don’t you know you define beautiful way past the flesh deep into your soul.. the trouble in your eyes inspire me to reach out and touch ..wishing your pain wasent so much. when you speak I’m captivated in awe of the deepthness you hold impressed by your knowledge …the way u represent yourself the meaning of beautiful strong and smart..make me wanna sharpen up maybe one day I’ll represent proudly let my man all I’ll ever need or want. unlike no other..I desire you..I want you. I want your good I want your bad..I want you happy and Never sad..can we touch some more and naturally find out ..if you and I what love is about?

Simply beautiful


Hey you know lonely is who lonely is? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all the bad things said about him.. All the pain he caused how he’s no good pause like a terrifying ride no brakes, no pause. Nobody chooses him he chooses them them and fills you with venmon before a web he spins . I know they told you not one good thing of him, but um here to speak on who I call a very old friend.he’s the only one who stuck with me right wrong thick and thin maybe I’m crazy or I just don’t conform to this world but lonely used to be,to me, my only source of peace never could go a day without his silent company he never interfered or got jealous of my time with my thoughts never judged my tears that I fought in front of others all day always waited patiently while I moaned groaned knelt down and prayed. But then I met in the dark, you made lonely feel so wrong …like I wasted all my time on him…like he was my enemy no longer my best friend.. you are an eye opener…a fresh breath..can I be ..can we be..FB_IMG_1452861198119


He once sat me down and he began to confess of the life of the lies and the games and the tests for the previous years that I catered to him he Done unspeakable things and up until now he held them within ..the words that he spoke made me feel like I was a joke like I was nothing and very little and below.. the words that he spoke had my throat in a choke.. The words that he spoke inside me murder provoked but i SAT and I listened I didn’t shed a tear and when he was finished I hugged him and held him near and told him just like this I love you regardless and that will never change by your side I want to remain as long as you promise that not very far is change it doesn’t really matter the thing that you Done because you confessed and manned up you’re a real one your reflection staring back through my eyes is proven that I’m going to ride and stay solid inside #reesespitstruthConfession