A Beach Girl’s Mission

2015-09-05 16.52.23Some people that know me may remember me talking about my daughter, the girl in the photo. My girl is Autistic, she cannot talk to you but she understands you. Now that does not mean she agrees with you because she processes it differently. In the end it get’s worked out when we disagree.

On this particular day, the first day of our vacation in Garden City Beach she decided to take charge of the situation. The photo here shows her looking at the ocean from the pool deck at our condo. I could tell she was making a plan but I wasn’t sure what it was when all of a sudden she took off! I ran to catch up. My normal reaction was to say no, but then I saw the look on her face. This time I saw a grown up woman for the first time in our lives. She was looking at me with a look of determination and need. I let her go and of course I followed.  I did text my sister as I was following to let her know what was going on. She immediately texted back that she would be right there.

Off she went down the beach to the pier. My first thought was she was going to the ocean. That panicked me because I don’t go in the ocean with her alone and we were alone. I was relieved and should have known she knew that. I tend to underestimate her sometimes, but one can’t be too careful with her.

She turned around and smiled at me halfway to her intended goal as if to say thank you mom. That was such a sweet moment and I know she appreciated me finally letting her make her own decisions.

As we reached the pier I realized what she wanted. There was a band playing up there and she heard it from our condo! I guess I really do need a hearing aide!

What a happy girl she was, we sat under the pier in the sand and listened to it together. She was so happy and content. My sister, my niece and their husky joined us a few minutes later. We all had a laugh and listened to the music together before heading back to the pool.

An Evening To Remember At Garden City Pier

This is how a $2 rain poncho looks on 4 silly girls caught out in the rain.

This is what a $2 rain poncho looks like on 4 silly girls caught out in the rain.

It was Sunday evening, the second day of our vacation. It was also my little sister’s birthday. We let her decide how to spend her birthday and we went with her to Murrels Inlet. You can read about that in my last blog https://blogjob.com/rinderella/2015/10/04/magical-murrels-inlet/.  That was a beautiful way to start any evening out. The beauty of the marsh and the surrounding waterway when the sun is going down is something you have to see.

After dinner at The Dead Dog Saloon, we went back to our beach houses. There we decided to re-group and make a new birthday plan. We had some Bushwhackers first though, if you have never had one you don’t know what you are missing. I highly suggest you look up the recipe for a Caribbean Bushwhacker and make a batch. The perfect treat especially for adults! Of course they were what we needed to get this party started.

My sister decided she wanted just us girls to go to the Garden City Pier for her celebration. Now there were four of us which included my sister, her two daughters and myself. If you want to find out more about the Garden City Pier you might want to read this: https://blogjob.com/rinderella/2015/10/03/the-wonderful-pier-at-garden-city-beach/. It is a wonderful place to spend some time especially since there is a band at each end of it with a bar. It is also within walking distance of where we were staying.

We got to the pier and walked from each bar to the other one trying out both bands. One band was country and the other one was rock. At the far end of the bar there was a country band playing and this is where things took a turn. Not a bad turn but a strange one. We first got a couple of drinks at the bar and then walked over to the side railing to watch the people dancing. It took a minute to realize that they were all girls and some were dressed in what appeared to be their pajamas. Then there were the ones that were way overdressed. And then there were the ones that obviously had been drinking a lot! I held back my laughter as long as I could, but once I couldn’t hold it back anymore neither could any of the rest of us. I have never seen so many strange and different people in one place.

At some point it started to sprinkle a little so we walked back down to the main part of the building. That bar had shelter so we stopped to listen to the rock band for a bit. They were really good and that is probably where we should have stayed, but no we didn’t do that. During this time the drinks had begun to kick in a little, and we were all getting a little silly.

We made our way into the gift shop and looked around before deciding to start heading back, thinking the rain would get worse soon. As soon as we went out to leave the rain intensified. My sister wanted to leave then but I said no, it won’t last long. I will never live that comment down, ha ha! It started pouring about that time. I looked at them and said no worries I have my trusty umbrella that came with my huge purse! They cracked up as I tried to open my trusty umbrella that was bent and broken.

So there we are stranded on the pier. Both of my favorite nieces have a great sense of humor that they must have gotten from me. The oldest one takes my umbrella and turns it so the handle is in front of her face. It resembles a microphone at this point. She then begins reporting the devastating news of  us being stranded, in a rainstorm, at the pier with no way out! This really got out of control, she even gave herself a new name for the job. Now her reporters name was Magenta Mango, that in itself just cracks us up every time she says it.

About an hour later we decide we are going back to the beach houses. Yes it was still pouring down rain. My other favorite niece says she saw rain ponchos in the gift shop. We head back in and all get one. Back out side we put on our new $2.00 ponchos and head out. Just as we get to ground level we see the water on the road and sidewalk is about a half a foot deep! I had new shoes on! The picture you see is of us all in our new ponchos under the pier deciding which way to go through the water. Finally we brave it. We are soon walking through water well over our ankles. The only thing to do was laugh and we did! Of course my sister is saying I told you we should have left when I said to. Oh but I had my trusty umbrella I said!

Well we made it back, all of us soaking wet but happy. Happy because we can turn any situation into something fun and this was no exception. I think my sister had a very happy birthday and we had a great time with her.

Seriously who wouldn’t enjoy spending their birthday at the beach, the place they love the most.

Magical Murrels Inlet

Murrels Inlet

Murrels Inlet

Murrels Inlet is just what it says it, an inland waterway on the coast.  It does connect with the Atlantic ocean that is very close. This is where the fun is, where the dining and entertainment can be found. This is the place to go if you visit Garden City Beach, Surfside Beach or even Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. It is very close to Garden City Beach and where we like to go for dinner and drinks. It is a beautiful place complete with wildlife in the marsh and water. You can enjoy dinner on a deck overlooking it all or inside if you wish. We have done both.

When you get there you will see so many interesting restaurants one after another, you will have to pick one eventually. It isn’t hard, I usually do a little online research before I go. The last time we went for dinner we went to one that displays peoples pets that have passed away on the wall. A little shrine of sorts. A very fun and interesting place. The food was great too.

The best part of Murrels Inlet though is the Marsh walk. It is a wooden walkway that is on the water behind the restaurants and bars and connects to everyone of them. It gives a whole new meaning to bar hopping. As you walk it you will experience all sorts of sights and sounds. Mostly some great bands that are playing outside the establishments and usually that is where the bar area begins. You can enter the bar/restaurants this way too.

We went there for my sister’s birthday this year, well that is where we started the party. That story is next and the reason I am boring you with the geography lesson. The next photo will be a fun one along with a fun story!

Murrels Inlet

Murrels Inlet

The Wonderful Pier At Garden City Beach

The Garden City Beach Pier

The Garden City Beach Pier

This is the pier at Garden City Beach, South Carolina. It is quite long and a nice walk to the end of it. There are two places of entertainment on the pier, one at the street side and one at the end of the pier that you can barely see in this photo. Each has a band, usually rock at one and country at the other. There is also a small arcade and gift shop that you enter from the street side just before the 1st bar.

I remember the first time I went there. We were staying at a condo quite a ways from it, actually I think it was a mile. A friend that happened to be there with us, asked me to walk to the pier with her one evening. It didn’t look that far. Oh but it was quite a walk, we laughed about it later. We got there and were amazed at the fantastic band they had there and no admission charge! We sat at one of their tables right on the edge of the deck where you could view the ocean and feel the warm ocean breeze on your skin.

It is such an interesting place to go, lot’s of people walking or listening to the music and some are dancing. Then there are the fishermen all along the sides that are hoping for a big catch. It can be a little dangerous walking behind them as they cast their lines. You really have to pay attention, but that was no problem for me. I loved watching them fish. 

We didn’t stay too long that evening since we knew we had a long walk back to the condo. I still laugh about our perception of how far away we thought it was. As we started our walk back, they began to set off some colorful fireworks from the end of the pier. The beauty of the display over the water is indescribable, and it was so nice of them to send us off like that.

My Favorite Place Is The Beach

Garden City Beach

Garden City Beach

This is the view from our balcony that year. It was September 2014 and our first visit to Garden City Beach, in the beautiful state of South Carolina. We were there a week, a week that flew by. When it was time to go home we weren’t ready to leave this place, this heaven on earth.

I started every morning on this balcony watching the sunrise while having my first cup of coffee. There is nothing like the sun shining on the ocean in the morning. It looks like it is just sitting there on the water as it is rising into the morning sky. I could start everyday of my life this way.

After breakfast we packed a cooler, our beach blanket and umbrella, then went down on that beautiful white sand beach. Laying on this beach is the definition of relaxation. Breathing the clean salt air, listening to the waves breaking as they come in is just the best experience.

Usually after a few hours of sunbathing and enjoying some body surfing we head to the pool. The pool is located steps from the beach, so we can enjoy the same view. This always feels good to take a leisurely swim and have fun with the rest of my family. It usually involves a snack of our favorite palmetto cheese and crackers with a very special adult beverage or two.

After a very peaceful fun filled day we go up to our oceanfront condo and wash off the salt and sand. The next couple of hours are for relaxing on the balcony with a nice tropical drink, and deciding where to get dinner. Most of the time we get take out and spend the evening walking the beach.

The pier is close and they have live music, in fact we can hear it from our balcony at night. I will save that story for my next photo in my book, the one of the Garden City Pier.