Prompt for the Day: “Pay It Forward”

The prompt for today of “Pay It Forward” is sort of weird if you get to thinking about the concept.  What other choices could you choose?

Is it possible to pay it sideways or backwards?  I have a tendency to lean to the right, could I pay it to the right?  How about paying it in a circular way?  How about sitting and spinning it down to pay off the debt? (My little brothers had a sit and spin toy when they were little.)

From the urban dictionary : “Pay It Forward is a phrase used to imply or otherwise act upon the action in which one would perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons with the sound intentions that the only is define thing they do in return is to perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons where in which they should maintain the same sound intentions of the individual or group who performed a good deed unto them. This method of kindness is infallible unless met with a person of great greed and/or immaturity.”

This is sort of a head scratcher for me personally.  Think the Golden Rule sort of covers this type of event.  Why did they have to come up with a new name for being nice to others?  Maybe it is the same reason each family calls it’s elders by different names today instead of what they were referred to when they were growing up.  Who really knows anymore?

Being a grandparent must not be fashionable these days or something.  Personally have friends that are now grandparents.  Does being called by the same name as your grandparents scare you that much?  Here is an idea, if you can’t handle it, don’t have children of your own!


If you are writing a blog post or some other type of writing, how do you come come up with your topic?

Prompt for the Day: “Out of Reach”

The choice of words for the Daily Prompt for today is “Out of Reach“.  When you only stand a lowly five feet one inch,  what isn’t out of reach?  If you want to be even more realistic am a short person confined to a wheelchair, due to multiple sclerosis.

My life is basically out of reach these days.  Dreamt of being an astronaut when I was little, didn’t find out until college there was a height requirement.  That dream was several inches out of my reach.  Dated a boy in college with major mommy issues.  Ended up breaking up with him.  The ass wipe then broke into my apartment and stole a pair of my underwear!  Tried getting the local police to do something to help.  They just about laughed at me to my face.  So the security of getting police help was way out of reach while living in that apartment complex!

Took a chance using a local dating service.  Met some more real losers.  Answered a want ad from the local newspaper of a guy looking for companionship.  He was better than the first people I met from the dating service, but he just wanted a one night stand.  Finally saw a guy from the dating service that looked interesting.  Only problem was he worked nights at the local G.E. plant.  We agreed to meet at a local restaurant after he got off work one night.  Basically ended up being just about love at first sight.  The only thing out of reach was we met after midnight and I had an early college class the next day.  We went our separate ways with the exchange of phone numbers.

He called me up in the after noon of the next day.  At a more reasonable hour we met again at the same place.  We started talking about where we were currently living.  Told him what road I lived on.  He then told me the name of the apartment complex I lived in!  Scared the shit out of me.  Was this guy a stalker or what?  He laughed and told me he lived in the same complex!  Just on a different side of the mass of buildings.  We each were using different laundry areas or we would have met earlier.  After we had finished our meals we went to our own vehicles.

He called me later to talk before he left for work.  I was smitten.  He was not so far out of my reach!


Prompt for the Day: “I’ve Become My Parents”

The prompt given to the blogging community by the people at the Daily Post division of WordPress is “I’ve Become My Parents“.

In the case of my mother, that is an extreme compliment. She has raised 3 children of her own and countless others, who have benefited from her wise guidance. Works in the town’s local school system as a teaching assistant. Has more college instruction than most of the actual teaching staff. Specializes in helping the kids with learning disabilities. That’s her day job. At night and during the weekends, she sells Tupperware products! She also is a full time slave for my father’s company Wagner Holstein Dairy Farm (has no web presence at this time).

In the case of my father, I am insulted to be compared to him! He is the reason I am so short. Am only five foot and one lousy inch tall. My mom is taller than he is. Everyone is taller, except me. My doctor who treated me as a child, didn’t notice I had scoliosis until I went in for my fifth grade physical. Nothing was ever done to combat my crooked spine! While living in Lombard, IL went to a chiropractor about a back ache. After going there several times, he let me know that if my spine had been put in a brace upon diagnosis way back in grade school, I’d be a couple of inches taller!

The main reason I could not pursue my dream job of being an astronaut was I needed five more inches in height. Could not get a back brace due to the cost of the brace and need for follow up appointments to monitor my back’s progress. Would not be able to have done my daily farm chores while wearing it, either. There are weight lifting restraints while having a brace on. No more handling of bales, buckets of calf supplements, or even lifting a bag of dog food with the brace.

Prompt for the Day: “Take Me to the Moon”

The prompt suggested by WordPress for today is sort of too limiting for my taste. “Take Me to the Moon” doesn’t get you into the outer space realm I had always dreamed of going to as a child.  What if I wanted to visit Halley’s Comet or Saturn?

Why are we limiting ourselves to this galaxy?  There are many other galaxies out there that our scientists have only glimpsed sights of with their telescopes.

Ever wonder where the martians are living?  I doubt it is actually the red planet of Mars!  Probably not even in this galaxy, let alone this solar system.  What do they call themselves?  Do their bodies breathe like we do?  That may be why they don’t require an air filled environment like us mere humans do.

Maybe their bodies are actually able to gather life sustaining nutrients from the ground as they move over it (notice how I left out how they moved).  Could be walking, slithering, flying, or some other means of transporting themselves from one place to another.

The other creatures that are out there somewhere are probably reclining back and laughing as our race makes blunder after blunder!  I just laugh hysterically when our cat falls of the top of my husband’s recliner.  Think about how the beings from other worlds view our constant stupidity.  Guess we are the equivalent of our comedy channel in real time for their personal entertainment!

Wonder if they have a superior form of justice than we have on this planet.  Maybe they can tell for sure if someone is lying or breaking the what ever form of laws they have.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful to always know who the real culprit is?  Ever wondered how they actually reproduce?  They may just grow an appendage that breaks off as a new life form.  You never know!


Prompt for the day: “Mountaintops and Valleys”

Today the people at the Daily Post of WordPress want to get me to write about Mountaintops and Valleys.  The song “Rocky Top” by the Osborne Brothers came to mind.

Never been to Tennessee myself, but figure they have a valley or two there.  The mountain tops I am most familiar with are the ones in the Rocky Mountains located in Colorado.  There are great valleys located there.  One of my favorites is known as “Garden of the Gods” in Colorado Springs.

Great place to explore inspiring views of creations in nature that take your breath away (has nothing to do with the high altitude of the state).  God created a beautiful natural scene in this valley.  Look up to see the Rockies in the distance.

You could even visit the city of Loveland, CO.  Valentine’s Day letters can get the cities postage stamps placed on them for a romantic effect.

You might even decide to try climbing the mountains while you are in the state.  It is not necessary to purchase a lot of expensive gear to hike up to a high spot in the steppe off of the area of the national park.  Even during the heat of summer, you may need to bring a coat when you are walking through the permafrost.  Gloves are optional, but I would recommend wearing them!

Once you come back down, a refreshing glass of water is recommended because it is dry up there.  Colorado is sort of a dessert environment, where the actual moisture comes in the form of snow and hail.  There were times when we lived there we got a hail storm that forced the cities to bring out the snow plows to clear the streets!  This was during the heat of summer.

If you don’t like the weather there, just drive either north or south a few miles.  You have a completely different weather environment!

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Prompt for the day: Phobia, Shmobia

Where do we begin with this topic?  Have many phobias myself.  Let me count the ways:

First and foremost is my fear of needles.  Known in psychiatric circles as Trypanophobia.     Next was my fear of public speaking.  Over came that by using my speech writing abilities in high school to shout out for help.  The speeches fell on deaf ears, but won me many awards at school, county, and state levels.  Loved going caving in college, but that changed.  As I got older, developed a fear of small spaces, or claustrophobia to you. Try living in cramped apartments when you constantly feel like the walls are closing in on you.  With all these existing problems closing in on me, get upset when someone makes the comment “Phobia, Shmobia“!  These are real existing problems.

Does not help us when friends and family discount our fears continuously.  A little compassion and support  once in a while would be a wonderful change in daily life.  Sometimes we just need to be left alone to get ourselves back to a calmer state of being.  Music helps me get calmed down, if it is not too loud.

I write by typing on a laptop to vent my frustrations to the world.  Thankfully, have not lost my ability to express my  personal feeling in the written word.  Since I want it to be legible, I do not submit the world to my horrible handwriting.  Just type, since it is much more readable that way.

Since I want my musings to reach the world, have to make it in an easily deciphered format.  Since English is the most common way of communicating today, am glad I have been speaking it since I started spewing out my first words.  Have to admit the fact I tend to slaughter the language on a daily basis, but I tend to manage to get my points across.

Prompt for the day: “These Horns Were Made for Tooting”

The daily prompt for the day reminded me of a song “These boots were made for walking…” but I digress. In reality today’s prompt is “These Horns Were Made for Tooting“. With a pounding migraine, please no loud horn playing at the moment!

Tried taking some more Ibuprofen, like when I took it earlier no effect! Need to stop wasting both time and money on ineffective medicines. Problem is stemming from extremely tight neck muscles, so technically it is not a migraine. That is why I have not tried taking any of my migraine medicine, Sumatriptan. Why waste expensive drugs when the problem is not a true migraine?

My doctor is unable to prescribe muscle relaxants with out an actual office visit. No longer able to drive, so actually visiting the doctor must be scheduled weeks in advance. Gave up driving years ago before ever moving into the state of Minnesota back in 2008. Knew back then I should not risk taking an innocent (if you can still find one) person’s life.

With my vision constantly going down hill, can no longer judge distances properly. Found out recently there is a name for that, it is referred to as spatial vision problems. Don’t care what it is called, it just sucks! Have a wheelchair ramp leading out our back door, so I can get in and out of our house. My husband caught me almost taking my wheelchair down the stairs that led off the ramp for the walking people of the world, he installed a rope that warns me where the steps start so I don’t fall off the ramp!

Leave it to me to try driving my manual wheelchair off my wheelchair ramp! Who else could do something so stupid? Just want to be able to climb a good tree occasionally. Miss the old apple tree I used to climb when I was younger.

Set 3 goals for Blogging 201

We started our exciting excursion today into the WordPress class Blogging201.  Finished 101 earlier this year.  Have never taken any of their writing classes.  I might try writing 101 in the future.  Been successfully slaughtering the English language since I spoke my first words as an infant.

Our first assignment was to write down three goals we want to accomplish by finishing this course.  So here they are in the barest black and white.

My 3 goals are quite simple.
1: Help other people who are weakened, by either illness or old age.
2: Make a profit from blogging.
3: Protect children and animals from harm.

Numbers 1 & 3 come from my personal beliefs.  We should stand up for the underdogs in this world whenever and where ever  we can.  Number 2 just needs to be done to help support my family:  My husband, me, and a dorky cat we adopted from the humane society.

Need to start making money to justify the cost of hosting my own web presence on the internet.  Am starting to regret asking my husband to let me purchase an internet site for my own use.  Was told by the people I follow on blogs that having your own site was the way to profit from the internet.

My mother taught me not to believe everything I read in life.  Seems she was right once again!

Have to learn how to get my badge from the 101 class displayed on my site that I now own on the internet.  Have it proudly displayed on my WordPress site, but would like to be able to show it on my private site as well.  Wonder if any of my classmates have figured out how to move our badges onto other sites?  Will have to pursue this investigation further.

Curious as to what our assignment will be for tomorrow’s class.  What challenges will the present us with to try to confound our writing skills.  Mike skills need sharpening!