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Lunch Stop at Club Mahindra, Munnar

Posted by on September 27, 2015

It was past 2 PM and we decided to stop in Chinnakanal for lunch. We randomly chose Club Mahindra and drove onto the narrow road to the entrance. As we entered the premises the clouds let loose  a torrent of rain. I barely managed to park the car and we scrambled into the restaurant. I cursed the fact that I had forgotten to take our umbrellas for the trip!

The restaurant was spacious and looked great. Since the buffet was pricey (about Rs. 900/person) and we wanted to grab a quick lunch, we went ala carte. The menu was not cheap either, but we were in a mood for some fast food – chicken nuggets for JJ, fish and chips for me and a club sandwich for R. The setting was nice as we looked onto a small valley and trees. They had outdoor seating too which was unfortunately rained out!

The serving took longer than expected and to be honest the food was disappointing. We didnt expect gourmet stuff, but seeing burnt nuggets, slightly soggy chips, and an overdone fish was not exactly what we paid so much for. The sandwich was great and the fish tasted good. We had a lazy lunch as the rain poured in Munnar.

The service was friendly and partly made up for the average food.

The restrooms were clean enough. The rain started to decrease as we refreshed ourselves. We had to walk to the main reception to make a payment with a credit card. We lounged around in the balcony for a while and decided that we needed to leave. Munnar was about an hour away. As we left we were impressed with the views and a friendly security guard took some family pictures for us. Overall the resort looked great and the location was fantastic. I hope the average food was just a one-off exception.

The next leg started off with a disaster. As I got into the car, I didn’t realise that the dashcam was on the floor and stepped on it. While the camera survived, the holder to attach it to the windscreen snapped and couldn’t be fixed. I was really looking forward to making some videos of our drive and it looks like this may not be possible…..


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