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Hotel Hemala – an overnight stay

Posted by on September 26, 2015

After deciding to stop at Karur, we had to make sure we got a decent hotel to stay for the night. I had tentatively chosen Hotel Hemala and was told that they had a basic non-AC room available. This was reasonably cheap (Rs. 1300), but I was skeptical about how good a rest we would get in it. If it was not good, we would just have to drive to Dindigul or look at other hotels.

Google Maps found the place with ease even though it was at a very small corner of 2 streets. The first thing we realised was that parking was on the street. They did have a security guard though and we hoped our car would be safe. We walked to the reception and the polite receptionist also mentioned they had a fairly expensive Executive Room for Rs. 3500. Since this was the last room he offered a discount and feeling tired we took it. The bellboy helped us with our luggage after an easy check in and we soon entered a massive room. We were very happy as it looked extremely clean and comfy. After more than 4 hours of driving this was great!IMG_20150926_203038

The room had a big bed and two seating areas. There was a TV and enough storage spaces. There was a kettle with the usual supplies of coffee powder, tea bags and milk powder. The bathroom was spacious too and very clean. The airconditioner was effective and not too loud. After a quick wash, we went to the restaurant which was not big but had enough seating without being cramped. The service was very friendly and the food we ordered was served hot and quite good. TheIMG_20150926_203121y even gave JJ a balloon to keep him entertained. The menu was good and well priced.

We walked back to our room. some sections of the corridor are narrow but there is a central large area and some seating corners. We literally crashed out on the comfortable bed. Even though there was a heavy downpour of rain and some traffic outside, the room was quiet. I woke up once in the night as there was a power cut. When it didnt come back after 15 minutes, I called reception. They sent a maintenance guy and he fixed something and all was well within a few minutes. The rest of the night was undisturbed.

We woke up refreshed and after a hot shower went back to the restaurant for a sumptuous breakfast. The service was friendly again. We lugged our baggage back to the car (which was safe on the street side) and checked out with no dramas and soon were on the highway.IMG_20150927_072309

Overall we are glad we chose Hemala as it offered us a very good nights rest and comfortable stay even though we spent a little more than we expected. But the huge, clean room and very friendly service were definitely worth it. Our vacation is now off to a great start!

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  1. ptrk12

    Wow! Thats some trip!

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