Prompt for the Day: “Trick or Trick”

The prompt posed to us to write on for the day is “Trick or Trick” by the word wizards at the daily post division of Word Press.  They posed a scenario, then asked a question: “Let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?”.

Since I basically know how to defend myself fairly well, and have weapons stashed throughout the house (not anything obvious like a gun or knives) am pretty hard to scare.  Death doesn’t even scare me.  Actually I would welcome a chance to put an end to my existence on this dreadful planet!
The animal we now have prefers to bite me as opposed to killing household pests, so his death wouldn’t devastate me either!  My husband is safely at work (as safe out in the public as you can be, today) so I don’t need to worry about him surviving the night.

We didn’t even purchase any candy to give out tonight.  Why should we create sugar hopped up children and expect them to try to behave through the night?  Considering the behavior of kids today, wouldn’t trust them with a wet noodle!  They might get each other covered with noodle slime.

Short of setting our house on fire, am pretty well secure in surviving the night.  Always keep my cell phone with me in case of an emergency occurring.  Fortunately, the local fire station is not far from the house.  There are always police cars in the area.  Seeing an ambulance is not that rare here, either.

If any of my friends were attacked, that might devastate me.  That is the only thing I could imagine that might bother me if it happened.

Final COSTUMES post

In my junior year of high school, my friend/ second cousin and I passed out candy from my grandparents’ front porch in Marissa.  We were both dressed as scare crows.

Forget what she actually had on her face, but I had one of those cheap monster masks on my head (tilted so it looked like it was falling off).  One brave little boy (maybe 3 or 4 years old tried to get my mask) then I stood up!  Scared the poor child to death.  I took my mask completely off and offered him a handful of candy.
We both apologized to the adult that was with the kid.  Hadn’t meant to scare him at all.  We were just doing the job of giving out candy to the neighborhood kids, so my grandparents could enjoy a peaceful evening of cards with their friends.  The noise drew my grandma out to the front porch to make sure nothing serious was going on.  (She was losing at the card game anyway.)  So much for giving them a quiet Halloween with their friends!  At least we tried.

Don’t think the kid will bother my grandparents again.  Was not our intent to scare the kids away, but the way the neighborhood was heading down hill, may have been a blessing in disguise!  The town has literally gone to pot since I left for college.  Went to school out of state to put miles between me and my father.

Had to retreat back to the disgusting Illinois town one more time after we tried living in Wisconsin.  Lasted in WI less than a year.  Came crawling back with our tails between our legs to find my grandparent’s house in a shambles of filth.  If my grandma saw the state my aunt had let the house sink to, she would be haunting her for the rest of her life!

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Today’s Daily Prompt: “Comedy of Errors “

The prompt given to us for today by the devious minds from the Daily Post group of Word Press is “Comedy of Errors”  Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction encouraged here, too!  My life is a testament to the truth of this law!

Am probably the only person who can still trip over her own feet, even though am no longer able to walk!  Have fallen out of bed so many times, that I now have to have a railing on my side of the bed to keep me from trying to get up to go for a moon light stroll as I lay down sleeping.
Managed to fall off the urologist’s exam table while laying down after an examination.  One second laying on my back on the table, next second face down on the exam room floor!  My husband was in the room throwing paper away.  He says I passed out.  I thought passing out would have left me out on the table where I started from.  Did one heck of a number to my glasses.  Thankfully, still had an older pair that would let me get by, since I can’t see without them on my face.

One might accuse me of being drunk, but have not had an once of liquor in my body since I went sober, years ago.  Cannot mix alcohol with my current medications.  The medicines I take to help me survive with my multiple sclerosis, help force me to stay sober.  That is about the only good thing I can say about being on my medicines.  They are outrageously expensive and getting my infusions is very time consuming.

Thankfully, the manufacturer of the drug helps us foot the bill a little, or we would end up being forced out onto the streets!  My husband is employed.  I am not able to get employment, because of my body’s instability.  Haven’t been able to drive literally for years.

Nope wasn’t the final COSTUMES Installment!

My seventh grade year of school, I broke my own personal rule and purchased a store bought Halloween costume.   Fell into liking the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that my little brothers were always watching, a little too much.  Went dressed as a Ninja to classes on Halloween that year.


Not really a scary costume, other than it showed my lack of originality as a kid in big  (had only about 38 kids in my graduating class) Junior High School.  Our classes were held in the main high school’s building full of high school students!  To make matters worse, I was actually taking some high school classes with the older students.  Was a tiny fish who wanted to use a ninja’s skills to disappear into the thin air.

Must have had some actual ninja powers, since I was always at the top of my classes in math and science subjects!  Seemed to always be beating kids that were literally years older than I was at our studies.  Like a turtle, just wanted to stick my head in my shell  and be invisible.  That is why no showy costumes for me that year.  Just needed to blend in as much as I could with the crowd.

Broke an older classmate’s arm when they made us play flag football in P.E. class.  Rules stated we were not to tackle each other, so when the older (bigger, too) girl tried to tackle me, I held still.  Was used to working with cattle.  Do not show them they are bigger than you.  Guess maybe I was more of a ninja than I realized at the time!  Girl was mad I didn’t get into trouble for breaking her arm.  All I did was not react in any way.  Must have hurt her pride at not being able to intimidate a younger girl.

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May be the final COSTUMES installment, who knows?

My favorite costume in high school was because it had the tenancy to make one of my least favorite teachers literally sick to her stomach!  Come on, vampires are supposed to have blood dripping from their mouths, aren’t they?

Yeah, so some of it was actually real from the stitches that came out after having my wisdom teeth removed.  Still needed to go get a drink of water to wash the real blood out of my mouth!  It’s not my fault she had a weak stomach, after all.
Played on that weakness as long as she remained teaching at our high school (which wasn’t too many more years, thank God!).  She literally resulted to relying on the incorrect examples from the text books, even when I proved to her their inaccuracies!  Got to the point, that I had to have another math teacher confirm I was right by restating the proofs I had given her repeatedly.  Talk about having a slow thinking process for a high school teacher!

Just liked wearing the cape while I marched in the kid’s parade during school down the main street of the little town.  Being the drum major has some perks after all!  At least I didn’t trip over the rail road tracks in any of the Halloween parades.  That was during my last parade at the city’s annual Coal Festival.  Ended up not even getting out of step in my marching!

Halloween was a fun time growing up in a town full of drunks.  Carrying the lighted glow sticks didn’t necessarily keep you from being ran in to or ran over where I grew up.  Too many of my classmates would come to school after Halloween with unexplained bruising all over their bodies where a drunken person had used them for a punching bag.

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Prompt for Today from Prompt Stomp is still “COSTUMES”

My costume for my fifth grade year of grade school, was a hand made Clown’s costume as part of our Girl Scout troops clowning around project.  With that project, we dressed as clowns and visited different area nursing homes to try to cheer up their residents.

Like the previous year’s costume of a domino, they weren’t scary at all.  We didn’t want to scare the nice elderly people, just amuse them for a while.  Was a great time spent with the residents of the different facilities and listening to all their life’s experiences.  They actually got to live through the history we had only began to discover in our schooling’s history classes!


Some of the residents had helped in the various war projects that occurred during their past.  The helped manufacture the missiles, uniforms, protective gear for our soldiers, general ammunition, and just about anything necessary to support our troops in their fights against evil!  Others just (as if that was easy back then) raised the next generation of Americans.

They told us about the shortages they went through in their life times, rubber restrictions (wars again), bread lines from the great depression, and other things they had been forced to give up.  Then there was the invention of the great food, SPAM.  Personally, can not stand the stuff, but it was a modern miracle back then!  Imagine getting your meat fresh from a can, instead of having to kill it for your family.

Also found out how proud they were of their families for their contributions to our country.  Got to speak with family members who’s kids were now major players in American businesses today.  They told of the small achievements their family members had while still living at home, now look at them!

All this while dressed as a simple clown.  Who though you could learn so much in a Halloween costume?

The prompt for the day from Prompt Stomp is “COSTUMES”

The best costumes I remember as a kid, were the ones I created myself!  Hated having to go out and purchase ready made costumes that had absolutely no individuality in them.  My best friend, when I was really little, was a girl that lived with her grandparents a couple of fields away from the farm house in which I grew up.  We decided that we did not want to buy our costumes from the store like everyone else, when we were in the fourth grade.

Personally took an empty paper towel box from my parent’s farm to use for my costume.  For her costume (she was much taller than my tiny frame) resorted to use an empty refrigerator box.  With black spray paint to cover the boxes as a base, we created  two domino costumes to enter into the town’s huge Halloween competition (mind you the town had a single stop light, our graduating high school’s class size was in the 30’s).  Used plain white paper cut outs for the needed dots to complete our domino’s faces.  Her domino was a representation of the number six, while mine was a single one.  She had the larger canvas to work with.


Wearing black pants and long sleeved turtle neck shirts, we topped it all off with two matching top hats!  We both wore black face paint and black shoes and socks to complete the effect.  Don’t worry, we carried light sticks so that we would be visible by other people and cars.

Needless to say, we kinda won.  Just meant we would have to come up with something better for the next year!  Don’t worry, we did.  Wait for my next post tomorrow as the tale continuous!

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Prompt for the Day: “Trick Questions”

The prompt for the day from the wizardry community of the Daily Post division of Word Press is “Trick Questions“.  They made a statement then asked one in-depth question:”A Pulitzer-winning reporter is writing an in-depth piece — about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?”

Thought the fact that they mentioned the reporter was female was definitely a favorable sign.  Most other writers generally do not lower themselves to admit a person of the female gender has written a good work!

Hope she doesn’t ask why I left the state of Colorado willingly back at the end of 2004.  Should have put up a bigger fight about leaving my doctor and neurologist’s care.  We also left all the friends I had made with our neighbors and former coworkers with out much of a way to contact them.  Still miss them all very much.

Also hope she doesn’t ask why I did not pursue a lawsuit against the employer I made the mistake of trying to work for in Superior, WI.  They blatantly discriminated against me being in and out of my wheelchair, due to my multiple sclerosis.  Without access to the medicines from my neurologist, I was in constant pain.

Hope she doesn’t ask me why I wanted to end my life.  Ended up calling a friend to say “Good bye”, because I was going to kill myself.  She had me give her the address where we were living now and told me to write a letter to my husband saying good bye to him.  Considering I had already started the letter, just finished it off.

Took the letter and placed it on the kitchen table, when someone started pounding on the front door.  Stupidly, I answered it, not knowing who it could be.  Turned out to be a local sheriff, who my friend had gotten in touch with.  He had me grab a change of clothes and stuff I would need at the mental facility he was forcing me to get admitted in to.


Visitation of Ghost or Spirit of Grandfather

My mother’s parents were both heavy smokers.  Grandma was hooked on cigarettes, grandpa’s demon was cigars.  He accidentally burned a hole in my terry cloth shirt when I was about 3 years old.  Fortunately I didn’t even notice, but it scared him really bad.  He suffered from emphysema, which was probably caused by working as a sailor with the United States Navy.

Used to help him at his last civilian job as a cemetery grounds keeper at the local cemetery in the town he lived with his wife.  He was very good at keeping the site clean and ready for funerals.  There was a wasp’s nest in the shed were they stored all the cleaning supplies and lawn mowers, etc.  He had asked the cities board to have the nests removed before a mourner got accidentally stung.  He was deathly allergic to their stings, too.  One day while my mom and grandma were away shopping an hour or so away, he was baby sitting me for the day.  We went out to the cemetery to clean up from the previous day’s funeral.  I was picking up the trash left in the grass when I felt a stinging pain, and my breathing throat started to choke off my air ways.  He was no where around, I felt faint.  Ended up unconscious on the grass where I had fallen!  Good thing he saw me go down.  He always kept an emergency supply of epinephrine on him, due to his allergies.  He injected me with the drug.  Then got me sitting up.  Told me to stay where I was while he shut off the machines in the area.

He came back to where he had left me.  Was starting to feel a little better.  He helped me walk over to his pickup truck.  We got in and he drove back to his house.  He made lunch for the two of us, while keeping an eye on me to make sure I didn’t have any bad reactions to the medicine he had given me.

Years later, I left home for college.  Went out of state, to get away from my parents.  His health unfortunately was deteriorating.  He made me promise not to get married until I graduated from college.  Dated a round in college, until I met a guy that reminded me of my grandpa.

Fell in love with the guy’s voice.  When we met for the first time, I was over the moon in love!  He looked just like the pictures I had seen of my grandpa when he was our age.  Both were 6 foot 3 inches tall with dark black hair.  Even the musculature was the same!

Got him to visit my home town with me once.  My mom approved of him.  My father hated him (plus in my opinion!).  Introduced him around town to the few friends I had left there.

My junior year in college, he moved into my apartment with me since my roommate was leaving.  My mom knew and approved of the decision.  Wasn’t too long and I asked him to marry me!  He flat out turned me down.

Next time we went back home, he wanted to ask my father for provision first before asking to marry me.  Told him if he did that, I wouldn’t marry him!  If he wanted to ask someone, then he should ask my grandfather!  Grandpa had finally given up his cigars.  So when we went for Sunday lunch at my grandparent’s like normal, I left him with grandpa at the kitchen table alone. Explained to my grandma what was going on in the kitchen.  Grandpa made him promise not to marry me until I had graduated and never to leave me heart broken.

He came back into the front room of my grandparent’s house smiling!  We drove the 6 hour drive back to out apartment with the left overs from my grandparent’s house safely packaged in a sealed container.

He proposed to me ring in hand, the day before a big physics exam.  Needless to say, I failed the test!  Had too much on my mind.  I wore my engagement ring to work the next day without telling anyone, to see who would notice.  My coworkers and my boss wanted to know when we were getting hitched.

We literally ended up getting married the day after I received my diploma!  Rehearsal was the day of graduation, since my godparents were going to be there anyway (my godmother was the organist for our wedding).  My grandparents from my father’s side were there.  Some of my coworkers attended.  My grandparent’s from my mother’s side were both in too bad of health to make the journey.

My grandmother from my mom’s side of the family ended up in the hospital for problems with her lungs again.  My mom had to take care of my grandpa while she was hospitalized.  Eventually, grandma was able to return home to her husband.  She told me I was not to visit my grandpa anymore, because he gets too worked up from seeing me.

I moved away to the Chicago metro area of Illinois, because I had gotten a new and better job.  Stayed there for 18 months, then moved to Colorado.  That was 1998.  We started purchasing a older home in Aurora, CO.  Grandpa was still not doing too well.  The terrorist attack on 9/11/2001, just about did my grandfather in!  His breathing was getting worse by the days.  He had real trouble talking on the phone, because of lack of breath.  Constantly hooked up to oxygen now, but grandma kept smoking away!

One day, got this really bad feeling something was wrong with my grandpa.  Tried calling my mom.  My father answered the phone telling me she was in at my grandparent’s house because grandpa was having real extreme breathing problems.  I was not supposed to be bothering them right now.

Found out he passed away that evening.  My father got mad at me for having these premonitions of my grandpa passing away.  Apparently, good  Christian people should not have these types of feelings.  Asked him  to let me know about the funeral arrangements.

Grandpa visited me in my house and told me not to let the local VFW get involved in his funeral and he was feeling much better now!  My husband and I made the trip back to IL for a final time.  For some reason I did not cry at the funeral.  Grandpa was finally at peace, but I still felt him with me.

The tears came later when we made it back to Colorado.  My grandma’s lung cancer landed her in the hospital a little after a year from her husband passing.  Grandpa visited me to get me to deliver a message to my mom to make sure grandma had roses on her casket from him at her funeral.

When I am feeling down he reminds me that I am his mother’s great-granddaughter.  She was an American Black Foot Indian.  He taught me all about her Indian beliefs.


Friendly Ghost of former Older Coworker

My first job in networking was as an intern while I attended college.  Was required to man the help desk every other weekend.  The person who trained me on how to fulfill my responsibility of feeding the IBM mainframe the tapes it requested during my shift, was an older gentleman who reminded me of my grandfather.    He taught me the languages necessary to satisfy the mainframe’s requests.  You know, JCL (Job Control Language), TSO (Time Sharing Option), and the other ways the company kept the computer users happy.

As I settled into my position working at the company, he and I became great friends.  Because I was literally hours away from my ill grandfather, he filled in as my surrogate grandpa.  Would ask him for advice when I needed it.  Pitching pennies in the tape storage area was quite the competition between the employees.  He and the man in charge of the tapes were really good at beating the rest of us.

Noticed that he was a hunt-and-peck sort of typist.  Gave him a few lessons on the basics of typing, like my mom had taught me when I was in fourth grade.  (My handwriting always cost too many points on documents I wrote, so she got tired of me asking her to type my homework for me.  We had an old manual type writer.  No automatic anything back then!  I miss that machine now.)  As our company moved slowly into the 19th century, we started getting personal computers to place at remote sites.  Slowly the help desk followed suite.  As the machines at the desk were replaced with modern PC terminals, put my knowledge of repairing PC’s to work.

Since the older gentleman had been practicing (or was supposed to have been) proper typing, removed the actual caps from the keys so there were no visual indicators of what the key actually was!  Took him a few hours longer to generate his daily reports that day.  (Filled his boss in on why, since I was the cause!)  He manged to successfully type with out any help from his sight!  Taught him how to do it the next day, in case he wanted to try it on someone else.

We were the terror of the company’s computer operations.  Between him putting fake insects on people’s workstations and him dropping what was affectionately referred to as the “Clanger” on the raised floor of the data center everyone gave us our personal space!  He would drop the clanger and then laugh historically as I jumped several feet away!  He had to be careful who he did that to, since not everyone had a safe heart to try scaring to death.  Had a few close calls with some of the females in the building who freaked out when the clanger was dropped around them!

After several years there, I noticed his walking was not his normal springy step.  He started seeing  a doctor about the constant back aches he was experiencing.  He was sent to have an M.R.I. performed to see what was causing his spinal problems.  They found out the hard way, that he was deathly allergic to certain sea foods.  He never fully came to from the coma that was caused by the M.R.I.

Got the call from his wife while I was covering the help desk because he was out that day.  Had to go down to let his boss know that he was dead.  Was NOT a good day!

He was the first person that I really cared for to pass away.  Went to his funeral with the rest of my coworkers. The man in charge of the computer tapes was actually the one who had been left his will.  The tape man let me know that the guy who passed away knew how much he meant to me.  He had left me a copy of his beliefs on life.  (Turned out to basically come in a slightly edited form of “How to win friends and influence people”.)  Know that because I already had a copy.

As I moved on to my first real networking job up in the Chicago-metro area of Illinois, saw him in passing sometimes.  A stranger would remind me of him by appearance or actions.  Still miss him, but don’t see him that much anymore.  Wish I did!