Of Being Alone

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The BlogJob which I have joined sometime in April 2016 is still alive and kicking sans reward program. This program was temporarily suspended “due to a major decline in search traffic which is responsible for the downtime of the site and the plugins that brought continues overloading the server’s capacity.”

I am still hoping for nothing that this site would restore its earnings facility for everyone to avail of. I am also hoping that my present points of 2,422 earned would grow and eventually to reach its required minimum number of points to redeem and to bet paid. But it doesn’t. It is still hanging!

As I write this post update, I am a bit dismayed for I am alone. My friends who have paid their visit have already gone like The Mighty Pen who is active 25 minutes ago, munda23 active 36 minutes ago, Fifi Leigh active 1 hour, 15 minutes ago, Grecy Garcia active 2 hours, 28 minutes ago, and Dick active 4 hours, 41 minutes ago.

Statistics graph

My Activity

Checking my statistics from the dashboard, I have 92% of new visits. Since the time I joined this site for almost a month, this is what I got:
1,448 Visits, 1,330 Unique Visitors, and 1,866 Pageviews. They are as for me good to look at, but I don’t know how to interpret them as far as my blog site’s activities.

My content

As to my posts submitted which reached to 16 posts, my article entitled “Public School Teachers to Receive 14th Month Pay” receives 1242 visits, 1181 unique visits, and 1355 views.

These stats were generated from my top referrals like Top like m.facebook.com, 518; facebook.com, 466; (direct), 180; google, 120; web.facebook.com, 67; l.facebook.com, 35; and lm.facebook.com; 33.

My site has no data found for gains for the last 10 days. I have just visited and I am just alone. Of being alone doesn’t mean my blog is being neglected. I’ve still followers and friends.

Would 2,422 Points Grow in BlogJob?

Growing Plants
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It is almost 20 days when Sheridan, the BlogJob admin announced it on May 4 in the General Discussion Forums the temporary suspension of BlogJob rewards program due to a major decline in search traffic which is responsible for the downtime of the site and the plugins that brought continues overloading the server’s capacity.

With this dismal situation of BlogJob site, more than 2,000 members are affected. Some of them have made their untimely cashout. Some of those who haven’t met the required minimum point to make a redemption are compelled to donate or share those points to the members who are in need of the money.

While the site is silent as to when it should be back in circulation normally with a restored rewards program, loyal members are still visiting the site. They do express their concern. They are hopeful that the site would be back soon.

Members’ Updates

They post their updates on their profile.

JORDANA has messaged: “I understand @sheridan. I am still your number one fan. Do not worry everything will be fine. Hopefully.”

Likewise, JORDANA posted an update saying, “Hope everything is fine . Life gives a lot of unexpected situations and undesirable things . Keep in mind that is a part of success. Happy Tuesday everyone . ♥♥♥”

Lady Nightwave (BrendaMarie) posted, “I hope everyone is having a good week so far. It looks like things are picking up here a little. Nice to see it active.”

While The Mighty Pen wrote a new post entitled, “An Eye For An Eye”, on his the site, The Mighty Pen.

And this post is my update to my own site in BlogJob, “Serendipity 2016“. I am also in the big hope that my 2,422 points which have stuck since the site was temporarily suspended its rewards system. That points had never progressed yet. I am crossing my fingers that they would increase and eventually reach their minimum for a redemption.

BlogJob Gains Momentum

Success Graph
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More than 2,000 members are hopeful that the reward program of BlogJob would be restored after Sheridan, the admin announced it on May 4 in the General Discussion Forums under the title, “Rewards program temporarily suspended”.

I am expecting that too for I am a barely 2-week member. Anyway, I have noticed that the social media sharing has been restored on the site. Individual site statistics are also in place. A new app has been installed. I am referring to WPTouch for mobile phone easy access.

Sooner or later, BJ would be normalized and everybody would be rejoicing for this. Godspeed! @sheridan.

This has been discovered 2 days after BJ’s admin Sheridan’s announcement for the temporary suspension of rewards program of BlogJob due to a major decline in search traffic which could be attributable to the downtime of the site, plugins responsible for continually overloading the server. These were the ill effects of site migration of the BlogJob effected sometime on March 9.

User’s Reactions (culled from their comments)

“I am feeling the same, Blogjob will be back and normal as before within no time.” – sun151


“I have to agree, this is looking very promising :)))) Let’s hope it just keeps getting better and better until it’s fully restored.” – ANGIE10

“With this bunch of good people?!?! Why wouldn`t it come back good as new” – Andria Perry

“Do we need any further proof? Bj is here to stay.” – grace

“How nice , we are missing each other now”. – Mely

Update in the offing

A certain user hinted that there would be a possibility that some region or country would be blocked from joining or participating in the site for they might be responsible for the alleged downtime of the site.

Anyway, as of this time, BlogJob is not accepting new registration. Registration is also disabled on the site.

Scouter Dondon Garrido Makes His Final Camping

Sir Rogelio GarridoFormer Scout Council Executive Rogelio “Dondon” H. Garrido of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Negros Occidental made his final camping to the ground of municipal cemetery of Isabela, Negros Occidental on May 1, 2016. He is one of the pillars of the scouting movement in Negros Occidental.

A funeral mass was offered for Sir Garrido at the San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish Church at 9 in the morning. It was well attended by the supporters, friends of Sir Garrido in the scouting movement, especially in the Negros Occidental Council.

Earlier, the BSP Negros Occidental Council Training Team Members led by Council Executive Bert Provido Maguad conducted the last campfire rites for Sir Garrido and brought him to his final camping ground after the memorable tribute.

Sir garrido and other scouters
Sir Garrido and his fellow training members

Charit Gangoso, Council PR Commissioner at Boy Scouts of the Philippines and Mentor/Coach at DepEd of Bago City posted on her Facebook account by saying, “Our last Gathering with SWBH Rogelio H.Garrido, BSP NOC former Council Scout Executive. We your Scout children are your legacy. Our salute to you will last till eternity.”

“Never had i seen such DRIVE in a man. SCOUTING is a LEGACY you left fr US Sr. I salute you… a Father he was to us all. Ultra- service Oriented. He gave his all to the hilt,” she concluded.

Likewise, Scouter Dax Montealegre of Hacienda Regalado, Panubigan, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental. honored Sir Garrido by posting in his FB an image of a campfire with a caption, “Lit this campfire for the late Scouter DonDon Garrido. Rest in Peace and May the great-great Scout leaders be with us, till we meet again.”

And SWBH Roberto Provido Maguad finally expressed, “Sir Dondon H. Garrido happy trip to our Creator and you will be remembered by all Scouts and Adult Leaders in BSP Negros Occidental Council.”

Sir Garrido and Me
Sir Garrido and me

My Memories with Sir Garrido

The first time I met Sir Rogelio was in the first Negros Occidental Council Jamborette in Rafael Salas Pavillon, Guintubdan, Bago City.

Our campsite was near at the Quarter of the BSP, Neg. Occ. which was at the hill of the Bago Pavillon. I overheard him leading the group of Wood badge holders in their grand reunion.

And last time I met him was on the second day of the BSP Jamborette ( October 27 – 30, 2014), Gawahon Eco-Park, Victorias City, Neg. Occ. He greeted me when we met at the entrance of the said park. He was with his group of scouters embarking their personal belongings.

On the third day, we had our souvenir picture taking in the front gate of the swimming pool where the boy scouts were having their swimming activities.

And the fourth time I heard about him was that he took his final camping with the Lord as I noticed it in the FB account of Bert Maguad.

Sir Dondon Garrido is well remembered by scouts and Scouters all over the Negros Island Region. The scouters who have got acquainted with him are all united in the legacy of service to others. “Scouts are we. Service to others is our legacy.”

Who Will Take Up the Cudgels?

Hiljon / Pixabay

Our eldest daughter who is working abroad has informed us that she is going home. Her working term for two years has already been expired. My wife, my children, and my grandchildren were too excited to fetch her at the airport. So we planned it out on how to get her for she would be arriving at night. She had to travel for 14 hours and she would home probably in the early morning of the following day.

We were all ready to go and fetch her when we received a video call that she was already landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. All of us shouted for joy. She proceeded to the domestic airport to purchase a ticket in going home. She was shocked to know that the ordinary plane ticket for a local flight cost so much. It was beyond imagination for a  one-way trip is Php 10,000.00 (approximately $222 USD). We couldn’t believe for it is too much.

That is already cheating or profiteering and it is punishable by law.  It is unfair for the airline to take advantage of the scarcity of passengers due to APEC Meeting which controlled the influx of flight to a limited frequency.

Many commuters or travelers would be experiencing that too. They would be at a loss when their money for the fare is not enough. Who would help them? Who would assist them and facilitate their way home?

Why this kind of business increases? The government has nothing to do with this. The victims are those domestic helpers who work abroad for their families, for the future of their children, for the amelioration of their dismal standard of living.

This business is like a hungry lion which is lurking somewhere ready to catch its prey when they happen to pass the place where it hides. Not only that they may be likened also to the vultures who hover around, waiting for its prey to weaken and fall to the ground, empty-handed and unable to fight back.

With this scenario, who is ever ready to extend a helping hand to the victims? Will you take your stand for this malpractice? Will you be ever willing to defend or protect the victims? Or will you just leave it as if nothing happens?

Php282 Thousand Salary for Teachers: Not a Hoax


Coming across recently with a news article about 1,600 teachers are needed to work abroad. This would an alternative or a solution to the teachers who keep on lamenting the enormous job they are facing since the K to 12 curricula was introduced. They were in the position to giving up due to the lack of teaching materials like manuals and textbooks.

Since K to 12 was implemented sometime in 2012, instructional materials were not yet available. Teachers were undergoing seminar and workshop, producing needed materials for their teaching aids. Grades 1 to 4 teachers has already completed their training. Next, would be the grade 6 teachers.

Teachers’ Clamor

Some if not all teachers would like to discontinue the implementation of K to 12 curricula. They claim that this education curriculum in this present time instills tedious work. Their time is not enough to teaching their learners. They have to take extra efforts to search, to burn their midnight candle just to keep up with this recent trend of teaching. Their salary they receive is not enough for the efforts they are exerting. Even it has been already upgraded. Yet, it is not enough.

Working Abroad Solution?

A press release by Linda Lee on “Hawaii Hiring 1,600 Teachers Willing to Relocate”  would be the possible solution to the dismal situation of these teachers who are not satisfied with their present working condition.

Hawaii is declaring its shortage in teaching force in special education, secondary mathematics, and secondary science for there are many teachers are retiring. Teacher’s hired would receive $6,000 (Php282,000). The teachers will start teaching in the fall (September, barely 4 months). They are required to stay in Hawaii.

Where is Hawaii?

Hawaii is the only U.S. state not located in the Americas. It is in Oceania. It is composed entirely of islands. It is the northernmost island group in Polynesia, occupying most of an archipelago in the central Pacific Ocean.

Teachers, what are waiting for? This is an opportunity from Hawaii with love.

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Street and Grand Arena Dancing Culminate Pasalamat Festival 2016

Street Dancing

The 37th week-long Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota City was concluded with the street dancing and grand arena dance competitions. These dance competitions are categorized into two: one for the elementary category and the other one for the adult or barangay category.

Twenty-five tribes which 10 belongs to the elementary group and 15 to the adult group paraded at the main city streets.

The competition started at 3 in the afternoon. The tribes had assembled themselves in the highway, along the Gurrea Street in front of La Carlota City College and in the streets of Uriarte Subdivision.

The float of the winning Pasalamat Festival queen and her court led the motorcade, commercial participants, civic organizations.

An hour of heavy rain preceded the grand arena competitions. Participants or tribe contestants took shelter below the trees, under the stage, and anywhere just to save themselves from getting wet.

Our selected drumbeaters and dancers of our school were the first to perform. They were able to make it in 6 minutes and 33 seconds performance time. They were followed by Tribu Kalamay of La Carlota Sugar Central Elem. School, then by La Granja Elem. School. The other schools that participated were as follows: Ferlou ES, Saut to (South 2), Nabagatnang Norte, Haguitnon, San Miguel Elem. School 1, RSB,

Tribu Nabagatnang Mangkas (South 1) which my two granddaughters are among the members of the tribe, was the 10th or the last to perform in the elementary category. The performers reflected in their choreography the native produce, culture of their respective barangay where their school belongs.

The Winners

A. Elementary Category

The champion went to Nabagatnang Mangkas (South 1) which is also named as the best in costumes, the best in grand arena dance competition, and the best in choreography. The first runner-up was grabbed by Tribu Tony (San Miguel Elem. School) and the second runner-up went to Tribu Ferlou.

C. Barangay Category:

The champion went to the undefeated and Hall Famer Barangay RSB. It also got the Best in Costume, the best in Grand Arena Dance contest, and the best in Choreography. The first runner-up went to Tribu Tres and the second runner-up was taken by Tribu San Miguel.

Aside from the street dancing and grand arena competition, the adult participants were vying for the best float, and for the best caricature. The float was loaded by the known products of their place like corn, papaya, eggplants,squash, banana, among others. While their caricature took the various forms of a game fowl, bird, and the like.

Barangay category, Brgy. Dos, Poblacion was videod by this author. Check the video below.


Public School Teachers to Receive 14th Month Pay

teachers bonus

The group of public elementary and secondary schools teachers in the Department of Education (DepEd) is one of the groups of more than 900,000 government workers to receive their 14th-month pay equivalent to their one-month basic salary. They will receive it tax-free.

Others to receive are civilian personnel and military uniformed personnel paid by the government. While the employees at government-owned or -controlled corporations are not entitled to this bonus for they have a separate compensation and position classification system, according to Executive Order No. 203. Moreover, those with less than four months of service, or those who haven’t reached rendering the service till May 15, are not entitled to receive the bonus.

The budget allotted to this bonus which is P31-billion would be given to them not later than the 15th of May this year, based on the E. O. No. 201 signed by President Aquino of the Philippines sometime in February 2016. This order is mandating the government to grant those employees of their mid-year bonus.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, to this effect, has issued April 28 circular which contains the rules and regulations in granting this bonus. One of the rules states that for an employee to be entitled to this bonus, he must have rendered service for at least a total or an aggregate of 4 months from July 1, 2015 to May 15, 2016 , must have obtained at least a satisfactory performance rating within the rating period, and who are still in the service as of May 15.

By this November, these employees will also receive their year-end bonus, which is also equivalent to their one-month basic pay, together with the cash gift of P5,000. The teachers, in particular, don’t have any reason not to be happy and be thankful for these blessings they may receive within the year.

The government is doing this monetary consideration to their employees to uplift their morale and raise their standard of living.

Images? Pixabay Is the Answer

kheinz / Pixabay

The blog is well sought and well read when there are pictures on it. Pictures do add more meaning to the post, enrich the content of the blog, and visualize the situation being described in the article. Pictures taken in different setting portray the various themes, happenings based on the point of view of the writer.

Therefore, do you agree that the oft-quoted statement that says “a picture is worth a thousand words”? In its simplest interpretation, a picture could be described in various phrases, sentences or statements, depending on the command of words the writer may have. How do you do it requires your writing skill.

The manner of writing what is the picture all about depends on the insight, the experience associated with the writer’s disposition or acknowledge. A writer may write about the picture’s significance to his life, relevance to the community. But there are writers who say about its difference and unfavorable contribution the picture could give to the viewers.

The Camera

The camera is invented to this kind of work. It is the essential equipment in photography. Images, nature, precious moments are captured by a camera’s lens through the light that is reflected the camera and transfer it to the film inside the camera. The process could be done manual or automatic.

Are you now ready to add a picture to your post? If so, there are the simple rules to follow. It should be original. It is taken by your manual or automatic, digital camera. If not, it should have an appropriate attribution to the owner or else it would be an infringement of the intellectual copyright law. But remember not all pictures are good for the blogs. A writer should have the ability to select images related to the theme of his article.

There are a lot of free Internet sources of pictures like Free Images, Stockfreeimages, FrreDigitalPhotos, and Pixabay which provides most of the pictures on my blog.

Recently, WordPress has installed Pixabay Plugin for easy search of free pictures for your post. Check it in your WP setting under Plug In section and you could find Pixabay Plug-In. Activate it and your blog is ready to access that site for your free images.

Let’s see how you enhance your blog by adding the appropriate images from Pixabay.

Feeling of Dissatisfaction

404 error

It is truly frustrating and disgusting for several attempts of submitting my recently composed articles which eventually didn’t get posted. It’s too frustrating!

In writing online for a penny, we want to have an efficient service to get into the posting of what we have written. Thus, a credit, a point or whatever it is, our present standing point or balance is increased. However, if their server in unreachable, the problem is starting to bother us. And we have already misconception as to their management, as to their intention. If it becomes too frequent, we become suspicious that their site is fake. We say that site is a scam especially when we have outstanding credit or money to cash out and we couldn’t have it.

You know what I received instead, a comment on the bad gateway, service unavailable, among others. It is indeed understandable that it could be possible for such glitches due to the weak internet connection I may have, due to slow loading of what I am trying to upload. But what actually has bothered me so much was the try I made to submit my article for posting, which not only one, two or three, but several attempts. I was terribly being “insulted” for they haven’t submitted, but they’ve gone to say my actual feeling of dissatisfaction.

Where else could I direct this bad experience I had had in posting my articles on my blog, for my post writing job? So what I had in mind is to express this experience. Who knows you may have the same experience as I have. Anyway, who can control it? Is it the technical team or yourself who is already emotionally disturbed. Therefore, Well in my case, I try my best to stay calm for it will naturally trigger a high level of stress. And it will finally become a disease.

I know this is important at least I have expressed this ill feeling I have. I am sharing this for this is a typical problem every online job workers are facing. Any similar experience you have. Please share it here.Let’s discuss it and come up with a possible solution.

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