HER: Does he love me is mixed emotions what he sending?

ME: My options are few my life of crime seems to never be ending, if so how will my family be eating?

HER: should I flirt with other men to open his eyes how do I prove I’m a bad bitch can’t fuck with me unless he rich.

ME: Street karma is real ,I’m so dirty I have lived a grimy life,will it catch up soon and put me in a ditch,or will I end up back in prison all behind a snitch?

HER: I got side niggas just in case I’m out clubbing every weekend make him jealous keep him in his place.

ME: I pretended with a lot of tricks just to get in they safe, but never been too good at fake, so it turned into robbery Point Blank – oh God I need your grace my sins erased.

HER: Oh fuck a nigga miss Independent I can find a new one no hesitation at all but I’ll still let him hit any time he call.

ME: I’ll only love 1.. right wrong or indifferent through it all no choice we’ve got to stand tall and if we do happen to crumble I’ll lay myself before God humble and ask for his love cuz once again I’ll stumble.

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