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Driving to Kumarakom

Posted by on September 29, 2015

After another lazy breakfast at Tall Trees Resort, we slowly checked out and went to the Tea Factory in Munnar before heading out to Kumarakom. We descended via the road to Kochi. The scenery was a little different. There were more trees and woody scenery than Tea estates.

It rained intermittently, but this did not disrupt driving. The winding roads and scenery were a pleasure. I wondered how auto rickshaws rode on this road – slowly chugging away! The Kerala buses were the scariest part of the drive as they whizzed past without acknowledging my existence. We noticed a couple of small landslides due to the rains.


The weather got a little warmer as we hit the plains. We then drove through Kerala country roads. The drive was slower than we expected as the roads were not very wide and twisted around a bit. We could rarely cross 80 KMPH. The drive was very relaxing. We stopped in some place for some fast food in a small mall. The fried chicken and burger was nice and we had a clean toilet break too!

Google maps kept us on track with a few exceptions. There was a small turn off which said “Kumarakom” and the roads beyond this was potholed. We slowed down quite a bit and the clouds made the sky gloomy. JJ was impatient and set a new record by counting slowly to three hundred! As we neared Kumarakom the touristy feeling crept in as we saw signs and ad boards for resorts. There were some short bridges as the backwaters drew closer to us. We had chosen to stay in a Resort called Aveda mainly because it had an awesome swimming pool. It is on a road with a line of resorts. We hoped to spend as much time in the pool, but the darkening clouds started ominous – would we be rained in to the resort?!

DSC_5819 DSC_5823 DSC_5825

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