Prompt for the Day: “Lazy Learners”

The people at the Daily Post part of Word Press must want me to feel guilty or something.  Yesterday forced me to admit my love for chocolate candy and now they want to know if there is something I’ve always wanted to learn, but haven’t!  That is why they concocted the prompt for today: “Lazy Learners“.

Have always wanted to learn how to fly, but now that I am officially considered to be color blind will not be able to learn.  Conquered my fear of heights when I was little by learning to climb the apple tree in our front yard.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t high enough.  Am terrified of heights now.

Always wanted to learn to be a good cook like my grandma Sheridan was, but never got the chance as a kid to learn.  Always had to go out side to help on the farm, as opposed to help my mom cook.  Now that I cannot handle getting overheated, have to avoid the kitchen.

Learned how to sew while in Girl Scouts, my mom even gave me her old sewing machine for me to use to make things for myself and my husband.  Lost the coordination in my hands, so even threading a needle is no longer possible.  No more mending or hemming from my hands these days.

Have always wanted to learn to speak the Latin language.  The language may be officially dead, but so many words today get their origins from it!  Would give me a leg up on understanding many medical terms.

Maybe I should just take a sky diving lesson!  Would have to have someone bring my wheelchair to me after I reach the ground.  Sort of takes the thrill out of the idea.  Doubt I could tackle a new programming language these days.  My best code was written back in college, while I was still drinking on a regular basis.  Have been sober now for years.

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The evil word smiths from the Daily Post division of Word Press want me to get fat on things I should not eat, that’s why they devised today’s post of  “Life’s a Candy Store“.

The only candy store I ever remember going into as a child was “See’s Candies“.  Used to think it must have smelled like heaven would smell if I ever died and was lucky enough to go there!  Went there with my mom before Easter every year.  Still never managed to see what a rabbit had to do with the whole Easter story from the Bible.

Can rabbits even eat chocolate, or like most dogs and cats are the allergic to it?  There were several old-time candy stores in “Silver Dollar City” when ourGirl Scout troop visited it back in grade school.

My life has been like a box of assorted melted chocolates, some nice and sweet, others with disgusting centers that makes you feel extremely ill.  Some sick and twisted evil magician must be involved in the creation of my candies.  The poisonous centers to weaken and crumble your very will to survive!  Hope the manager of the candy store that provided my body with it’s contents rots in hell for all eternity!  Not in a good mood today (in case you hadn’t figured that out).

Could candy possibly give you a back ache?  Maybe if you made a life time of over indulging in fattening foods that put a strain on your body.  In that case you ended up with what you deserved anyway!  But if you kept a healthy weight and lost the ability to walk, it wouldn’t actually be your fault, would it?  Doesn’t help in my situation.

Maybe they had just been inspired by watching the movie “Forrest Gump“.  Who knows where they arrive at these daily prompts?


Prompt for the Day: (try # 3) “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream”

The first prompt presented today did not stick any sort of chord (never mind the elusive “G” chord) with me, neither did the second one they offered. Finally the third offering reminded me how short of sleep I was running on lately, so I am using a quote proffered by the literary wizards at the Daily Post division of Word Press. Think it was actually from Shakespeare’s work entitled “Hamlet”. The prompt for today that I am using is “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream“.

Left off my favorite part of the quote: “ay, there’s the rub“.  Dreams can be really good, but they tend to be extremely evil in my case.  Have experienced on going nightmares most of my life.  (The scary thing is I have actually been awake when the real nightmares occurred as a child!) My nightmares could scare the strongest Navy seal who has lived through bloody incursions in defense of our country!

My sleep is  much better, now that we live in a house that we are in the process of buying.  No noisy neighbors to keep me away all night now.  Just a stupid cat that enjoys raiding the bedroom trash can in his endless search for a used Q-tip that either me or my husband disposed of in the trash.  Now there is no longer a trash can in the bed room for him to wake us by rifling through our discarded bits of trash.

Liked the animal when it was an innocent kitten.  Now he has grown into an ultimate terror on my sleep.  If not going through trash, he barfs loudly.  A vomiting cat is not my personal favorite type of morning alarm to wake up from!  Why can he not just settle by playing with his singing bird or chirping cricket?  Am I asking too much from the animal I feed and water daily?


Prompt for the Day: “When Childhood Ends”

The prompt for the day, submitted by the Daily Post part of Word Press is “When Childhood Ends“.  Think that actually varies from person to person.

Since I managed to start reading at the wise old age of three years old, which ended my belief in Santa Claus due to my grandparent’s copy of the paper.  The paper included a cartoon featuring “Dennis the Menace“, who discovered the truth about Santa Claus.  My mom had to make me keep this discovery from my little brother.  Ended up eventually having a second little brother that I had to continue to keep the secret from.

When I turned four, started my educational journey at kindergarten.  Turned out to be the youngest in my class.  My best friend, which I met a few years before we went to school together was not only several month older, but she was taller and larger than I was.  (Still is!)

We all proceeded to first grade together.  Playing “Scooby Doo” during our recess breaks, climbing the monkey bars, you know the normal kids stuff.  Some of the females of the school started belonging to a local Brownie troop of the area Girl Scouts.  Unfortunately, they closed down the location at which I had been attending school.  We had to start going to a different school (more people) and longer bus rides for second grade.

In second grade they started separating us from our peers by our levels of learning.  Had been going by the name “Jenny” since I had been old enough to recognize my name.  Since someone there legally had the name of Jenny, had to start going by my legal name of “Jeanette”.  Took a while to get used to the change.  Now it is all I go by.  Got to meet the woman who held the name first.  Jeanette was the owner of the local funeral home.

My grandpa used to refer to her as big Jeanette when we were all together.  Being short anyway. being called little Jeanette didn’t bother me.  Both of them have unfortunately passed away, now.

Prompt for the Day: “Must Not Fail”

The challenge the people at the the Daily Post part of Word Press set for us was “Must Not Fail“.  Personally, I fail constantly!  How else would I ever learn to improve myself?

Failing is one of my many specialties!  I fail to be coordinated, fail to be able to walk unaided, fail to think clearly these days, need I continue?  Can’t even handle laying on a doctor’s examination table with out falling off and breaking my glasses. That’s why I now have the tag “fall hazard” attached to my doctor’s visits.  Most of the time the staff relies on my husband to transfer me safely onto the tables.  Have to insist they put the safety bars up on the table while I am on it.  They seem to think I am exaggerating when I explain it to them.

Just do not enjoy uncontrolled falling for some unthinkable reason.  Call me crazy if you must, it is just the way I am.

Took a Taekwondo  class with the man I was dating near the end of my college career.  (We ended up getting married the day after I graduated!)  My theory was I would learn how to take a fall better.  Ended up getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis right after we got married. Talk about a fall I failed to avoid!

Actually purchased my first wheelchair months before my actual diagnoses was ever given to me.  Failed at the use of a cane.  Tripped over it more than it ever helped me.  Since having had used crutches in high school due to orthopedic knee surgery and being pushed off them by school mates, do not trust being on them around the general public.  So I went to a doctor to get a prescription for a wheelchair.  Thankfully, the place I worked at the time got my work space set up so that I could still preform my job.

That was back when employers actually tried to retain their employees.  Miss those days so much!


Prompt for the Day: “Pay It Forward”

The prompt for today of “Pay It Forward” is sort of weird if you get to thinking about the concept.  What other choices could you choose?

Is it possible to pay it sideways or backwards?  I have a tendency to lean to the right, could I pay it to the right?  How about paying it in a circular way?  How about sitting and spinning it down to pay off the debt? (My little brothers had a sit and spin toy when they were little.)

From the urban dictionary : “Pay It Forward is a phrase used to imply or otherwise act upon the action in which one would perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons with the sound intentions that the only is define thing they do in return is to perform a deed of good service onto, for, or in the favor of another person or group of persons where in which they should maintain the same sound intentions of the individual or group who performed a good deed unto them. This method of kindness is infallible unless met with a person of great greed and/or immaturity.”

This is sort of a head scratcher for me personally.  Think the Golden Rule sort of covers this type of event.  Why did they have to come up with a new name for being nice to others?  Maybe it is the same reason each family calls it’s elders by different names today instead of what they were referred to when they were growing up.  Who really knows anymore?

Being a grandparent must not be fashionable these days or something.  Personally have friends that are now grandparents.  Does being called by the same name as your grandparents scare you that much?  Here is an idea, if you can’t handle it, don’t have children of your own!


If you are writing a blog post or some other type of writing, how do you come come up with your topic?

Prompt for the Day: “Out of Reach”

The choice of words for the Daily Prompt for today is “Out of Reach“.  When you only stand a lowly five feet one inch,  what isn’t out of reach?  If you want to be even more realistic am a short person confined to a wheelchair, due to multiple sclerosis.

My life is basically out of reach these days.  Dreamt of being an astronaut when I was little, didn’t find out until college there was a height requirement.  That dream was several inches out of my reach.  Dated a boy in college with major mommy issues.  Ended up breaking up with him.  The ass wipe then broke into my apartment and stole a pair of my underwear!  Tried getting the local police to do something to help.  They just about laughed at me to my face.  So the security of getting police help was way out of reach while living in that apartment complex!

Took a chance using a local dating service.  Met some more real losers.  Answered a want ad from the local newspaper of a guy looking for companionship.  He was better than the first people I met from the dating service, but he just wanted a one night stand.  Finally saw a guy from the dating service that looked interesting.  Only problem was he worked nights at the local G.E. plant.  We agreed to meet at a local restaurant after he got off work one night.  Basically ended up being just about love at first sight.  The only thing out of reach was we met after midnight and I had an early college class the next day.  We went our separate ways with the exchange of phone numbers.

He called me up in the after noon of the next day.  At a more reasonable hour we met again at the same place.  We started talking about where we were currently living.  Told him what road I lived on.  He then told me the name of the apartment complex I lived in!  Scared the shit out of me.  Was this guy a stalker or what?  He laughed and told me he lived in the same complex!  Just on a different side of the mass of buildings.  We each were using different laundry areas or we would have met earlier.  After we had finished our meals we went to our own vehicles.

He called me later to talk before he left for work.  I was smitten.  He was not so far out of my reach!


Prompts for the day: “Home Turf” and “We can be taught!”

The first prompt for the day sort of left me coming up short.  (Am only 5 feet one inch to begin with, so that’s not saying much!  Been short all my life.)  So I researched the term on the internet.

Home Turf as defined by the site  said it was a noun.  Informal – One’s familiar surroundings or habitat.

Gave up on that prompt and went back a year ago on the same day.  The words chosen back in 2014 for the twenty first day of September were “We can be taught!”.  Tried finding that phrase on the internet, but came up bone dry.  A song did happen to pop into my head from high school though!  Pink Floyd’s  song “We don’t need no education”.  Loved listening to that song back in the late 1980’s.

Considering I was an honor student through out my high school career, you probably wouldn’t be able to imagine me liking a song that rails against schooling.  If it wasn’t for my schooling would not have been able to win any scholarships to college!

Was never successful at learning to keep my mouth shut.  Have a tenancy to open mouth and insert my foot, figuratively speaking.  Many are the times I wish I could have taken my words back!  Doubt anyone can count that high, though.

Ever tried to write coherently with a pounding headache?  Feel like my head is going to explode all over the laptop I am currently using.  Think I will have to try taking one of my migraine pills, since the Ibuprofen I took had no effect!  Hate wasting expensive medicines that may or may not work.  Could be just another tension headache.  In that case just an ice pack would be the next best trick to give a try.

Wish there was a magic way to always determine how to help my inevitable headaches.  That would be quite the money producing  invention!

Prompt for the Day: “I’ve Become My Parents”

The prompt given to the blogging community by the people at the Daily Post division of WordPress is “I’ve Become My Parents“.

In the case of my mother, that is an extreme compliment. She has raised 3 children of her own and countless others, who have benefited from her wise guidance. Works in the town’s local school system as a teaching assistant. Has more college instruction than most of the actual teaching staff. Specializes in helping the kids with learning disabilities. That’s her day job. At night and during the weekends, she sells Tupperware products! She also is a full time slave for my father’s company Wagner Holstein Dairy Farm (has no web presence at this time).

In the case of my father, I am insulted to be compared to him! He is the reason I am so short. Am only five foot and one lousy inch tall. My mom is taller than he is. Everyone is taller, except me. My doctor who treated me as a child, didn’t notice I had scoliosis until I went in for my fifth grade physical. Nothing was ever done to combat my crooked spine! While living in Lombard, IL went to a chiropractor about a back ache. After going there several times, he let me know that if my spine had been put in a brace upon diagnosis way back in grade school, I’d be a couple of inches taller!

The main reason I could not pursue my dream job of being an astronaut was I needed five more inches in height. Could not get a back brace due to the cost of the brace and need for follow up appointments to monitor my back’s progress. Would not be able to have done my daily farm chores while wearing it, either. There are weight lifting restraints while having a brace on. No more handling of bales, buckets of calf supplements, or even lifting a bag of dog food with the brace.

Prompt for the Day: “Take Me to the Moon”

The prompt suggested by WordPress for today is sort of too limiting for my taste. “Take Me to the Moon” doesn’t get you into the outer space realm I had always dreamed of going to as a child.  What if I wanted to visit Halley’s Comet or Saturn?

Why are we limiting ourselves to this galaxy?  There are many other galaxies out there that our scientists have only glimpsed sights of with their telescopes.

Ever wonder where the martians are living?  I doubt it is actually the red planet of Mars!  Probably not even in this galaxy, let alone this solar system.  What do they call themselves?  Do their bodies breathe like we do?  That may be why they don’t require an air filled environment like us mere humans do.

Maybe their bodies are actually able to gather life sustaining nutrients from the ground as they move over it (notice how I left out how they moved).  Could be walking, slithering, flying, or some other means of transporting themselves from one place to another.

The other creatures that are out there somewhere are probably reclining back and laughing as our race makes blunder after blunder!  I just laugh hysterically when our cat falls of the top of my husband’s recliner.  Think about how the beings from other worlds view our constant stupidity.  Guess we are the equivalent of our comedy channel in real time for their personal entertainment!

Wonder if they have a superior form of justice than we have on this planet.  Maybe they can tell for sure if someone is lying or breaking the what ever form of laws they have.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful to always know who the real culprit is?  Ever wondered how they actually reproduce?  They may just grow an appendage that breaks off as a new life form.  You never know!