well prepared for Quantitative and Reasoning section but I feel vacant in the General Studies part, because I’ve aversion from reading general knowledge. I love to get updated with current affairs but have no love with history. I think if anything has been passed then why we should talk more about that. So it is my major weakness against my exam.

And the last but not the least, is about my stomach pain which is consistent for more than two days. I took some medicines but all of my attempts failed. I’m still facing the same. I am unable to point out the reason and I blame the most to the water served here in the hostel. The water cooler placed outside of my room which is nice to me but I’m not satisfied with the services provided by the owner as the water filter is also attached there but I think it has been expired and asking for the service. The taste of water is so bad and whenever I take this, it raises my pain.

So ‘m fighting with these problems now these days. Tomorrow one problem will be ended finally as tomorrow the exam will be over. I will appear for that and I wish I could give my all efforts to that. Thanks!

Back On Track

It has been over…. All of my weekend fun has been stopped now. I have been back on my ride. I enjoyed this weekend with my house-buddies and my family but now everything has been buried again for some more days. I came back to my hostel and now setting my mind to work as I left it on Saturday. Tomorrow it would be my next class and one of my competitive exam will fall on this Thursday so I’m little nervous about that. I have the class from 8-10 in the morning and my exam is also set to 11 AM as there reporting time. Because the center is far from my classes and I have to choose one in that condition. Class or exam, obviously! I will go with my exam because class work can be overtake but if I leave my exam it’d be paid so hard to me.

It was really one of my best weekend in this year as I enjoyed it a lot with my friends and family. Friends wanted to draw my attention by their warm welcome, so I gave them all back with my hearty thanks. I appreciated their wait for me. And then it was nice to meet my family and relatives once again and I’ve tried to solve an issue regarding my sis. She’s not passionated about her dreams, while I’m younger than her but provided some advice to her. I hope she’d understand my point of view but still I’m confused because she doesn’t take her career seriously. Some says I motivate others so nicely so I’ve given some tips to my sis for her career that she’d need to explore her vision by being serious about what she wants. I wish it could effect at some parts. So it was a wonderful weekend for me but I’m again starting my routine as I’ve made last week.

  • – ShaArc

Record three blogs in a day….

It is for the first time when I’m using my writing skill to write three blogs back to back in a day. I’ve written one here at the blogjob in the morning and then I finished my pending work at Bitlanders’ blog and again my hunger about blog is letting me to write one more. I’m writing this as my final appearance for today. Then tomorrow I will be back on my writing. After this, I’m going to enjoy the party with my friends today in the evening.

I’ve written my first blog for today about my experience about coming back to my home. Therefore I’ve completed my half-filled blog at bitlanders which was my only resolution these days. I was trying everyday to write more and more to there but every time I feel that it has been done but suddenly it gives me a pinch that I’m missing something. It has been not so enough… That kind of feeling was very scaring to me because it was not giving me access to write anything there. I was at the middle of do or don’t.

But today I had decided to finish that forcefully and wait for what comes next. I’ve added two YouTube videos created by myself.Which enhance the quality of my blog. Now I’m feeling much relaxed after finishing that blog. It seems that a weight has been pulled off from my shoulders. Now I can think about any other things. Yesterday I didn’t hit to my daily blogjob limit, it was left by 30-35 points but today it’s my aim to finish at 100. Now going back to post some exciting stuffs to my group named “Let’s Do Itt”. I use that to post all the funny and crazy contents. You may join me there and feed some unique stuffs too…

Come Back

Happy Sunday Morning friends,

I came to my home yesterday to celebrate my weekends with my relatives, my family and with my friends. I had promised to everyone to be back on alternate weekends, so I’ve come back. As it has been just some days to leave them but my friends were much excited to welcome me, they were waiting for me which was unexpected seriously. It was unexpected because I never realized that they’ll miss me in just four days. But I’m so glad for those warm greeting I had gotten from all of those.

So, today I’m blogging from my house, this is really a feeling like to get all of those moments back again. Late night gossips, late wake-ups and no readings, yeah I’ve not studied anything since yesterday class. I have much stress but not as much I couldn’t spend sometime with my family and relatives. I will have to go back tomorrow to restart my journey, I will have to go back for my studies. But it would be decided by the official mail from my coaching, they will send me the schedule of classes for next one week. So that will decide how to start.

In these back days when I was living at my hostel room, I was sharing my room with a Muslim friend. But we both have no problems with the different religions. I’m secularist and I hope he’d be the same. We have been friend so fast, now we’ve started to share the problems regarding our studies. He is preparing for Banking competition exams and I’m much above than his level of study. He’s so weak in English, so he need the only thing to learn some tips from me. And I didn’t deny to this request made by him. I feel happy to help somebody if I can…

Thanks for being here again and I wish you’re enjoying your weekends too… Share your experience with us, what the special thing you’re doing this weekend…

Now I can see the clouds…

While I have appeared only in two classes but I can feel how it matters to me when I’d avert to my studies. Well I’m gonna appear to one of the toughest exams in the world, so I have to be prepared for that before a month at least. Last year when I wrote the same exam, it was not scoring so well for me. But in another similar exam I did better but missed my chance of being selected by only 5 marks, I know what that means for me. This year I have to be focused all the time.

Pixarc | Pixabay

I could not suppose myself to get weaken, neither physically nor mentally. It had been just two classes for this year preparations but I can smell what is coming further. As I know the syllabus this time, which one is my plus point, but we all know that it is CAT which changes its pattern year by year. Last year it was organized by IIM-A which is a best management college year and it leads as the representative of India to the World’s Top 100 management colleges. Last year this college settled the exam pattern according to engineering students as it was included high level data interpretation questions and very high level and time taking quantitative section. I hope this time exam would be hosted by any other college who will care for non-engineering students.

CAT is the exam which needs a focused and determined study for it. You couldn’t lose he rope. If you wanna succeed into this, you have to work hard. You will have to forget about the any other things happen to your surroundings. This was the statement made by the Managing Director of my coaching classes. That’s why I shifted to a hostel where I’d get myself alone. I use blogjob and bitlanders in my free time to distract from my studies for the some time. Because I love my friends too and it will nothing much loss in one or two hours distraction.

Love you guys…!

Image is from my Pixabay account, named PixArc :