Naked and Afraid TV Show

I had to put that TV show wording in the back of the first few words. It almost sounded like I was about to write a porno story of something to that effect. I reassure you that is not my intention. This show called Naked and Afraid is an actual real television program. And yes it does involve some nudity.

There are two “random” candidates who are people that are sent out in the wilderness, a man and a woman and they have to undress once they get to the spot they are instructed to go to. They are to do all of their hunting for food, build their shelter from scratch and just walk around naked for some reason. I find the last part somewhat silly but they block most of their naughty bits out. I’m sure they did the nudity stuff to entice the viewers in.

Lots of people probably think it’s a show that is not for kids and it probably isn’t. I am not sure if I would let a school kid watch even if the body parts are semi-covered on the screen. They give them a cover for holding their stuff and they often wear it over the front of them. They are allowed to make their own clothing pieces if they have the know how or time.

I wouldn’t want to do this for anything. I’m not sure if they get monetarily compensated for this “experience” but I just would not be that comfortable being with some stranger out in those parts and not having anything to wear or eat. I’m not much of a huntress. I would not like to eat wierd things like I have seen them eat. Such as a live bird, a chameleon lizard and a few big fat juicy grubs.

Not kidding about the juiciness of those grubs, they have plenty of protein but they are disgusting to have in your mouth. I have seen some guy eat one that was huge and it just burst in his mouth with stuff coming out of it. Just gross and disgusting to have to witness. I grimaced the whole time. I had to watch this video a number of times too for a task I had to do and get paid for. Yuck.

The end of the show is usually the two people meeting with the people who rescue them and take them home. They are really grateful to get back into the safety of the real world afterward. I don’t blame them.

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Containment (Spoiler Review)

This is a new show that is appearing on my channel 11 at 9 p.m. on Tuesday nights. In your neck of the woods it might be on a different time and channel altogether. I was reminded this was on again by some sweet friends in a group I’m in on Facebook that has nothing to do with this show.

They do watch TWD and FTWD in that group on FB I’m in, and this new show is also about a virus of some sort. The people who get it don’t turn into zombies as far as it looks like so far. They just get it and have blood on their mouths and almost look like they’re turning into one, and I guess it’s fatal.

I was trying to follow this show as much as I could, and since it’s new their character names aren’t very familair to me as of yet. But if I continue to watch then they will become more and more familiar of course. I just have to mention them via other ways for now until then.

It seems no one is sure yet where this virus came from, as far as I understand it. There were some thoughts thrown about that it might have been a terrorist attack, but who knows. It was probably not from that.

Most of this show just seems like a TV drama rather than a horror theme television series, and sometimes for me personally those can get boring. I have to say that the acting is great, nothing like a cheesy zombie-like movie at all either. You could get attached to a few of these people as the show goes on, although it hasn’t really happened with me right now.

I’m concerned about the pregnant girl though whose friends have already caught this virus. She went to her grandmother’s home and saw their picture on the TV. The girl was kissing her on the cheek (as just a friend would do) and then she realized that she might have contracted it too that way now. It is transferred by bodily fluids, such as saliva, blood and sweating.

We will have to watch it for at least two more episodes to see if it’s really worth watching. My brother is DRVing his Deadliest Catch show at that time and pretty soon my other show that I love to pieces, America’s Got Talent (or AGT) will be going on at the end of this coming month. So if this show doesn’t measure up to that one then I think I might have to switch it off.

I won’t be able to DVR either of them later on because they are both on regular TV channels. Pay TV channels give you options to DVR the same show later at night which is what I do sometimes in order to go around everything my brother here watches and DVR’s sometimes at the same time. That brother is truely difficult to get around with all of his tons of shows!

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L’OREAL Paris Hair Expertise Deep Nourishing Masque Review

Lately I’ve been coming onto a lot of different hair care products, some are not full sized either like this one. But thats okay. I don’t have to do any other tasks on any other site as far as this one, it was just sent to me a while ago for free and still seems to have plenty of power behind it. I used it as the masque it’s intended to be used as.

Instead of putting a masque on my face and start the pampering process, I put this on my hair instead. That is what I’m supposed to do when I buy this product for hair care. The hair needs some pampering too. Masques are usually used only on the facial features but in this case it is not. Loreal has come out with this amazing procedure in one product that makes your hair beautiful after just one use of this item.

I have put it on as a one use type of sample and it is really  interesting. Thick texture and feel to the masque, I prefer that to some watery mess if you ask me. Then it would just be a conditioner. In this case, it’s more than just a conditioner. It is a hair treatment that is left on the hair for at least 5 minutes. That is the amount of time you will need to leave it on while it’s on your hair.

Can you do that? I know you can, just pull out that pedicure gadget and do your skin while waiting or even remove some old nail polish. You ‘ll be ready to wash out the masque again in no time and then dry your hair to see what the results have left you with.

Long and silky hair no doubt, thats what happened to my hair. Now why didn’t I try to use this sooner. I tend to look for this at the store and hope to see how much it costs. If it’s cheap enough I could buy a few bottles of this stuff. It makes my hair look so yummy looking.

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Double Takes Macaroni and Cheese Review

Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? Of course home made is always better in everything, but sometimes there are these busy ways of life that doesn’t let us do that. We need a little more time to make some things from scratch. That’s where the pre-packaged and microwavable food products come in once again. I had a feeling this one was similar to Kraft but in a slightly watered down kind of way.

Why did I think that? Because this brand Double Takes is not a very well known brand. It is what we call an off brand and found in the infamous dollar stores here. I tend to try one thing that is new in those at least once a month, sometimes more often and then post them as a review on Blogjob later. It helps others who see these products too if they happen to catch my blog around anywhere. I do love the instant type of ways to make these, but this one in particular is somewhat bland for me.

I would probably add some crumbled bacon bits to it after it was done. Not as it’s cooking in the microwave though, the bacon bits are used afterward as an addition to the cheese sauce that is in a small packet. The lid is torn off first and then the packet taken out just like Kraft’s brand. You fill the water up to the line on the inside also and nuke it for about 3 and a half minutes or until these noodles are tender. I didn’t find them to be not tender after that time, they were good to go.

You should follow the directions on the label closely for best results. You should stir when it says to stir and then add the cheese sauce powder after it comes out of the microwave. Keep an eye on it in the microwave too just in case as always. That is just basic safety precaution.

Let it stand for at least a minute before eating and it should be fine for a child’s lunch or a snack for anyone. These can also be added as a side dish to other foods at dinner. The protein count was  6 grams. That’s the same as about one half cup of pork and beans. The calories are 210.


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Yay or Nay? Inverted Omelet

So the other day I was somewhat experimenting in the kitchen again. Sort of because I was actually kind of taking an old German recipe of my late paternal Grandmother’s that I have seen her make and do my own versian of it with lesser eggs.

The sausage was also different. She used Keilbasa that was beef, which was equally as good as turkey Keilbasa which was what I used in the photo. There might be lesser calories in the turkey as far as I remember, that is why I choose to eat that and not the beef kind anymore.

I used only two eggs and not six like my Grandmother when she used to feed my beloved Grandfather with. God rest his soul. I sure do miss him deeply. He was a great man. He loved just about everything she cooked and she was a very good cook at that.

She cooked both American and German foods. Both kinds always turned out very good, she really put her cooking skills and knowledge into those recipes. Not only food like that but also baking. The baking she did was bakery worthy, trust me. I miss that the most!

So with this recipe I came up with something like an inverted omelet, or at least that is what it looks like to me. Not exactly that great old Kuchen she told me about. That was better than this as far as taste, too. I put two eggs in the pan, and cooked them with the yolk broken on one side for a while, then added the sliced sausage to the one side.

I turned it over to cook through on the other side while adding my spices and chosen seasonings. Then when I tried to lift it for the second time it somehow folded over like this. It wasn’t intentional. It might not even be on purpose next time.

But it tasted better than I thought. It was different. The sausage was on the outside of it instead of anything inside though. That was no huge deal. It brought back memories of when my Grandparents were alive for a short time which was nice.


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Centrum VITAMINTS Review

This is a sample sized portion of Vitamints from Centrum. There were only two of these vitamins in here. Two is the proper serving at once per person for these it says on the package so this is one day’s worth of vitamins I finally went and tried. I had these stored away for awhile and don’t really even remember where they came from. They can be taken without any water, so they are perfect for travelling.

It doesn’t matter though how long they have been around, I’m finally getting to review them. They are said to be flavoured with mint. Just don’t eat anything afterward because whatever else you eat for a little while will taste just as minty as these vitamins are and they are pretty potent.

So you will be getting that strong mint flavour it describes on the package when you buy these. I personally do not care much for most mint products but do still use them in order to not offend anyone otherwise with anything else I might have tried instead.

I do believe that most people love mint and to kiss someone with the scent or flavour of mint in their mouth isn’t that bad. It can be rather refreshing, and most toothpaste does that for me nowadays. In the past I just couldn’t take such strong flavoured mint. It never stopped me from brushing my teeth but was also not that excited to get them brushed.

The powerful taste of mint in these vitamins are somewhat unecessary in my opinion. I much rather prefer fruit flavoured vitamins if I had to choose. But for those with a minty-fresh preferenced then these are the type of vitamin you might want to check out and buy. The cool mint is really refreshing, and feels as if you just had a fresh mint leaf in your mouth.

These are multi-vitamin and multi-mineral, and the label on the back includes just how much of which vitamins and minerals are in these babies. The type on this tiny sample packet is just too small for my eyes to read, but you’ll get a decent full day’s worth. This product is also not formulated for use in children so be aware of that.

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Oncor Brand Pork Ribs Frozen Dinner Review

This is another review on frozen dinners, not one of my favorites to review or even eat but I might as well give my honest and unbiased thoughts on it anyways. My mom buys this one and it seems like a half way decent type of brand at first.

The brand is one of her favorites but not mine. They have smaller portions in these and usually not enough for a family more than three give or take a few bites depending on how much you consider a filling dinner.

This is one she has served many times, and so far I’m still alive after having it. There is just some questionable ingredients for me. It says it’s pork ribs but if you read the ingredients it has chicken listed as well as pork. So if you are allergic to poultry or just don’t care for it I might not give this one a try. For me it doesn’t even taste like either one.

The ribs look like they are man-made with some kind of machinery perhaps molding the “meat” into rib shapes. I have to wonder just how they make this stuff, she thinks they are truely ribs right off of the animal as they are. Looking at them closer and tasting them they are not made that way. I cal this the spam of pork chops in some ways.

The gravy is barbeque tomato sauce kind of flavour and consistancy. It isn’t that bad but it can’t be that healthy in my opinion. I guess if there wasn’t anything else being made besides this then anyone could sit down and eat it. I would rather eat foods that are not made this way and spare myself of some health problems down the line. T

he char broiled pieces of meat look good to a point, and made with mashed potatoes and vegetables it does seem like a half way decent meal. I just have to beg to differ about the quality overall in some ways.

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My Latest Missed Opportunity

It was only an hour after receiving the email. I’ll call the site just B, and not name it with it’s original name. They had some cool looking new campaign offer that was supposedly some kind of cool expensive printer to get for free, I just have to do the tasks they want me to do. I was sent the email and didn’t even think much of it at first until I read more into it.

A really nice printer and for free? You have got to be kidding. I just didn’t get it. Literally I didn’t get it. Not only did I not get why they chose me so to speak for this campaign but it was already full by the time I got to the site. Just took an hour and it was no more. It was already full and no one else could join in. I was so mad. I guess it’s an early April Fool’s joke that God played on me again. I would have really wanted this offer and would have used it too.

The only thing that I was confused about how they would send it to me. They wouldn’t be sending it phsycially thats for sure, the postage on that baby would have been too much. Although I have heard of some people getting Keurig machines and that kind of stuff that had to be delivered via Fed Ex from some type of similar website for free. Those are the lucky ones, not me. I’m never lucky like that. I miss out on  a lot even if it looks like I don’t. Trust me I do compared to my friends on Facebook and otherwise.

I just don’t have what it takes to be fast enough or skilled enough to use those hashtags and post to every social media site every hour to succeed at what these sites want. I’m learning though.  But it does make me feel really grateful when or if I do get something to review and be happy with.  Maybe this is what is best and it would be a huge hassle for me to do the campaigns that B site wanted me to do.

There was just this sense of loss when I didn’t get it, because when I Googled the price of these things they cost between $500 and $700. where I looked. Wow that is an expensive one. Doesn’t it sound to good to be true though? Maybe there was never a campaign for it in the first place. Oh well, it’s all good, nevertheless.

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Fresh Express 5-Lettuce Mix Review

I love salad. I love lettuce and other things that go into salad. I probably have eaten more salad ingredients than anything else in the world. So why am I not  skinny as a rail anymore? Go figure. I should be, and would be if I also didn’t like such sweets like cookies and cake to go with it for a dessert. It is what it is though.

This is a product review about a salad mix that has five different lettuces in it and nothing more. The brand name is Fresh Express. I’m not sure if I have ever tried this prior to this one recently either. I do love to get salad mixed already in a bag like this from various different types and brands. I had another kind before this that was really good too. It had more types of green in it and even carrots, but sometimes you can just grate your own carrots into a salad and be fine with it too.

That is just what I did with this one. I don’t like cucumber every day anymore. I have it in the fridge but have just been too busy to put everything into a salad. It helps that things can be already mixed together and chopped. This is not really the most economical way of making salad but more out of convenience. But this package says this is a super great source of Vitamin A and K, not to mention folate. I feel so good about eating so much lettuce now.

You don’t have to buy each individual lettuce in this case and make the refrigerator packed with salad ingredients. I like the fact that there is enough for about three days, maybe slightly more for myself. No one else here eats salad. They don’t know what they’re missing. I love it and eat salad at least three times per week.

So why am I showing an empty bag of this in the photo? It’s because I ate it all! I might have been a vegetarian in my previous life because I can eat almost everything veggie if I have to. I finished the last leaf today and it was so good. I think my fave was the curly green leaf lettuce, and the next was the radicchio which didn’t even taste bitter to me for some reason in this mix.

Romaine and Butter crunch lettuces are also a fave in this brand of lettuce mix and good to have. There was red leaf lettuce in there also which I consider to be more of a gourmet lettuce sometimes so that was a treat. (I have probably grown most of these in a pot or garden area before too by the way). But with these in a package, I washed the portions in a small colander before adding them to the bowl and they were good to go, into my mouth that is! Yummy.

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Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate Ice Cream Review

First off, I have to admit I really really dislike chocolate ice cream. I won’t touch it, normally. I just don’t care for the taste of it. Ironically I do like chocolate in any other form. It’s just not the same when you have ice cream to me. I found out my dad is the same way. He does not like chocolate ice cream either but does like chocolate other things. He has cut back a lot on it in general though in all forms.

Friendly’s ice cream is a popular brand here that is often on sale. We got this one for about $1.99. Maybe it’s so cheap because in the colder weather more people don’t like to buy it as much. Whatever the case, it’s been this price for weeks now so we have up to two containers of different flavours in the freezer at once. My family members eat most of it, although they will blame it on me who eats it more. I just don’t eat that much of it.

This is one I did end up trying as far as how creamy and chocolate tasting it was. I have to say it was good if you do like to eat this flavour. I’m not trying to be biased because I dislike it. I can tolerate it if I have to though. The taste is truely very chocolatey and the name of it is really clever. It is trying to say it’s so good that it’s somewhat sinful. I could tell you that it has that good quality to it. That much is true.

I only had about a tablespoon and put it into my other food so I wouldn’t have to dirty another dish. The combination of the two foods were not the best but they were both made out of dairy. I would recommend this flavour if you do love chocolate ice cream. Trying to be fair, I would say that it’s very good. Just don’t give it to me again because I don’t like any kind in general as a rule. Hah!

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