Too ugly to be this pretty

Just sitting here reflecting nevermind my pretty face but the reality about to step in anything involving a come up I was never rejectin
I used to wake up worried about our meal at the end of the day if one time gonna hit the spot or if haters wanna get wit the gunplay
I never been afraid and I can’t be too shy cuz the same color we all bleed and I done witnessed n***** die mfs lose they life over a word $5 or because they wanted to get high but who am i?
Never judge because dope fiends and crackhead has always kept me above
& when times got a little too rough i went against the grain said f*** The Dope Game
running up in houses got victims and they point the finger to me I’ll take the blame even had a man riding with me snitched but he aint no man
he ah real-life bitch all bad when you get a strike attached to your name you come home everything in the street is still the same
same options it’s too late to clean up now at least that’s how I feel so im back at it-
pussy.. crack.. licks & set ups anything i can deal
so im at war with the streets with the law with my religion with my God who i still bow my head down to every night and wake up in the morning praise him for everything that I have in sight pray for forgiveness all throughout the day I won’t let my kids go hungry must provide a stable place for them to stay anything below that never an option no way
like I said I’m just sitting here reflecting how to put things into perception
to fortify my Temple learn from everyday life’s fuckin lesson.
I believe I know he’ll step in father God please don’t let my dirt block my blessins.