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Cruising the backwaters

Posted by on September 30, 2015

With the weather becoming wild at times, we were concerned that our HouseBoat cruise and overnight stay would be a unpleasant. Last night we spoke to the houseboat owner and he assured us that we would still enjoy it.

We checked out of Aveda and took the short drive to the houseboat which was docked and ready for us. The crew were courteous and we boarded it after parking the car. J was wearing his spiderman shirt and was IMG_20150930_134317visibly excited! We were soon chugging away into the lake as everything was serene. It was warm and we caught a glimpse of all the resorts lining the lake. The wind picked up and we docked at a spot for some delicious lunch. It tasted authentic and was not too spicy. There was a drizzle and the wind got stronger. We had a half hour adventure as the winds pushed our boat away off the docking area, but the crew expertly managed to manoeuvre it back! It gave us a slightly anxious time, but IMG_20150930_133805we knew we were in the hands of pros!

The wind and rain were strong, but the cruise was still fantastic. Watching the sun set as we cruised was lovely. We couldn’t get into the canals, but managed to explore one where we bought some fresh king prawns. We docked for the night and enjoyed the serene calm away from the bustle of the city life we were used to. Thankfully, there were not much mosquitoes. Dinner was sumptuous with the prawns we’d just bought.IMG_20151001_075450

Our plans to watch a movie on board didn’t really work out! We should have brought a USB stick with some movies. The night was relatively calm and the noise of the water flowing was quite peaceful. We had a good nights sleep and woke up refreshed to another delicious breakfast and a one hour cruise again where we explored a canal and watched the folk go on with their lives on the banks of the canals and lake. We even managed to see a full rainbow!


Soon we pulled in for our final docking and after profusely thanking the crew, we waved goodbye and drove away in search of more adventure…..

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