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Top Station, Munnar

Posted by on September 28, 2015

After a lazy morning and a good breakfast at the balcony in the restaurant of Tall Trees, we realised that the only day we had to explore Munnar wrainwindowas today. We decided to do the drive to Top Station and some sight seeing along the way. We started off and I already missed the dashcam as we drove out of Munnar amidst fantastic scenery. We didnt have a set agenda at all. We stopped at what looked like a popular spot for photos and then restarted. We crossed the dam, and stopped  after a while for more photos outsi
de the lake. The weather was holding on and we felt positive. After the Kerala border, the roads got worse, but the drive was still good. We reached Top Station and were greeted by the strange sight of an ambassador car being lifted off the road as it looked like it had stalled. Then things went downhill…

We couldnt find parking and almost grounded the car on a big watery dip we didnt see. Then it started drizzling and within minutes the clouds opened up. We parked in a spot and decided to remain hostages in the car. We chatted, snacked and kept taking meaningles pics of the rain through the car windshield.
Slowly the rains eased and we decided to grab our two big umbrellas (courtesy Tall Trees Resort) and started the walk. The first section has views over the mountains and valleys on one side and crowded makeshift stalls on the other side. The first viewpoint was itself breathtaking with a gorgeous view tstation2DSC_5457into the valley and towering mountains beyond that. The walk to the second viewpoint is a bit strenuous! There are no shops to distract you and you soon reach the projection that is fenced for safety. The view is again awesome. The setting is very serene and thankfully there were not many people to create a noise or distract us. We remembered the honeymoon from 8 years ago! This is a place you could just sit and watch the scenery for an hour! The short trek back gets you quite breathless if you are not in good physical shape. The coffee shops after the walk back are a welcome source of energy and rest. We were very thankful that the weather gave us enough time to explore Top Station.As usuatstation3l we were running well behind schedule and our tummies were grumbling a bit. We snacked on cookies and some juice and started the drive back. Would we find a place to have lunch?





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