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Checking in to Aveda Resorts, Kumarakom

Posted by on September 29, 2015

The slower than expected drive from Munnar to Kumarakom meant that we entered Kumarakom later than expected. As we turned Aveda Receptioninto the final road to a line of resorts the clouds were already darkening and the sun was low in the horizon. The huge gates at the entrance opened for us and we entered the short driveway and parked in a corner. The reception was open on all sides and well spread out. We sat in comfy sofas as the check in formalities were done. The centre of the large reception area is a small area with water that has fish swimming in it. Overall it was a very relaxing check in.

Aveda is a small property with the highlight being an awesome pool. As we were escorted to our room, the swimming pool looked even better than the pics! All the rooms were poolside! As we entered our room, our priority was to get into the pool ASAP. DSC_5835
Just as we finished changing, the clouds sent down a drizzle of rain. We managed to get into the pool for a short while before the rain got too heavy and we were forced to retreat back in to the room disappointed. As we changed and got ready for dinner, the next disappointment hit us – we noticed a leak on the roof at our room entrance that made the room wet and soggy. A combination of reaching late, lots of rain and a leaking room was the worst that could happen – would our stay at Aveda tuDSC_5920rn out to be a bad decision?

With trepidation we called the reception and informed the receptionist about the leaking roof. Within a few minutes they sent a person with a mop and bucket. Our hearts sank… The guy looked at the dripping water and the wet floor. What happened after this turned everything around!

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