My Day 10/11/2014

Well I woke up at six thirty am this morning because my kids don’t know how to sleep in. So the kids have eaten and we are now cleaning the house and packing up so that my best friend can get moved in to her new place on the first. It is also my daughter Cheyenne’s 8th birthday so we have to plan her party. Thank god I have had time to do this blog so I can make more money. I am excited about one thing though I am currently thirty weeks and one day pregnant today so I only got nine weeks and six days to go until I get to meet my precious baby girl. For some reason my kids are very fussing today I don’t know why unless they are tired. I have a very busy day today on top of being very tired myself since I could not fall asleep last night until three am in the morning so at some point I am going to need a nap. Thankfully my husband is home now and handling the kids right now because he knows that I am very tired even though I feel bad because he worked all night. I was just playing my games on Facebook until I got bored with that. My best friend and I are going to plan my baby shower sometime this week and also plan my birthday party even though I will still be pregnant on my birthday for some reason I seen to always end up pregnant around my birthday. So needless to say tomorrow is relax day and prepare for next week. I go back on the twenty-ninth of this month for an ultrasound to make sure Harleigh is growing good and I am hoping to get a couple of 3-D ultrasound pictures  

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What is up with parents these days

On Saturday night my best friend and I went to farm fresh and got some steamed shrimp and a salad. Well when we pulled up to park we saw a mother and father get out of their car and go in to the store and sitting in their car was a seven-year old little girl and a two-year old little boy sitting in the car alone with the keys in the engine and the windows rolled down we sit there for a few minutes and watch then we seen one of our friends come out of farm fresh and the little boy had said hi to our friend. She walked up to us and ask if she seen what was going on and she was on the phone with her daughter who is studying to be a social worker so she asked her what to do and her daughter told her to call the police so I called the police and when the police got there the two little kids were still sitting in the car alone with no adult. The kids had been sitting there for about fifteen or twenty minutes before the police showed up. When the police got there they talked to me and then the kids and then one officer went in the store to find the parents. The parents and the officer came out of the store and they ask them why the little kids where in the vehicle alone and the mother told the cops it was because they were sick. The cops came and took a report from me and  charged bothof them with a  mismeander  but the sad thing about it was the mother was only worried about her losing her job. As a mother of 5 almost 6 kids i would never leave my kids in a car alone or anywhere else without a responsable adult being there with them, What is this world coming to.. 

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I have not posted in a while so here it is. It’s 3 am in morning and I have done ran up to my husband’s work to get something to eat and drink and also a pack of cigarettes. I am back home got to get my daughter ready for school in about three hours. I have already laid her clothes out and clothes for my other two children so I can have them ready for when my husband gets off of work at seven clock. I really enjoyed spending the last two days with my husband and my kids because he was off of work. Yesterday I had to go back to the doctor’s because I can’t seem to kick this cold that I have had for the last two and a half weeks and now the doctor is saying that I have a sinus infection on top of the cold. Right now I am sitting here blogging and hanging with my best friend and my brother watching TV and playing on the computer. I have a really busy day today I got to go the store and go grocery shopping and clean up around the house and then help my daughter with her homework then I got to give baths and make dinner. My husband was thinking about making beans with ham in the crock pot and I am going to get me some steamed shrimp because that is what baby and I have been craving. Then I will get my three kids ready for bed so I can relaxed but before  I get every thing done I will be taking a nap since I am been up since eleven clock yesterday night. I really need to get my days and nights back to normal. Well this is what I have been doing and what I will be doing today.

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Well  my night started off good until my son Canyon woke up crying and then my daughter Montana woke up crying. I don’t understand why my two youngest children wake up every night especially when they don’t fall asleep until like 8:30- 9:00 pm. But they start waking up every night at about midnight wanting me and here it is 3:42 am in the morning here in Virginia and they both are still awake. I can’t even go to the bathroom with out my daughter Montana crying for me. But anyways I figured since I am awake waiting for them to go to sleep I would write a new blog. I need to go to bed especially since I got to get up in the morning and get my other daughter Cheyenne ready for school at 6:30 am and out the door for the bus and then I can lay back down until 9:30 am and then I got to get back up so that I can go get my glucose test at 10 to make sure the I don’t have diabetes I just hate the fact that I can’t eat or drink anything until after my appointment because I have to fast  then after that I will be able to come back home and lay down for a little while until my daughter Cheyenne comes home from school. But on the bright side the weekend is coming up and I won’t have to get up as early for a least two days. I really don’t have any special plans this weekend other than relax and stay off my feet as much as possible and spend time with my kids and my husband and then the cycle starts all over Monday morning. I sure do hope my husband is off sometime this weekend I hate the fact that he works the graveyard shift.  

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How I Met My Husband

I first met my husband in June 2004 when I was seventeen years old and he was thirty-two years old. We dated for 1 years before we had our first child in 2005 and then we had another child in 2006 and then waited until 2010 to have our third child. We got married on August 15, 2011 and had our second son in 2012 and now we are about to have our fifth kid in December. We have had our ups and downs but for the most part we have a fairly decent relationship. I messed up a few years back and get some things that I am not proud of but we have worked through them. We met in Portsmouth Virginia.We also got married in Portsmouth Virginia. We had lived together in Chesapeake, Courtland , Franklin and now Suffolk Virginia. We have travel to West Virginia and Maryland were we lived for about a year until we decided that those states were not for us and moved back to Virginia. We like to go out to the movies and dinner. The good thing about movies and TV shows we both like the same except he likes war movies and I don’t and I like drama shows and movies and he don’t but sometimes we like to stay home and cuddle. We have a lot of family time together. We have been married for three years now and we want to renew our vows when we get to ten years so that we can have a big wedding with all of our friends and family. We enjoy long walks on the beach or even just around the neighborhood.We also enjoy going to my mother’s property so that we can camp and hunt and let the kids run around and play and spend time together and hang out. I could not ask for a better father for my kids or a better husband for myself. 

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My Current Pregnancy

This pregnancy took me by surprise I found out I was pregnant on March 14, 2014 I wanted another baby but not right now I was on the depo shot after I had my son Canyon and in November of 2013 I missed my dose of the shot that I had been getting for the last 2 years. This pregnancy has been rough of me because I have had a lot of back pain and dental problems. I have already had to have 2 teeth removed because the pain was so bad. My first diabetic test came out fine but they want to recheck me on Friday to make sure that I do not have diabetes. I have had several ultrasounds to check on the baby because my first prenatal visit I had blood work done I tested positive for down syndrome so I had to go to a high risk doctor and when I went there they ran some blood work too and I had to wait 2 weeks to get the results back which believe me when I say I was so scared but when the genetic counselor called me a week later and told me that my baby did not have down syndrome it was like music to my ears even though I do have a nephew that has down syndrome so I was a little prepared if my baby had it cause I have my best friend to help me with it. When I was 20 weeks along I found out that I was having a little girl I was excited but at the same point I was a little disappointed because I really wanted another little boy but in actually I did not care as long as I have a healthy baby. I am currently 27 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I am due on December 19th….  

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Starting My Day Off Already

Well my day started off by waking my husband up for work because he works the graveyard shift and then my son Canyon woke up wanting his mommy and I ask my brother to watch him real quick while  my best friend and I ran up to my husband’s work and had to wait for my husband’s money to come on to get a cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes and gas for the car. When I got back home my brother had put my son back to bed and my daughter Montana woke up looking for me so I had to get her settle back down so I could do my work on here. I went ahead a pulled clothes out for tomorrow so that my daughter Cheyenne can get dressed in the morning at 6:30 am for school and also had to pull clothes out for myself, Canyon and Montana so we can go out a run some errands before Cheyenne comes home from school. I still have a lot to do at home when the kids all get up like sweep and mop and do dishes and also do some laundry. Then when Cheyenne gets home from school at 4:45 pm in the afternoon I got to help her with her homework then make dinner and then I have to give them baths and get them ready from bed by 7:30 pm so that I can relaxed and enjoy the rest of my night. Boy the joys of motherhood lol but I would not trade it for anything in the world. I enjoy all of my kids even though they can get on my nerves at times but I am so thankful that god blessed me with 3 beautiful daughters and one more daughter on the way and also blessed me with 2 handsome sons.  

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Canyon Michael

On May 22, 2012 I gave birth to my second son. He weigh 6 lbs. 5 ozs. and was born at 37 weeks due to my liver enzymes went out of whack. His delivery was very long because my best friend would not stop telling me when my contractions were about to come. I had a really bad pregnancy with him due to all the pain I was having in my back and the migraines. He had several different formulas he was on because he had acid re flux and problems with him having bowel movements. He was a very quiet little boy who never cried unless there was something wrong with him. He has red hair and blue eyes and short like his mommy. He learned how to say daddy first at 7 months old and started walking at 18 months old but he is 2 years old and still a little unsteady on his feet. He’s not ready to potty trained yet I’ve got get him steady on his feet first but the good thing is he will tell you if he is wet or something. Canyon has his own room he is in love with Mickey Mouse but will pretty much watch anything that is on tv. He was a very late learner with everything due to the infection he got last year which I shared in a previous post. I love his little voice everything he says is so cute and funny except for his few bad words that he has pick up but I am getting that under control. He started off at birth being a mommy’s boy but now he wants daddy a lot more but still wants me at night when he goes to bed. He is a very picky little boy when it comes to eating except his favorite breakfast food is pop tarts. I am so blessed to have a sweet little boy like him.    

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Montana Rose

On May 11,2010 I gave birth to my third daughter. She weigh 5 lbs. 7 ozs. born at 35 weeks also.We both went home after 2 days of being in the hospital. She has brown hair with blue eyes and looks a lot like her older sister Alexis and also me except her hair is not as curly as ours. My pregnancy with her was difficult as well I was confined to a wheelchair and a hospital bed because I was a fall risk. I had to move from an upstairs apartment to a down stairs apartment because of it. She was another one of my kids that had to but put under lights due to jaundice and also had to be put on neosure because she was a preemie. Than she got which to Silmac Soy because she could not handle milk based formula. I had her ears pierced at 4 months old but she took them out so I got to have them re pierced. She said daddy at 6 months old and started walking at 18 months old.  She went to school for occupational therapy and speech and also to teach her how to feed herself because she was so delayed. She is still working on the potty training part. She is very hyper and loves to talk a lot. She is now 4 years old and you would never have known that she had problems at birth. She has asthma and allergies as well that she is a medication for. She shares a room with her older sister Cheyenne. They get along well but to a point. She loves Minnie Mouse and Doc Mcstuffins and also Little Einsteins. She is trying to learn how to read and loves to go on car rides. Montana went on her first nascar race this year with her granny and paw paw and all she talked about was Dale Jr. and Tony Stewart. She bought back gifts for her brother and sister and also daddy and I. God has blessed me with her and it is an honor to be her mother. 

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Cheyenne Lynn

On October 11,2006 I gave birth to my second daughter. She weigh 5 lbs. 6 ozs. born at 35 weeks because I had a difficult pregnancy. She had to be put under lights because she had jaundice but her delivery was very fast I was in active labor for only 2 hours. The doctor was not there to even deliver her my husband delivered his own daughter. I went through several different formula’s with her but for the first 3 months of her life she had to go on a special formula which was neosure because she was a preemie. I only had to stay 2 days in the hospital with her. When she was 4 months old they switch her formula to Silimac  Soy because she could not tolerate milk based formula. I had her ears pierced when she was  months old. Her first word was daddy at 6 months old and she started walking at 18 months old.When she was 3 years old she got diagnose with asthma and has a breathing machine that she using as needed. She was also diagnosed with a weak bladder and allergies which she takes medication for.She is a very smart very little girl but chooses to have selective hearing. She has dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and very tall just like her daddy.Her daddy and her a twins. She went through a school were they gave her occupational therapy  and speech and then she aged out of there when she was 3. She also attended pre-k and kinder garden and also first grade. She is currently in second grade and doing very well but she likes to give problems doing her homework every night. She enjoys things like playing with doll babies and she loves tangled, bolt, frozen and she is big into hello kitty right now. I am thankful to call myself her mommy as well.  

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