Vice is the Prompt for Today

The immoral people at the Daily Post division of Word Press chose to air their faults by selecting the word “Vice” for today’s prompt.

Personally Have Many Vices

My Love of Pure Dark Chocolate

Is my biggest act of immorality.  Prefer strictly pure dark chocolate without added impurities like marshmallows or other gross additives.  A dash of peppermint would not be unpleasant occasionally, but just pure dark milk chocolate each day is enough for me!

One Can Mountain Lightning

Drink one single can of a it each day.  It is a less expensive knock off of the name brand Mountain Dew, but personally I prefer the no-name to the actual name brand.  Think that Mountain Lightning may actually have more caffeine!

Face it, everyone has some sort of indulgence.  Some people smoke or gamble.  For others the demon may be an addiction to fishing or hunting game.  We are all mere humans!  Even our stupid cat is addicted to something!  His favorite pastime tends to be biting me.  You have to keep him away from catnip as well.  He zones out if you give it to him!

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Please Help Fight Vile Disease

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