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The Tall Trees Resort (part 2): exploring the resort

Posted by on September 28, 2015

The constant rains in the evening and our laziness meant we spent a lot of time exploring the Tall Trees Resort.

Surroundings: The resort is set in a sprawling area of rich biodiversity – lots of trees, flowers, shrubs and greenery. There’s a brook that flows right through and there are a couple of quaint bridges. There are plenty of places to capture beautiful photographs. We loved exploring lots of the resort in total peace. Its even more beautiful when there is a light mist that rolls in! You don’t get the tea valley views that a lot of other resorts have in Munnar – so this isnt the place if you want to sip coffee looking onto sweeping views of tea plantations.

Facilities: OutsideĀ  the restaurant there is a heritage room with lots of history, photos and two huge books. You can play chess, carroms and table tennis. There is a good spa, although we didnt use it. My friends said it was very nice. There is a postal centre (where you can send a postcard). In the resort they also have a kids play area which will keep children entertained. They have a Tree Shop with little things on sale which we did not visit – seemed interesting though. In high season, they have planned activities like trekking and campfires which we did not have during our stay.

Service: The people at The Tall Trees Resort are professional and friendly. The restaurant service was quick, although our dinner on the first night was not that great. Room service and cleaning was very efficient. We got an iron box for our use on demand and they also loaned us two huge umbrellas when we went to explore Munnar during the day.

Overall, we were very happy that we chose to stay at Tall Trees. It certainly brought back memories of our honeymoon. We felt we should have squeezed in one more nights stay if we had the time! But then our vacation had just started, and as we checked out of the resort, there was plenty of action to come!

PS: A review of our room and restaurant is here:

One Response to The Tall Trees Resort (part 2): exploring the resort

  1. erlymccheaven

    wow, nice,cool and awesome nature.How nice to reach this place like a paradise.

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